Princesses Disney Princess Personality: Is jasmin a judging type ou perceiving type? (see commentaires for details)

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 LightningRed posted il y a plus d’un an
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LightningRed picked Judging:
Judging Characteristics:
* Plan many of the details in advance before moving into action.
* Focus on task-related action; complete meaningful segments before moving on.
* Work best and avoid stress when able to keep ahead of deadlines.
* Naturally use targets, dates and standard routines to manage life.

Perceiving Characteristics:
* Comfortable moving into action without a plan; plan on-the-go.
* Like to multitask, have variety, mix work and play.
* Naturally tolerant of time pressure; work best close to the deadlines.
* Instinctively avoid commitments which interfere with flexibility, freedom and variety

I can imagine her as an organized person.
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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GreatLance_30 picked Perceiving:
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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MissAngelPaws picked Perceiving:
A bit of both, actually.
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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rhythmicmagic picked Perceiving:
She makes plans as situations arise. She can quickly change gears, which I guess can kind of go along with multitasking and variety. She didn't really do anything about her problems with the suitors until just before it was time to make the decision. She enjoys freedom, and just seems a generally flexible person to me.
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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Mongoose09 picked Perceiving:
I think so, but it was slightly difficult as she has aspects of both imo
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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AudreyFreak picked Perceiving:
She obviously hates her royal schedule. she loves freedom and seems like she would love if Aladdin randomly decided to take her out on a date to see the sunset or ocean or a party, anything fun and spontaneous so long as she got out of the house. She hates being restricted, as organized as she might be.
posted il y a plus d’un an.