here they are....

"The reprise is beautiful" (KataraLover)

20. Part of Your World (Reprise)
This song is quick, simple, but very sweet. It shows toi don't need to have a lot of metaphors and poetic devices to convey what toi want. Ariel expresses her desire to become human so clearly and plainly in this song, just par the emotion and longing she conveys, and par just putting it into simple sentences.

"...the reprise is just unforgettable and beautiful." (TotallyMe105)
"Part of Your World Reprise is epic." (AllegroGiocoso)

"I think this song is really catchy and fun. It's my favori song in PATF." (princesslullaby)

19. When We're Human
A fun little ditty about wanting to become human (for Tiana & Naveen, again), it's got a catchy jazzy tune and it cleverly conveys the wants of the three different characters, and their different personalities and how they contrast. It's even got my all time favori Disney lyric: "Life is short, when you're done, you're done, we're on this earth to have some fun!"
"I l’amour Savages pt 2... I think it's one of the most dramatic Disney songs." (Mongoose09)

18. Savages (Part 2)
I always found this song exciting and suspenseful. toi get to see both sides climax towards their inevitable clash. toi feel the rage and violence pouring out of them, interspersed with Pocahontas' desperation and despair.
" It was an excellent build up for some amazing climax and then it just ends totally flat. " (alafastanzio)
"I l’amour Savages (pt 2). It's bombass!" (TigerRanma)

"It's chilling and bone-tingling, though Dr.Facilier could stand to have a better chant voice." (princesslullaby)

17. Friends on the Other Side
This song has a chilling vibe that leaves a major impression on the watcher. It conveys Dr.Facilier's true deviousness, as well as creeping the viewer out with it's dark undertones and weird voo doo implications. If I had watched this as a kid it would've probably scared the crap out of me.
" I think the only thing that amused me was Naveen translating during the song." (TigerRanma)

16. Ma Belle Evangeline
Romantic and unique, this song has a bit of southern sound and a lot of heart. Instead of being straight to the point ("So This is Love"/Beauty and the Beast, etc), this song is about the firefly, Ray, chant to his love, Evangline, a étoile, star in the sky. Yet it translates to Naveen falling in l’amour with Tiana. As he says later on in the film, "Tiana...she is my Evangline." But besides it's charms, people found it a bit boring.

"its cute, but not nearly as good as the others." (luinwen)

"this song is kinda boring." (pretty_angel92)

"It's short and sad but cuts right to the heart." (princesslullaby)

15.One Jump Ahead (Reprise)
Though this song is short (only 5 lines long), it gets straight to the point. Short and sad, it reveals a lot about Aladdin's character and how he hates being thought of as a simple rue rat. It's simplicity is really what makes it special.

"When toi compare it to Ariel and Belle's reprises, it just isn't much." (kenzieiscool)

"The girls chant with Mulan get a tad bit annoying after a while, Not to mention poor Mulan's being forced to dress up like a doll to impress some snooty fat chick..." (Duncan_Courtney)

14.Honor to Us All
This song is unique compared to the others, as it's not about l’amour ou desires. It's just about women chant to Mulan telling her she needs to fancy up, according to the rigid rules of Chinese society. Throughout this song, toi can see how Mulan struggles to fit in to her chauvinistic society. People liked this song but found it cute at best; not very meaningful.

"eh, it was cute but nothing profound." (alafastanzio)

"I like the song but it's nowhere near as good as the others in comparison." (Mongoose09)

"I think that "I'll make a man out of you" is both epic AND fun." (princesslullaby)

13. I'll Make a Man out of toi
Fun and with a great beat, this is my favori song in Mulan. It shows Mulan's transformation from weak little girl, to kick-ass, strong soldier. Of course, it has everyone's favori scene of Mulan accomplishing the challenge no one else could-getting the arrow. The song is motivating and exciting, but people a dit it just wasn't their favorite.

"The other ones are just plus epic ou fun than this one." (luinwen)

""I'll Make A Man Out Of You" -- thats one of the best ones if toi ask me! " (Mongoose09)

"I l’amour Prince Ali....its an awesome song :))) " (AnimalsAreLife)

12.Prince Ali
Big, brass, and booming, Prince Ali is a song that definitely wakes toi up. All the instruments are loud and right in your ear. It's a riveting, partying song that's fun and extravagant. It's truly the biggest of the big songs in Disney moviedom!

"Prince Ali is one of the many Disney songs i sing in the shower. i looooove it!! " (percyandpotter)

"I used to get frustrated b/c he sings so fast" (DreamyGal)

11.One Jump Ahead

This catchy, jaunty tune is a jolt of a song. Aladin sings about his struggles everyday to find pain and shelter, but boy, does he make it sound fun! It's a fast paced, exciting melody and we're shown early how smart and tricky Aladin can be. A lot of people found this song a little too fast, though.

"this one is just.. meh.." (Mongoose09)

"[prince ali]...Doesn't have the beauty that Reflection has" (kenzieiscool)


This pretty song is about Mulan's struggle to find out who she is and how no one can accept her for being herself. It's got a pretty, pleasent tune with an emotional tone. People think it's beautiful and serene, but others call it boring and overrated.

"It's a pretty song, I just think its a bit overrated." (DreamyGal)

"I like Reflection." TigerRanma

"I think this one is paled in comparrison to "Colors of the wind"" (TotallyMe105)

9.Just around the Riverbend

Quick-paced and fun, this song packs a lot of coup de poing but still has a lot of cœur, coeur and meaning. Pocahontas conveys her longing for adventure and something new, but still shows how she struggles choosing between tradition and her heart. But with Pocahontas, her cœur, coeur always wins easily as she takes the less traveled course. People like this song but say it's not as important as the others.

"This one is just ok in my opinion." princess829

"While I l’amour the tune, I've watched this film dozens of times...and I still can't tell what he's saying half of the time." (alafastanzio)

8.Friend Like Me

This song shoots out at toi with it's quick rhymes and clever phrases, and pings back and forth in your head like a mad pinball machine. It's a firecracker of a tune, the words bouncing everywhere. Basically it's Genie explaining to Aladin that he's awesome. In general people like the song but get annoyed at how quickly he sings, making it tough to sing along, and complain how they can't understand what he's saying half the time.

"this is actually my least favori song from Aladdin." (cromulanfav)

"I like it but as I said, I can barely comprehend what the blue giant is saying." (Mongoose09)

"...too short...." (luinwen)

7.Belle (Reprise)

Pretty and heartfelt with a gorgeous instrumental, this song gives a lot of insight to how Belle feels about her life, all in 4 sentences ou less. It's got a lovely tune and an instrumental bit that gives me goosebumps. global, ensemble it Lost out for not being very long.

"its a reprise and not an entire song." (Genius_626)

"I l’amour it..." (disney_prince)

6.Kiss The Girl

Fun and romantic, this song gives a bit of a twist to the typical romantic songs. It's got a bit of a bounce to the beat and doesn't sing about them falling in actually pushes the guy to do so. People in general liked this song but didn't find it as amazing as the other choices.

"This one always seems to get stuck in my head...I think its annoying."(dreamygal)

"it's just plus like background music." (percyandpotter)

5.Beauty and the Beast

Touching and romantic, this song tells the tale of two unlikely people who fall in love. It has one of the most famous ballroom scenes and a beautiful dance to accompany it. global, ensemble though, I think people like the scene during that song better than the song itself, which is why it didn't get any further in the countdown.

"I l’amour it but the others are better" (kataralover)

" it's not very meaningful to the films like the others left are. It's a great song, and a perfect opener for the movie, but it's just not as epic as the others." (firegirl1515)


A great intro song to Beauty and the Beast, this song jovially introduces Belle's character, and it's definitely burned into our brains that Belle is an outcast, but still beautiful. It's also introduced to us Gaston's douchebag personality and his penchant for wanting to marry beautiful women, which is why he has picked out Belle, thus further explaining how beautiful she is. This song has a fun, very broadway tune. However, people found it not as meaningful as the other songs.

"I didn't acknowledge this song that much." (TigerRanma)

"I find it cute but not very meaningful. The others have plus meaning and plus importance." (princesslullaby)

"Probably the best Disney princess solo song there is, it's got tons of emotion and it's got a sad edge." (princesslullaby)

3.Part of Your World

Often hailed as the best Disney princess solo song, this song embodies Ariel's character and sets the stage for Ariel's plot. We know she loves humans but this song explains why. It explains Ariel's passion and longing, and brings depth and emotion to her character, which is probably why she's one of the most beloved princesses. It's got a pretty, haunting tune and it's filled with emotion. However, people a dit it can get boring sometimes.

"Not a huge fan, its kinda dull." (mongoose09)

"I don't like this one quite as much because it is in comparison to the others quite dull in my opinion" (allegrogiocoso)

"I like the meaning of A Whole New World" (ppv)

2.A Whole New World

It won on as the Best Disney Movie song, and people on fanpop seem to l’amour it. It's romantic and exciting, and I people all around l’amour the scene with jasmin and Aladin on the carpet. I mean, who wouldn't want to go on a magic carpet ride? The song is fun but sweet and romantic. But it doesn't have as much importance in the movie as the winner, which was....
"It doesn't have as much meaning in the movie." (firegirl1515)

"I always found it generic. It's pretty, but generic." (princesslullaby)

"[A Whole New World] just doesn't have the depth and powerful message behind it like "Colors of the Wind"..." (dreamygal)

1.Colors of the Wind

Also the winner of the best Disney Princess Solo song, this song seems to be universally loved par everyone. I didn't receive a single commentaire belittling ou putting it down. It's got beautiful, poetic lyrics, a powerful tune, and the gorgeous voice of Judy Kuhn. It's filled with meaning and emotion, and has rightfully earned it's place at the top!