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I'm just a mere newbie here, but having read several articles on here, I really wanted to write one of my own (hope it looks ok, and I haven't made a mess of it!)

Good thing this is sit on my cul, ass jour (otherwise known as Sunday), otherwise I wouldn't have had all jour to write this up.

I hope I've explained my rankings well enough.

10) Aurora

What is there to say about Aurora? I figure she must be the least fav of a lot of people, but not because she's incredibly unlikable. I feel harsh saying that she's boring, but she is just your stereotypical fairy tale princess. She's pretty, has a pretty voice,...
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 10th Place
10th Place
Formal dress for this countdown are Princess dresses ou honourable engagement dresses in Mulan's case that are worn for celebrations, royal visits, formal evening meals and simply as fancy attire to wear in the château during the day

Ball Gowns, Everday oufits, Work outfits, Costumes, Home-made Gowns and Wedding Dresses haven't been included.

However if toi would like to read about my favourite ball gowns please go to this link: link

10) Cinderella's Return to the Palace Dress

This one is dull. Although it seems softly pretty when she's in the carriage. Outside the carriage it looks horrible.

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Here's another liste that I wrote plus than a an il y a and that I'm now going to update, compared to the favori DP films liste this liste isn't so different from the original one.

10. Mulan & Shang (previous rank: #10, stayed the same)
This is not a couple, these two are just best Friends and neither where ready to get married, now I'm basing this only on the first movie, they don't really get into a serious relationship like the other couples do (yes even the couples with little screentime has plus serious relationships than these two).

9. jasmin & Aladin (previous rank: #9, stayed...
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 Disney Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
Author’s Note: Hey fanpop fans!
Here is another part of my first fan fiction “Disney Princess Awards”. I know that it is been long since the last part! I tried to do it plus interesting and enjoyable! I want to tell toi that this part is a little long, dramatic and plus romantic. I am sorry, but I l’amour romantic parts. Please don’t be harsh on me just because I l’amour Prince Charming so much. He is one of my favori Disney Princes. Also, I l’amour Mickey and Minnie that I really want them to get really involve in the story. All these characters are own par the Walt Disney Company. I hope...
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 jasmin as Aurora, credit:
Jasmine as Aurora, credit:
Jasmine's Story Part 1
A long time il y a a little princess was born, her name was jasmin and she had recieved gifts from 3 good fairies, but then Maleficent had appeared and gave her a gift which was that before the sun set on her 16th birthday she would prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die, but one of the good fées had changed the curse so that instead of dying she would fall into a deep sleep and the only way to wake her up was par love's first kiss. The other 2 fées had donné her the gift of beauty and song. After the party the fées decided to raise jasmin in...
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 Aurora as Jasmine, credit goes to
Aurora as Jasmine, credit goes to
I decided to start this fan-fiction too because my other one didn't recieve any commentaires so I hope on that this one recieves plus comments, anyway here we go and I'll lay it up like this: In this part we'll hear Aurora's story and in the suivant part we'll hear Jasmine's story, in both of the cases just parts of it because these stories will be in parts so I hope you'll enjoy this, but could toi do me a favor? The suivant part will be the first part of Jasmine's story and I haven't found a picture of her dressed as Aurora yet so could toi chercher for a picture of that ou give me a link to a picture...
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posted by JNTA1234
 Some couples are fine just the way they are.
Some couples are fine just the way they are.
This just popped into my head and I thought it would be fun. Sadly, not all the couples are gonna be in this because I can't imagine some of them with any other prince ou her prince has no personality.

Philip and Snow White
Okay, let's just get the two easiest couples out of the way. This one is extremely obvious, the only difference is that I paired the princess and prince that have plus of a personality and the prince and princess with less of a personality. Both of them are alittle funny and they're are very charismatic. They face scary situations head on and dust themselves off pretty quickly....
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Here's the 2nd part of this countdown covering the placements 25-6 which means that the haut, retour au début 5 will get a seperate article, hope you'll enjoy it :)

25: Ariel & Mulan

Your comments:
Mulan sacrifices everything for selfless reasons, Ariel on the other hand sacrifices everything for selfish reasons. (BelleAnastasia)

24: Tiana & Rapunzel

Your commentaires (I chose to only take the ones that where in the tie breaker vote since there was so many great ones there):
They have a few things in common, but for the most parts they are total opposites. (BelleAnastasia)
that was a little tough...but...
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posted by hajirah4
 Belle's hair is much better than Aurora's now isn't it?
Belle's hair is much better than Aurora's now isn't it?
In this article i'll be typing about Belle, and yeah...
I'll act like her bodyguard :P

Personality Flaws:

1. Stubborn
When Beast kept telling Belle to eat her dinner, she was so stubborn, no really! If your going to be locked up in a magnificent tower, toi should be a bit grateful that toi have a wonderful bedroom, library, and the best nourriture in France!

2. Curiosity
Everyone's curiosity is a con AND a flaw, because when Belle first made that big fight with Beast, she went to the FORBIDDEN room! And after all the bickering! Beast could make such loud noises, that's one Rebelle girl!

3. A bit of...
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posted by JNTA1234
 The 10 OFFICIAL Disney Princesses
The 10 OFFICIAL Disney Princesses
Alot of people débats over this, so I thought I'd be the one to address it. Who's royalty ou who's not royalty really doesn't matter to me but I'm just going to tell toi guys who's techinically a princess and who isn't . I will address the royal status of each in aléatoire order.

First of all, Mulan is not a princess in anyway, we all know this. But toi could say she's royalty as she was donné the crest of the Emperor. Not to mention all of China bowing down to her. So while Mulan isn't royalty, she's certainly not a commoner.

Technically, she isn't a princess either. Belle obviously wasn't...
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posted by JNTA1234
 "Romance will always be so new and l’amour will save the day..."
"Romance will always be so new and love will save the day..."
One thing for sure about Disney they know how to do romance. So I'm counting down my favori DP couples.

10.Aladdin and Jasmine
Aladdin is my #1 and jasmin is my #2 but together they're my #10. Does that make sense? Yeah, I never gotten the sense of True l’amour between them. Their relationship seems very physical in my opinion, like they're just two kids in high school messing around. The way jasmin a dit "I l’amour you" seemed very half assed to me. Don't get me wrong, I l’amour Aladin and Jasmine, they're my childhood heroes, but I don't think they're in love.

9.Tiana and Naveen
Another mismatched...
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 Disney films
Disney Movies
Disney films make me feel so happy inside and even though sometimes they make me tear up I can't get enough. So I'm ranking the DP movies, this time I'll being analyzing different aspects of the films. So forgive me if my écriture reads kinda patchy. This will probably be my hardest countdown to do because really l’amour ALL of their movies. Well let's just get over with and remember I l’amour them all.

 Great story but awful musique
Great story but awful music
10. Tangled
Plot- I actually like this story better than the original fairytale. It's a simple yet engaging plot that holds my attention. It has adventure, pretty awesome...
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I'll just get right to the point.

The Flag:
The flag shown on the ship was not used until at least 100 years after the time the film is set.

.____. I knew something was fishy about that flag....

Poca's hair:
ahh, her hair... Lovely isn't it? How it luciously blows in the wind.... But... Isn't it strange how WELL it blows? I mean... My hair is now almost that legnth, and even when the wind is high, it never gets so much as past my back...
So either that is some pretty WICKED wind, ou she has some LIGHT hair... Maybe both.

But, if the wind WERE that crazy, then why doesn't it blow the crap...
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 The current line-up.
The current line-up.
I haven't written an article for this spot in five-ever and I'm pretty sure this liste has changed for me since so here I go, whatever. It's 4:30am so please excuse any hideous typos that make toi cry blood that I don't see until I've read it back through 50 times.

10. Sleeping Beauty
 Pretty, but boring as fuck.
Pretty, but boring as fuck.

Surprising absolutely no-one, this movie has remained at the bottom of my list. Why? Because it's dull as fuck. Sleeping Beauty sounds like the titre is trying to compliment its audience, who will no doubt be well into the land of nod par the time the credits are anywhere near. The...
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Hi! this is my haut, retour au début 10, enjoy!

Number 10.
Snow White's

 Snow White.
Snow White.

She's my number 10 Because I really don't like this hair, Her hairstyle remembers me when My mom cut my hair in my first time.. It doesn't matter.

Number 9.


I don't hate her hair, It's wonderful, I really l’amour it, but it's too straight hair, I'll like plus if it is plus wavy, but it's still beautiful.

Number 8.

 jasmin with hair down.
Jasmine with hair down.

Her normal hair with a braid, I don't hate it but I don't l’amour it, I l’amour when jasmin is brushing her hair in the movie ♥ It's really beautiful!

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This is my liste for favoris order for these 10:

Snow White(1937), Cinderella(1950), Aurora(1959), Ariel(1989), Belle(1991), Jasmine(1992), Pocahontas(1995), Mulan(1998), Tiana(2009), and Rapunzel(2010).

Also, feel free to leave a commentaire if toi disagree/agree with me ou leave your favori DP list! :)

10. Snow White
Snow White is kind to every person and creature she meets. She is also fair and beautiful above all the maidens in the land. animaux and people alike share their l’amour for this sweet princess.

9. Pocahontas
Pocahontas is brave, fearless, fun loving, and willing to stand up...
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My suivant interview is a very private affair and it is with the characters from Disney’s Aladdin. jasmin it seems has some very strict requests and everything has to be just so ou the interview will be canceled. I am to interview them in one of Jasmines sitting rooms and the only people allowed are me, Aladdin, and Jasmine….but there we will be two Guards stationed at the door and Genie is going to make a brief appearance later and he will be bringing Jafar and Iago (Jasmine a dit I am only allowed to ask them one question each). Abu, the Sultan, and magic carpet have to go elsewhere, but...
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Hi. This is my first article for this club and I thought it would be logical to make it about my favourite Princesses and express my feelings about them. I have 8 favourite Disney girls, not all of them are actual Princess, but I feel the need to share my l’amour for them here. English is not my first language and I apologize for any mistakes.

All the pictures and screen trophée taken from various fanpop spots.

Number 8: Belle

I know a lot of people consider Belle to be the best Disney Princess and have her as number one. I appreciate that, however, for me, as much as I l’amour her, she didn't make it...
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Appearing only 18 minutes in the movie the adult Briar Rose/Aurora has the fewest screen time of any princess. She is often seen as having the most heroic prince, the one who braves a castle’s dungeon and a dragon to save his princess. This movie wasn’t as successful as Cendrillon it was only a few years later that people saw the detail and different visual style that it held.
It is the 16th animated classic and it’s the last fairy tale produced par Walt Disney, the suivant one The Little Mermaid would be made a few years after his death. Though not successful during his lifetime it was re-released...
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posted by BelleAmie
 With love, BelleAmie :) <3 x
With love, BelleAmie :) <3 x
salut guys! If you're interested, I have an idea for a new article series- like phantomrose89's idea forlink artcicles. The idea is to write an article about your Dream life. So my titre could be BelleAmie's Dream Life

toi could write about:

1.Your ideal name

2.Where toi would like to live- maybe Maldonia?

3.Your dream partner (as in boy/girlfriend ou husband/wife)- whether they're a Disney prince/princess ou a Disney hero/heroine.

4.Dream career

5.Who your Best Disney friend would be

6.Who your worst Disney enemy would be.

7. What toi would look like

8. Any super powers ou abilities

....etc.- If toi want, toi can write an explanation why toi chose those specific people/things :)

toi can add plus if toi want. toi don't have to do this if toi don't want to- it's just for fun :)