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Since there was no Best Looking countdown in a while, I decided to create one. The people who participated wrote some interesting things about the characters, and the end results were quite different from the usual. Firstly, I want to thank:
- SweetPea2007
- KataraLover
- dimitri_is_hot
- BKG201
- sweetie-94
- Swanpride
- anjastt9
- jainabieber7
- uploaded900
- shanyuisboss
- AllegroGiocoso
- rhythmicmagic
- Flutey_Girl96
- Animated_Paint

10. Prince

We all expected him to be in this position. It is actually sad how many 9s and 10s he got; he only got two that were not a 9 ou 10, and he got a total...
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I haven’t done one of these, and I honestly just felt in the mood to write something. I thought this would be good and I have some pretty strong opinions about some of these films. These are just my opinions.

10. Cinderella
I hate this movie. Sorry. There is absolutely nothing interesting about it. The characters in this movie are really bad, the king is the only genuinely engaging character, his banter with the duke is the only really interesting thing about this movie. Every other character is either just annoying ou I feel neutral about, even Cendrillon I have a tendency to feel neutral...
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I l’amour Disney Princess.So I decided to come up with an article featuring all my favori Disney Princess countdown.

10.Snow White

She is pretty.She is cute.She is kind.She is mature.She is everything.But I don't think she is too good.Really.I don't hate her and I don't think that she is the worst but still I can't place her on 1st rank(actually I don't like her nose).Because somebody else deserve it :D

I would like to say the same thing which DsnyPrincess a dit that,"Iv'e just started to really not like I don't know why I just do. I still think Disney should have made her more...
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Long, long ancient Egypt.... when there was still the green Nile river, as it flowed into the Mediterranean Sea...

lived a beautiful woman named Rhodophis (rohh-dufis) She was actually born in Ancient Greece but was kidnapped par pirates and sold as a slave in Egypt. Her owner was a kind old man who slept in the shadow of a beautiful arbre so much that he had not seen Rhodophis being bullied par the other servant girls because she looked different, toi could say unique and plus beautiful.

Since the other Egyptian servants (girls) had beautiful, straight black hair, Rhodophis have even...
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Ok so every princess ou a female charcther needs a guy right well sit back and relax as I am going to talk about the hottest Disney/Non Disney leading men ever.So lets begin the countdown.

No 10:Dimtri from Anastasia

So I kinda cheated a bit but salut I have to say this guy is just so charming. He acts really selfish,his a con man in Russia as he hires actrices to pose as Anastasia,turns out that one of the girls he stumbles across while he and his friend spot a girl sitting down on the floor is the REAL princess and falls for her. This guy is witty,charismatic,and a bit of an asshole if I have...
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posted by maryksand
salut everyone.

Since I've been a member of this club for a an I guess it's time for me to introduce myself. That's why, first and foremost... hi:) My name is Mary (Maria is my full name actually, but I've been Mary everywhere online) and "Ksand" is the first half of my actual last name which is rather long, boring and hard to pronounce even for me. I live in Russia, so English is not my first language - don't judge hard. I'm 23 and yes, I am obsessed with Disney in every way possible.

Cliche to say, but I've been a Disney lover since forever. In my childhood years it used to give me inspiration,...
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I am so excited to get to do my suivant interview with the Characters from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty! The Major characters have consented to come and Purgatory is even allowing Maleficent to come (with a heavy guard of course) . All the questions are from fans and this shall be an interesting interview. (the first to arrive is Aurora and Phillip, but they seem a little uncomfortable with the fact that Maleficent is coming. The three good fées come in suivant and make sure they are in the middle so that Aurora does not have to be near her enemy….Maleficent Ghost shows up late, but she is bound...
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Here's the first article for the Best Disney Princess sidekick countdown. It covers the places from 41 to 50. Enjoy!
[I'm clearly copying BelleAnastasia article style, but I hope she will forgive me and toi will pretend that's not happening =) . Again, I'm brazilian, so forgive/notice me about grammar mistakes]

50. Mama Odie
I didn't completely understand why this "girl" was the first one to leave. She doesn't bother me (even if I disliked her, her appearence is a little fast). Maybe that's the problem... During all her screentime she's trying to explain things to Naveen and Tiana, and by...
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posted by Princess_Ella
Hi I am new to Fanpop, and I saw that lots of people had done this type of article so I decided to give it a try. Here is a liste of my haut, retour au début 10 favori Disney Princess eyes. Please enjoy, and commentaire because this is my first article.

10. Snow White

Her eyes are so small and round, that they just don't look like she could possibly have peripheral vision. And the color is quite dull. They just aren't stunning and they have no depth to them.
 I do like Snow White, but she has no depth, especially in her eyes.There is nothing there, just a blank stare.
I do like Snow White, but she has no depth, especially in her eyes.There is nothing there, just a blank stare.

9. Pocahontas

They are too small, but they...
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Read this
This article is my way to say my opinion. Please don't hunt me down and kill me if toi don't like something. F- favorite, P- prettiest (like duh, right). The P icones are par CuteDiana, the biggest credit to you.

F: 10. Aurora
Just a bland piece of nothing. She is pretty, that's it. Well yeah she has some great morals, but she fell asleep and so did I.

P: 10. Rapunzel
She is nice and cute but eyes freak me out. TOO big!!! She looks like she is 12. But one this is that she has got amazing hair. That's all.

F: 9. Cinderella
She is lovely, sweet, charming and cute, but the...
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posted by Swanpride
So, finally the last songs. Filler Songs are songs which serve no real purpose at all – they don’t really add something to the story, they normally turn up in filler ou Comic-Relief scenes. And they are mostly something typical for the older Disney movies, so there are not that many overall.

5. The Little Mermaid: I only added “Daughters of Triton” here because I felt I had to mention it somewhere, but the piece is so short, I hesitate to take it into account at all. It's not bad, not at all, it serves it's purpose par introducing Ariel's family, but that's plus ou less all what...
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posted by disney_prince
Welcome. This is my Disney Princess jukebox, I have liens to all the important Princess songs, I haven't put every song from every film in here, I've tried to be slightly selective. Thats it really, have a listen to some of the musical masterpieces to come out of the Disney Princess films with ease.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
 Snow White, fairest one of all.
Snow White, fairest one of all.

The one...well, two songs that started it all

The perfect song to raise your spirits if you've been banished from your kingdom and your step mother has attempted to murder you

Yeh, if only.

 Cinderella, the princess bride.
Cinderella, the...
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9.Snow White
The one reason I l’amour Snow White so much is that toi would never meet ANYONE like her in real life. Her personality is completely, utterly made up. So, it's no wonder that she came in last place in this countdown. She's unrealistically optomistic, she's sugary sweet, and she falls in l’amour at first sight.

"I'm not all that sweet, brainless and naive"

"I don't cook, I don't clean, I don't annoy people when I open my mouth (Ok, that one's questionable I admit), and I certainly wouldn't be fine and dandy a few hours after finding out my stepmom hired a hitman on me."...
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Here is the order from last to first:

9. Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)
I was actually surprised that Gaston got eliminated so early. Even though he is many peoples favourite villains people say that he was very unevil because he was handsome and very un-villain like.
Voted out on 42%

8. Ratcliffe (Pochahontas)
A lot of people thought Ratcliffe was evil because he was racist and persuaded the hero to kill any Indians. But the reason he go 8th spot was because people thought he didn't do anything and just went around chant for gold.

7. Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the frog)
Dr. Facilier is quite...
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posted by DreamyGal
I wanted to write an article on the people we l’amour to hate; the Villains. Face it...without them, our favori Fairy Tales wouldn't be the same without some evil person trying to screw everything up. They cause drama and chaos. Honestly we need them. Our stories wouldn't exist really without them! Everyone voted, and here are the results...
 "He's Annoying and I got really tired of the "Villian" caring around a pampered dog...I mean come on!"- TotallyMe105
"He's Annoying and I got really tired of the "Villian" caring around a pampered dog...I mean come on!"- TotallyMe105

9. Governor Ratcliffe
The greedy, or craving fat cul, ass falls into last place in this countdown. All he wants is to...
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