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Gaston’s Curse
After cloche, bell and Beast have an argument, cloche, bell leaves the château to take a walk. She comes across a shattered body dressed in Gaston’s clothes. Soon she hears a growl and a beast comes out to attack her. Beast comes from nowhere to protect her. The beast continues to come back. They soon learn the beast is Gaston as he was transformed into a beast as he fell. Unlike Beast, he has no redemption and the only option is to kill him.

Mother’s Day
Aurora keeps telling Phillip she wants a baby. He continues to refuse her plead. On Mother’s day, Aurora notices...
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 Which outfit will montrer as the best *(picture borrowed from disneyprince's article)
Which outfit will show as the best *(picture borrowed from disneyprince's article)
Dweeb started making these countdown, but she never made one with Mulan's outfits, so I decided to make one since in honor of Mulan month.

During the countdown, people noticed that, even if they don't put Mulan high on their best dressed list, all of her outfits are pretty and she has nice clothes in general.

There are 9 outfits that Mulan wore, and I separated them in 3 categories:


Casual clothes
Or lets call it what it really is- underwear. People don't really like those outfits because they are simple, not very pretty and they weren't worn...
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Ursula the evil sea witch had triumphed. Now she was ruler of all the ocean, the waves obeyed her every whim...or so the old villain thought. However, according to a spunky little blonde princess named Peanalita - this was not the case.
"What are you, some kind of former high school nerd trying to make up for your lame existence par jouer la comédie like a psycho freak?" pois, pea snapped. "You think you're all that just because toi have a giant fork that glows? Please! And what's that crown made of, recycled Pepsi cans?"
"Why, toi little brat!" Ursula was enraged at Pea's sass. She pointed the trident at Pea....
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