Princesses Disney Countdown Poll: Best DP Sidekick. #Day 8. Pick your least favorite. Elimination par comments.

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Grandmother Willow
the fairy godmother
Mulan's army Friends
3 good fées
Mrs. Potts and Chip
 anukriti2409 posted il y a plus d’un an
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anukriti2409 picked Cogsworth:
8. ?
9. Carpet
10. Mushu & Crickee
11. Flounder
12. Sebastian
13. Charlotte
14. Meeku & Flit
15. Gus, jaq and other animal friends of Cinderella

16. Abu
17. Samson, Philip's horse and Vernon, the owl
18. Mama Odie
19. The Seven Dwarfs
20. Angus
22. Rajah/Pascal
24. Louise/Wardrobe
25. Scuttle
27. Maximus/Ray
28. The Triplet Boys - Brave
30. Sven and The Bar Thugs/friends of Rapunzel
31. Olaf
32. The Trolls

Guys, sorry again, left the poll in between. Had some personal commitment to attend to. Hope you'll be back in the momentum as top ones are still to be voted for.

I choose Cogsworth because he doesn't advise good to beast but is only trying to complete his work for the heck of it. He isn't really concerned for Belle at all, he's just seeing her as a device to break the spell. Though he;s Beast's sidekick but as a person, he could have cared for Belle a little.
Pity, carpet went out i really loved him. He's enthusiastic, energetic, helpful and loyal and wonderfully animated too
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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laylastepford picked Lumiere:
Same reasons as before.

I like Cogsworth a lot and I think he tries really hard with the best that he has. He's very loyal to his master and always trying to keep things from getting chaotic which is admirable to me. I also personally love the way he looks down on Lumiere's chauvinistic behavior. :)

I agree about it being a shame about Carpet. I really like him as well and find him to be such a sweet character who also always tries to do his best. He seemed like he was very lonely and just wanted friends but once he got them, he was very loyal to them and even to Abu who was not so open to him at first. He was one of the coolest sidekicks in my opinion. I love the scene where he realizes before Aladdin does that Jasmine was tricking him into admitting who he really was. That was a neat touch. :D
posted il y a plus d’un an.