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Some couleurs have been altered.
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I know this is a touchy topic, so I've tried to tread it in the best way I could! It is not my intention to offend anyone ou misrepresent this topic, so if I did I'd l’amour to improve on it and fix my mistakes. I hope toi enjoy reading!

For a group of people that claim to be supporting of all women and their ventures, the mistreatment that the classic princesses very often get from them is rather surprising. To a majority of feminists, the women they are catering to is the new-age, I can do it all superwoman. They believe that all women should fit into that box and if they don't, they're deprived,...
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In lieu of my 3 an anniversary on this site (which actually took place sometime in February), I decided that I would write an article looking back on what this site has donné to me and how grateful I am to have come across it. While I haven't frequented this site in months, it still holds a dear place in my heart, as well as those who I have met through this site. Well, here I go. For those of toi who don't know me, this will probably be a pretty mundane article, so I wouldn't be offended it toi stop lire now. If anything, this article is really for me to get out my pent up l’amour for this...
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Hello everyone. I'm just boring and suddenly I've got an idea to wrote my liste of prettiest Disney Princesses. All of the Princesses have their own typical of beauty. But for sure I have some of favorites. Anyway, here's my prettiest DP list:

13. Snow White

Why her? She's the fairest of them all! Yes, she's the fairest of them all. But for me she is plus tend to cute than pretty. I don't really like the shapes of her small-sized brown eyes and her nose. Her face overally looks like porcelaine doll. In fact, she can be pretty but I'm just not a fan of her animation styles. Her looks in DP...
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I didn't know Elsa meets Kaa, I hate toi Kaa!!!
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Sorry it took me so long to finish this countdown. I just got lazy I guess haha. I did this countdown because while there have been multiple "Best Kiss" countdowns I have never seen the "Almost Kisses" get much appreciation. I think they are cute and suspenseful, so I thought I would give them the spotlight for once. Here are the results, compiled for your enjoyment. :)

9. Tiana and Naveen's 1st Almost Kiss

It's no surprise this Kiss left first. It's the only one here that isn't romantic in the slightest, since Tiana doesn't even want to Kiss him and she's only doing it to get her restaurant....
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Well,it's been a while since a wrote an article,huh?
It's not entirely my fault,it's just I that my life has its ups and downs and I had to deal with both of them in the past days.Plus,considering how long my précédant article was that I had to divisé, split it into two parts,I needed some break from that.
But enough talk,let's get into the article itself.
toi may not have known this,but I'm also a big Steven Universe fan.Most of that has to do with the fact of,you guessed it,how much it resembles Frozen.
Now technically,Steven Universe aired about one week before La Reine des Neiges came out,but the similarities...
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Years have gone par and the Tremaine's had been blessed with two little girls. The elder daughter was named Drizella, after her late grandmother, the Lady Drizella Tremaine. She had curly brown hair, dark eyes, a pointy nose, thin red lips, and wore green a lot with a big blue boy in her hair. She wasn't very pretty but she wasn't ugly either, she was only plainly pretty. She resembled her late grandmother and a little bit from her mother. She also was also very much like her grandmother because of her snobbish attitude and l’amour for the plus superficial things in life. However, she didn't inherit...
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