Princesses Disney 14 favoris Valentine's jour Version, Which One Do toi Agree With The Most?

Pick one:
1. favori DP Couple - Snow White & Prince
2. favori Meeting - Snow White meets her prince par the well
3. favori "awkward moment" - Bambi's and Faline's first meeting as adults
4. favori l’amour song - Someday My Prince Will Come
5. favori scene together - Snow White's and Prince's first meeting
6. favori reunion - Bambi and Faline after Bambi survived the feu
7. favori l’amour line - My dream wouldn't be complete without toi in it
8. favori l’amour symbol - The Il était une fois Rose
9. favori Kiss - Snow White's and Prince's
10. favori Disney Non Princess Couple - Bambi & Faline
11. favori Disney Non Princess l’amour Song - Bella Notte
12. favori Non Disney Couple - Thumbelina & Cornelious
13. favori Non Disney Couple Scene - Let Me Be Your Wings
14. favori Kiss (That's not from a DP Movie) - Tarzan's and Jane's
 sweetie-94 posted il y a plus d’un an
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