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 Walt Disney fan Art - Queen Elsa
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Source: lio-sun @ DeviantArt
Walt Disney fan Art of Queen Elsa from "Frozen" (2013)
walt Disney
walt Disney fan art
La Reine des Neiges
Queen elsa
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So,a lot of users on fanpop did its' opinion on Frozen,so I wanted to write my own opinion on that movie,too.It's the newest Disney movie,and there's a lot of arguments on it,so I tought that I can make my thoughts on it.
I want to state that this is just MY opinion,I don't mean to hurt ou hate anybody.
Also,forgive me for few mistakes,English isn't my native language.
Enjoy :)

I like Frozen.I don't l’amour it,but I like it.The story is okay,the characters are good,and that's it.I enjoyed watching it,but I don't think that La Reine des Neiges is perfect.
This article will be spread in 3 parts:Characters,Story and...
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Well, I did link, and now it's time to déplacer on to a new subject, noses. Some Disney Princesses have regular noses, some have noses that look good with their face, and some have a weirdly shaped, ou poorly drawn nose. Keep in mind that this is my opinion, so respect my opinion and I'll respect yours. Enjoy the article! :)

13. Jasmine

I'm not a huge fan of Jasmine's looks in the first place, but her nose is definitely the worst of all the Disney Princesses! It's huge and hideous! It looks weird and if toi stare at it, it basically takes all the beauty that toi see on her off her face. I hate...
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salut guys! I've been meaning to write an article about my favori Princess wardrobes for a while, but there were two major problems. The first problem was that I didn't know where to place them, and the seconde problem was pure freaking laziness. But, I finally decided to stop being lazy, get my crap together, and write the list. Sequels will not be included, which sadly means I won't be including my favori Rapunzel outfit, her wedding dress. And, oh yeah, Anna and Elsa will be included. Sue me. So, let's get started! *Note* Please excuse awful collages.

13. Ariel
I l’amour Ariel, but honestly,...
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Just a quick article to compare Gaston to the Beast and decide who is really the villain...

Gaston: Vain, selfish and doesn't really care about anyone else.
Beast: Spoiled, selfish, cursed for not having any l’amour in his heart.
Gaston: Only wants Belle because she's beautiful.
Beast: Only wants Belle because she's the first girl who's come along since the curse.
Gaston: Locks up Belle and her father.
Beast: Locks up Maurice and keeps Belle prisoner.
Gaston: Relatively level-headed. Acts plus out of jealousy than anger.
Beast: Quick temper. Yells a lot for...
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So, I haven't been around for the past few weeks mainly because of school... but also because I've had been concentrating my Disney and creative efforts on making this video.

I linked the video in well, er the video section but I decided to put the lyrics here just so people could see it all at once... This might not be the place for it but I'm not much of a fanfic prose writer but I do like crossover lyrics.


My feu shines bright in the black of night
Only embers to be seen
A pyre of desolation
And I fear that I’m its Queen
The blaze is burning like this raging pain inside
I ignited the spark...
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(WARNING Language)
jasmin musique Video from Disney Princess Il était une fois Tales: Follow Your Dreams.
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