Hello girls.
Hi guys, since everyone has done it, so here are lists of favourite outfits and I will be including Anna and Elsa in this lists as well.

1) Belle's Yellow Ball robe

I adored this dress since young when I first watch this film. It's bright yellow makes her stand out from the beast who was wearing blue! I was also very surprise that in stage version, their costumes are different, in terms of outfit and colour for the Beast when he is in his human form.

2) Cinderella's Ball Gown

I know that her colour has been controversial in the animated version, there a couple of things that I wasn't happy with, it was both the hairstyle and that choker. Then, in the 2015 version, I was very happy that the dress was way better than her animated counterpart because it's plus majestic and elegant.

3) Snow White's Dresses

I personally l’amour both her peasant dress and the other one, I prefer the latter on her the best because it's colourful.

4) Princess Aurora's Peasant and Ballgown Dress

Another dress that I l’amour both in the film, despite the colour argument. I would definitely go for purple.

5) Pocahontas's Outfit

Well, I'm going to include the sequel too, I prefer the ballgown. Her everyday dress is so-so for me.

6) Mulan's Outfit

Since she has plus outfits in the movie, I would go for the matchmaking scene, because rose is my favourite colour and it is also looks very oriental.

7) Ariel's rose Ballgown

For the same reason as Mulan's, it really Suits – Avocats sur Mesure Ariel a lot! It is my number one favourite dress from her first movie.

8) Tiana's Blue & Green Dresses

I l’amour both of these colours, considering that she is an African-American. She needs bright colours to suit her skin colours.

9) Princess Jasmine's Outfit

Her outfit is very daring for a Muslim princess, and I know that one user brought this Devil's Advocate here a few months ago. However, I'm not going to go through all that again! But she looks very sexy and different from the rest.

10) Merida's Dresses

I prefer the light blue over the dark green dress, the latter looks pretty heavy for her and I don't even know how she can wear such dress like that!

11) Rapunzel's Purple Dress

The other Bavarian dress that I feel in l’amour with, it reminds me of Snow White's dress for some reason.

12) Anna's Dress

Okay, we saw her in the Norwegian national costume for the majority of the film, I l’amour her coronation dress the best because it Suits – Avocats sur Mesure her a lot. The same with the other one too!

13) Elsa's Coronation Dress

I absolutely l’amour this the best, it makes her looks like a Spanish dancer when she sang her signature song, especially the hairstyle!

Party Time!

So, do toi agree with my opinion on this?
Anna and Elsa
l’amour this dress.