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Sorry for the long wait, but here it is, the result of the Best DP titre Countdown and my opinion on each placement and of course some of your commentaires :)

10. Raiponce

I truly agree with this placement, why did they switched the titre from Rapunzel to Tangled? Because the movie was going to appeal to both boys and girls, it would've been a good change if it wasn't for that the titre is so awful and many other fanpop users agreed with me, not only is it an awful title, but the titre doesn't make much sense at all.

Here are some commentaires from toi :)
-Tangled, Raiponce and Tangled! Awesome movie,...
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posted by justgrac
a spoiled empress,Empress Stellata Arilla Garnelia Eliza Somia Carmella Josephine of Ansalya.
recives many gifts beautiful fine gifts but mostly beautiful dresses from the land of splendoria . of coarse she becomes spoiled conceited and extrenmly obsessed with her own beauty . meanwhile a kingdom not far away lives another princess who rules over the land of splendoria wich is ,princess Princess Rochelle (ROW SHELL)Amelia Carmella Tania (TAH NEE AH) Maria Anita Delilah the fifth of Splendora. known for making the finest clothes of the land and their high IQ. the splendorian government...
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 Ladies of the heure
Ladies of the Hour
I know using the phrase haut, retour au début ten doesn't make sense, because there's only ten but lets get on with it.
 The Girly Girl
The Girly Girl

The most feminine princess in the bunch but that really isn't saying much. Aurora is one of the plus attractive, Barbie-esque, princesses which again isn't saying much, but the liste plus ou less based on personality and Aurora just doesn't cut it. Granted she didn't have much time for us to get to know her, the movie was mostly focused on the fairies. Let's just admit it Aurora really is just another pretty face, she's totally hot but that's about it.
 The Bookworm
The Bookworm...
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"Rise and shine, sleepy head!" Mushu a dit in a playful voice "C'mon girl, toi got chores to do!"
"Urrrrgghh!!!" Mulan a dit with a frustrated voice; she pulled her duvet over her and buried her head in her pillow, trying to drone out Mushu's voice.
"How 'bout a morning Kiss from pretty-boy?" Mushu asked flirtatiously raising his brows up and down.
"How did toi know?" Mulan asked (a little confused).
"Girl, toi talk in your sleep!" Mushu a dit then did his Mulan voice "Oh, General Shang! Marry you- oh I do, I do-" Mulan swiftly got out of lit and put her hand over Mushu's mouth."Okay, I get it! I'm...
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posted by princesslullaby
This liste was collectively made by: Cromulanfav, JonnaSe, Princesslullaby, & PpgBelle4

Pocahontas isn't gentle, classy, girly, ou romantic. Cendrillon prefers a sophisticated, calm princess, and Pocahontas leaps off of cliffs and climbs trees. She's not refined ou subtle in her personality. Cendrillon would appreciate her strength but other than that view her as too wild. She wouldn't understand Pocahontas at all.

There's no reason why she would l’amour Ariel; she would probably feel neutral about her. Again like Pocahontas, she would find her too reckless and...
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 “This kiss,” Pocahontas thought. “It’s nothing like the Kiss of John Smith. He kissed me with such passion and love.”
“This kiss,” Pocahontas thought. “It’s nothing like the kiss of John Smith. He kissed me with such passion and love.”
précédant PART


    Pocahontas slowly made her way to John. When she finally reached his side, he put his arms around her and gave her a hug. She sighed because for once, in a long time she liked hugging John, only because her imagination let her think it was John Smith.
    “I can see that you’re worrying about something.” John finally spoke.
    “That is true.” Pocahontas agreed.
    “Let’s go for a walk.” John said.
    He wanted to get away. Maybe if they were alone,...
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A/N: I think this is actually the part of the story that I thought up
first, this basically inspired this whole story and turned it into what
it is, and it also explains why Eugene became Flynn Rider. I hope
you enjoy! And thank toi so much for the review! Please review
this story and give me any suggestions ou share any comments
you have.

Disclamer: I don't own "Tangled" ou the characters, they belong to

Weeks passed and Eugene had finally got the hang of stealing.
He would go up to the aléatoire carts on the rue and grab everything
he could, then run away as fast as his little legs could carry...
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A/N: So this idea randomly popped into my head and I think I may even have a storyline to go with it! So Im pretty happy about that, so yeah! This is basically a story of Eugene's life in the orphanage, please review and give your opinions on this story.
And after toi read this one maybe go read some of my other "Tangled" fics? Please? This is kinda sad, but don't worry we all know how it ends! And I may also be putting some incerpts from Eugene's present life in here so just keep on checking back!
Oh and I just watched the movie "Fireproof" Ahhh so inspirational!

Disclaimer: I don't own Tangled...or...
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posted by neva2old4disney
This is my article about my favourite Disney princesses – I noticed everyone else did one and I figured that my opinion should be out there too. Enjoy!

10. Pocahontas
Although Pocahontas is a real peacemaker, she’s kind of boring. In my opinion, the filmmakers didn’t manage to get the balance of her personality quite right, she was meant to be someone that didn’t go with the flow, but I honestly don’t see anything stand-outish about her. Sometimes she is to responsible, and other times doesn’t take others into account.

9. Aurora
Like many other users, I don’t think Aurora was developed...
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Ok, I was delaying this for really long time because I'm (lazy) really busy and don't have much time. I did this in honor of DP couples month, which was, yeah, long time ago. So, I took critics that I should put plus of a people opinion when I do countdown article, so I hope I succeed at that. If toi have other critics on this article, feel free to tell me. In captions I put the first sentences couples told during their first interaction.

 Cinderella: "Oh, o my goodness!" Prince:" What's the matter?"
Cinderella: "Oh, o my goodness!" Prince:" What's the matter?"

9.Cinderella and Charming
After the Charming was jouer la comédie like the biggest...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
It was only yesterday that I wanted to leave this place.
Today that is no longer the case.
Things have changed, and I don’t understand.
Nothing is going as I planned.
In his presence I used to be scared.
I was lonely and I didn’t think he cared.
But now there is something different in his eyes.
He’s letting his guard down, and isn’t wearing a disguise.
His inner beauty is finally shining through.
He is sincere and true.
Now I stand in front of a mirror in a beautiful yellow dress.
I feel a little nervous, I must confess.
I think I have fallen in l’amour with him.
Should I tell him how I feel, and go out on a limb?
Yes, my feelings must be released,
Because this Beauty has fallen in l’amour with a Beast.
Here's the first article for the Best Disney Princess outfit countdown. It covers the places from 41 to 55. Enjoy!

55. Ariel - rags

Yeah...rags... What plus could I say...they definitely deserve to be at the bottom of the list!

this is one of the uglier ones, imo. - ppgbelle4

this isn't even an outfit. seriously, it needs to go -__- - pretty_angel92

we can't call this ou Mulan's towel an outfit ! seriously ! - CuteDiana

I like Ariel's rags. It's one of her better outfits, and she knows how to work it. - VGfan30

It's just an old sail!! - random_camo

all of them arent too bad if toi think about...
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posted by Disneyfan9648
So a lot of prole are doing this and I feel like toi guys will like me plus if toi know me better so article time!

I am an 18 an old boy who lives in the state of New Mexico. No, not Mexico the country, I am as white as a really white person (descriptive, right?) Some of toi may know New Mexico as the place where Breaking Bad was filmed, and those of toi who don't know Breaking Bad, probably haven't heard of New Mexico. If toi guys like Breaking Bad let me know and I'll tell toi something cool.

WOW! I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Tim and I have two brothers. I have an identical...
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posted by Alantlm
The template for this will be:
"Misconception" (misconceptions in quotations as I don't particularly know if these concepts are held ou not)
--> Proposed concept with MAIN clarification


1) Belle is odd because she is able to read
--> Belle is odd because she PREFERS lire to socializing

From Belle song, the townsfolk commentaire on her dreamy and self-isolating attitude while lire rather than her ability to read itself. Belle isn’t considered odd because she reads; Belle is considered odd because she is so immersed in her readings that she can subconsciously walk around...
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 Found on Pinterest, if toi made please tell me.
Found on Pinterest, if you made please tell me.
Sorry so late, montrer Week Drama has begun early for me. I'll try to have favori Princesses up before Downton Abbey is on tonight at nine. link, link, and link

10th Prince Charming with 97 points
Charming sadly loses in this kind of rankings all the time and just as sad he isn’t event that close to 9th place. Charming is an underrated character just a bit but because of his lack of screen time it gets him down here. People a dit he was...everything that I said.

9th The Prince with 130 points
Like Charming the Prince isn’t that far from last but this time, he isn’t that far par a long shot!...
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 A MUCH better villain, wouldn't toi agree?
A MUCH better villain, wouldn't you agree?
So many times on this site I have talked about why I think Maleficent is a bad villain and I have tried explaining once (Swanpride remembers this) but I ended up using tons of bad arguments and I didn't word it properly so now I want to try it again. If toi have any disagreements, I would l’amour to débats about this in the commentaires so feel free to state your opinions.

What I consider a good villian is not all about cool posing ou evil laughs. It's not all about how evil they seem par the way that they act ou how many people they get to fear of them. To me, it's all about the ruthlessness, the...
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posted by dclairmont
I've already made an article like this for my haut, retour au début 7 (link, link, link, link, link, link, and link), and thought it was about time to make one for my eighth, Jasmine. Despite Jasmine's "low" place, I really, really l’amour her! If toi don't include Anna and Elsa on my list, she's actually sixth. I've really been warming up to jasmin lately, moving her slowly out of my bottom 5 and there's a possibility that she could déplacer up even higher. This will be a scene-by-scene review, so it may get quite long. So let's get started with the article!

We're introduced to jasmin with a bit of a bang. I love...
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This idea started in the "What Birthday Do toi Think Elsa and Anna Have?" poll, and while thinking of when I thought Elsa was born my stream of consciousness expanded to a theory of how she got her powers.

Paraphrasing what I posté at the poll: Maybe Elsa was born on the night of the Winter Solstice (December in the Northern Hemisphere) during the Aurora Borealis and was somehow touched par the magic of their lights, and that's how she got their powers. I'll bet Anna was born in spring ou summer.

When toi think about it, the opening song La Reine des Neiges cœur, coeur just foreshadows every bit of the movie. "Watch...
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As my last countdown was boring, senseless and weird, I decided to go with a much plus simpler and faster countdown topic this time. Since my last countdown was not elimination par votes, I decided to try out the elimination par commentaires this time. So, here are the results!

#11: Pocahontas
Many think of Poca's smile as forced and unemotional, and I guess that is true. She hardly smiles in her film, and basically all her pretty moments are non-smile ones. So no surprise she ended up last.


"Pocahontas, looks really forced and unnatural. Maybe it is because of her animation style and the...
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posted by Hellowittykitty
1. 👍Tiana- because she has a beautiful gown, a great sense of courage, and that little doll accent of a New Orleans girl. Who knew that a waitress is now finally the owner of her own Restaurant and princess to the slightly spoiled Prince Naveen? I did! Raymond and Mama Odie helped her out. She just had to dig a little deeper!

2. 👟Mulan- the Chinese (and/or Japanese) girl from a gentle and compassionate dynasty. Ancient ancestors to noble parents that care for her deeply, Mulan is a oriental fleur that has yet to bloom. A blossom of a woman hides behind this wonderful spirited princess....
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