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 Princesses as the villains
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I wanted to write a new article for a long time,but I didn't have any new ideas.
So,why don't just make a Favourite DP Movie List?
And sorry for few mistakes,English isn't my native language (yeah,I always say that).
Also,this is just my opinion,I don't mean to hate ou hurt anybody.:D
So...Let's begin :)

I just want to say one thing:I don't hate Frozen.I like some characters,I like the villians,I like the songs.
But I don't think that La Reine des Neiges is THAT special.Yes,as I said,I liked it.I really enjoy watching it,it was actually fun.
But,there are some problems with it.I already wrote my...
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Dieses Instrumental war viel Arbeit, da ich das Video selber in HD nachgebastelt habe Viel Spaß beim verwenden
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 Today I'll focus on why I l’amour Pocahontas
Today I'll focus on why I love Pocahontas
Today it's 9 days until my birthday and today I'll focus on my 9th favori DP Pocahontas and why I l’amour her
Previous articles in the series:

Even though Pocahontas is in the lower half of my favori DP liste I still l’amour her

I l’amour that she cares for the nature and it's animals, I l’amour that she teaches John Smith all the good things about nature

I also l’amour that she's indecieve, it shows that it's not easy even for a princess to choose between different alternatives and I l’amour that she gets help from Grandmother Willow and I l’amour their relationship, even though Grandmother Willow...
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I have seen that some people think that Rapunzel is a bad role model, so I thought I would give my opinion on this. Anyways, keep in mind that this is what I think she's a good role model, toi may find different traits better in a role model. Anyways, enjoy the article!

I'll be discussing that I think Rapunzel is a good role model, and is not a stupid character.

This Will Contain Spoilers of the Movie Tangled.
Let's start with the beginning of the movie.

I've seen Rapunzel has been criticized for NOT walking out on her mother. Well, I have two reasons why I don't understand why people would...
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La Reine des Neiges (2013)
La Reine des Neiges
let it go
animated film
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I did my favori Disney Princess liste before, but now it's changed a LOT, so I decided to remake the list. Anyways, please keep in mind that this is my opinion, so respect my opinion and I'll respect yours. Enjoy the article! :)

13. Anna
I used to dislike her, but my opinions have changed. I actually like Anna now. Not a lot, and I still find her annoying, but I actually like her now. I still have some problems with her though. Like marrying a man toi just met? Going into the freezing cold in a dress? She makes stupid decisions, and that also annoys me. She's still in last right now, but...
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Personal Info My name is Sarah and I'm 25 years old. I live in central Texas and attend the community college. I should be graduating the December with an associates degree in Criminal Justice.

My real passion is animals. I l’amour exotic animals. What I really want to do someday is own my own pet store. My favori animal in the world is actually a snake. Yeah I know weird. But I have two pet pythons and they're sweethearts.

My hobbies mostly include breeding exotic animals, écriture fanfictions, and sewing.

Disney Princess

My favori DPs:
1. Snow White
2 Tiana
3. Mulan
4. Elsa
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