Princesses Disney Disney Fairytale Wedding Reception Theme jour 2: Pick your favori and please commentaire for my article. Make sure to pick the one toi like BEST.

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Classic Elegance
Simply Chic
cocktail Soiree
 DreamyGal posted il y a plus d’un an
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Delilah_Scruggs picked Simply Chic:
It's still simple, yet elegant. I'm not a big fan of all out flashy weddings. I like the simple, intimate ones. Receptions too.
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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Mongoose09 picked Simply Chic:
It looks really elegant & classy. Just all-round nice.
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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disneyfan500 picked Classic Elegance:
Fancy is so much fun.
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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Starrlightx3 picked Classic Elegance:
It sounds like it'd be beautiful and romantic. Perfect for a wedding. :)
I love the idea of Simply Chic too, though.
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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weaslyismyking picked Simply Chic:
Simple, traditional, and classy.
posted il y a plus d’un an.