Princesses Disney Out of a aléatoire bunch of my opinions which do toi agree with the most? (I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings these are just my opinion)

Pick one:
Snow White's voice is annoying
Cendrillon doesn't have much of a Personality and is a doormat
Merida is better then Ariel, because she learns a lesson, Ariel gets away with it
I think Rapunzel's short hair makes her look plus mature
I think Tiana is the smartest Princesss
I like that Tiana works hard to gain her dream
I think Elsa is the most Unique
I think Belle and Anna are the most relatable DPs
Cinderella's stepmother isn't much of a villan
I <3 Tiana but not her movie
I think Ariel has the prettiest dresses
I think Eugene is the best
I like Elsa's voice best
I <3 the animaux from Cendrillon
Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Mulan, and Rebelle have the best climaxes
I think Rebelle are underrated
 Emmalou13 posted il y a plus d’un an
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