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posted by deedragongirl
 Are toi ready for redemption, Hans?
Are you ready for redemption, Hans?
Okay, an idea had just struck me. Since the sequel will be coming soon, here are my thoughts on why should Hans be redeem ou not if he makes an appearance again.

He Should Redeem Himself

When I first watch the movie, I started to have a crush on him until he turn into the dark side. However upon being expose, he was arrested and ship back to the 7 Isles so that his brothers could punish him.
In La Reine des Neiges Fever, he was doing community service until Elsa let out a giant snowball and hit him! I personally think that from that minor scene, I felt that he should redeem himself anyway, because he finally...
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salut everyone! So this is the first culminating article in a series of countdowns that I am doing. There will be one for each color of outfit. The winning outfit in each countdown will then continue on to a final countdown which will determine Fanpop's number one DP outfit. Enjoy! :)

9. Mulan's rose and blue underclothes

I didn't mind this outfit. In fact, I quite liked the contrast between the blue haut, retour au début and rose bottom. However, most users disagreed, finding it too plain.

Unremarkable. ~Silverrose1991
It's very plain and is just undergarments ~KataraLover
Too plain and not interesting. ~Sparklefairy375...
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Hi everybody!

In this article, I'll be pairing each Disney Princess with a celebrity active during the time of the DP's movie release.

Snow White: Gene Tierney

They both have roundish faces, dark hair, a cute smile, and a reputation for outstanding beauty.

Cinderella: Grace Kelly

They both have blonde hair (albeit Cendrillon is plus of a fraise blonde), and similar noses IMO. And both are icones of elegance.

Aurora: Kim Novak

It was actually very hard to determine who Aurora's double would be. There were so many blonde actrices in the 1950s - mainly because movie studios were...
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 Loving this movie.
Loving this movie.
Okay, I was watching the 2012 version of Les Miserables last night and I had seen the 2015 reboot of Cendrillon last month. Both films have a common theme with each other: Forgiveness. The characters also play a similar traits to each other.


While watching this movie last month, I keep thinking that the story reminds me of Les Miserables! Aside from the same filming location of France, certain scenes and characters remind of some characters from Les Miserables.
For example, during the scene after Lady Tremaine and the 2 stepsisters called Ella par her trademark name, Cinderella. The...
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posted by AaronHaley4ever
Happy Fathers’ Day, fanpop! To those of toi who are fathers ou are celebrating the father figure in your life, I hope you’re having a wonderful jour (and I hope the rest of toi have a wonderful jour too)! Here is the companion piece to the DPs as Mothers article I wrote last month. Some of these guys were very hard to place due to lack of screentime ou their personalities being similar to others in the lineup, so I hope you’ll forgive me if some of my reasoning sounds repetitive. As with the last article, I’m including the unofficial members of the lineup (John Rolfe, Kristoff, and Hans)...
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Hello everyone, I decided to make a plus updated version of this article where I talk about myself. Not that I have a big ego ou anything...Anyway, I'm 21 years old and will be starting college soon. I won't say what state I live in but I do live in the USA. I have a big family and I have some Italian ancestry. I have no friends. I'm just a lonely lesbian searching for love. I guess my hobbies are écriture stories and making haut, retour au début 10 lists. One of my favori Fanpopers is the famous KararaLover. I disagree with many of his opinions but he is very talented at écriture articles. My favori celebrity...
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Yesterday morning,when I looked up information for Frozen's sequel,I found something that baffled my mind beyond belief.It was an article,which stated that Idina Menzel herself,is a supporter for making Elsa a lesbian and giving her a girlfriend.
Where the hell do I even begin with this idea...? Well,let's start with what my reaction towards it was.
When I first saw this yesterday,I was both sad and furious.Even when I had class in the morning,I couldn't shake this out of my head.I think this is even worse than that time they a dit they're going to montrer a plus playful side of Elsa!
Before we...
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posted by uploaded900
The Most Elegant Disney Princesses

I really like elegance, so I decided to make a liste of the most elegant princesses. Turns out less than half of the princesses are really elegant. Keep in mind that I didn't just rank them based on how they act, but also on how they look and my first impressions. Also just because someone's royal, it doesn't mean they are elegant. (like Prince Harry) I apologize in advance if this article is poorly written.

13) Rapunzel

When I first saw Rapunzel, I didn't think she was elegant at all and when I saw Tangled, turns out I was right. She doesn't act ou look elegant,...
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posted by WinterSpirit809
Okay so I really want to do this, but I really am not going to explain why. Because, well, I believe there is plus to liking a princess than just looks. But other than that, I just feel like I'm just going to keep saying "oh she's so pretty" ou "I just never found her attractive" over and over again in different words. So, I'm sorry for not leaving a description.

13. Merida

12. Snow White

11. Ariel

10. Pocahontas

9. Mulan

8. Rapunzel

7. Cendrillon

6. Tiana

5. Aurora

4. Elsa

3. Anna

2. jasmin

1. Belle.
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So, with this topic on whether ou not Elsa should be gay has been very populaire over the internet, I felt it was time to tell toi my opinion on this topic.

Before toi get disgusted with me ou anything, I have no problem with the LGBT community. In fact, my best friend is gay, and we often talk about boys and "ship" each other.

Now, there are a lot of reasons I think Disney should wait and make an original gay princess instead of making Elsa gay, I mean the main reason is I see Elsa as having no interest in romance- whether it's a male ou female. I would much rather have a sequel centering around...
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 haterz will claim Let It Go was furthering the gay agenda, rlly I was just talking about my powers MDR it ain't that deep
haterz will claim Let It Go was furthering the gay agenda, rlly I was just talking about my powers lol it ain't that deep

But was the world "ready" for women to vote when they were allowed to vote with the nineteenth amendment? Was the world "ready" for school integration in Brown v. Board? Was the world "ready" to legalize gay marriage when it did? (Sorry I'm basing this all off of American examples, as I am American and I know a large portion of this site is) The answer to all of those questions is, if toi define ready as an overwhelming support, no. But that didn't stop them from happening, and in my opinion it shouldn't stop this either.

The world is never going to be "ready" for change. It's simply impossible...
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posted by deedragongirl
 To be ou not to be?
To be or not to be?
Okay, so there have been speculations that Elsa should be a lesbian in the upcoming La Reine des Neiges sequel. So here is my question on whether our favourite snow Queen should be a lesbian ou not.

Elsa shouldn't be a Lesbian

I personally think that Elsa should not be a lesbian in the upcoming movie for a number of reasons. This is because it would alienate younger children who grew a liking on Elsa because she is a very populaire character since the release on the fame movie internationally.
Secondly, if she was a lesbian, the sequel will be banned in certain Orthodox countries. Like Russia, Greece and just...
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My final article in the wedding theme series is for the Revival Era princesses. I wish to extend this series to Disney heroines as well but I'm not sure right away, maybe i'll just do one with Anna and Elsa. Anyways, here are my thoughts on wedding ideas for our modern princesses.

Rapunzel: The Blooming Bride
Her sunny and cheerful disposition makes her a perfect spring bride. I'd l’amour to give her a jour wedding decorated with burst of wild blossoms, capturing her warmth and energy both. The air will be filled with a riot of fragrance and decor will host bright and joyful fleurs in all shapes...
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Hi everyone!

So it's been about six months since I joined Fanpop, and about as much time since I published my first DP article ranking the DPs. This article will explain my new ranking of the Disney princesses (including Anna and Elsa) from lowest to highest in my opinion. Hope toi like it!

13. Elsa (same spot)

Unfortunately, Elsa’s still at the bottom of my list. This is mainly because she doesn’t seem to exhibit any worry about the kingdom and sister she leaves behind after they find out about her ice powers, which is disconcerting since she spent her whole life...
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 Brotherly l’amour
Brotherly love
Hi guys, since I had compare both Titanic and Frozen. There is another movie that I notice that is similar to the latter, and that movie is Brother Bear.

Brother Bear

Apart from the sibling love, Kenai actually reminds me of Elsa, because like Elsa, he needs to have brotherly l’amour with Koda. He was also mistakenly thought to be the same ours in his brother, Denahi's eyes that killed his 2 brothers and became vengeful until the ending scene when Kenai gets turn back into a human.
Koda is very much like Anna, because they're both optimistic. It wasn't until that he found out the truth that Kenai...
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posted by deedragongirl
 The Prince and the Pauper
The Prince and the Pauper
Hi guys, since I l’amour to see a DP with twin princesses, here are my liste of possible films that Disney might want to make.

1) The Prince and the Pauper

I know that Disney had made this starring Mickey Mouse, if there was a Princess version of it. It would be a good idea, the story setting will set in either South Korea ou Japan.
The story will be 100% faithful towards its original story par Mark Twain.

2) The Man in the Iron Mask

I l’amour this story very much, since watching the 1998 version with Leonardo Di Caprio in it. They will base it on the 1998 version, with the exception that the evil twin redeems himself in the end. Making the first twin princesses to become 2 queens and will rule the country with l’amour and peace, making them the 2 beloved Queens.


Since I only have 2 suggestions as listed, if there are anymore suggestions. Please feel free to add plus in the comments.
 My favourite actor as twins!
My favourite actor as twins!
posted by deedragongirl
 Who will play Belle?
Who will play Belle?
So, I have been hearing from many people over their disagreements about Emma Watson's casting as Belle. So, I thought that I would write this article about it if she wasn't cast at all, first no hard feelings to any Emma Watson fans out there (including myself) ou to the actress herself. So here are my liste of actresses.

1. Anne Hathaway

I first heard her sing in Les Miserables, she blew everybody away with her rendition of 'I Dreamed a Dream', she's a marvelous singer in her own rights and I'm glad she's a talented actress!

2. Keira Knightley

I remember doing a vote regarding this 6 years ago...
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posted by deedragongirl
 A Blonde Haired Elvis?
A Blonde Haired Elvis?
Hi guys, since Beauty and the Beast will be coming suivant an in March. Here is my opinion and reason on why Gerard Butler should be the perfect beast, comparing him to Dan Stevens.

Gerard Butler

I watched the Phantom of the Opera a few weeks il y a after not seeing it for many years, I always thought that it was Antonio Banderas playing the titre character. But it did not sound like him at all!
So here is my reason why I think Gerard is the perfect beast, he nailed the character of the Phantom perfectly and he has a rock & roll quality in his voice! He also managed to play a very a sympathetic...
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posted by Coffeeuser
FIRST NAME: Erin but I used to despise that name when I was a little girl.


FAVORITE Disney MOVIE: The Jungle Book. The one made in 1967 was and still is the best movie ever made!

FAVORITE BIBLE MOVIE: Passion of the Christ.

FAVORITE TV SHOW: Arthur. Although it's been awhile since I've watched it.

FAVORITE BOOKS: I don't read that much. But the ones I like are mostly the horror/thriller genre and Arthur book par Marc Brown lol.

A CELEBRITY I LIKE: My favori is Sal Mineo. He's the most glorious person that ever lived. I l’amour him plus than I l’amour myself. For women,...
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 Classical musique time.
Classical music time.
There was an article on the front page of fanpop that inspired me to write this article, since I l’amour classical musique too. Ready?

Antonio Vivaldi

Snow White l’amour his music, since she lives around the same period as Vivaldi. Plus, I would imagine her dancing with the 7 dwarfs and her prince, especially the Four Seasons.

Franz Schubert & Johann Strauss II

Cendrillon and Ella will l’amour their music, while I was listening to the 2015 reboot soundtrack. The waltzes and Polkas that Patrick Doyle composes are inspired from Johann Strauss II, the Waltz King.
Secondly, since their childhoods are sad,...
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