Thank toi to everyone who participated in this countdown! I had lots of fun organizing this, and I hope toi had fun voting and commenting. :)

11. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Walt's first full length animated film was a technological masterpiece during its time, but unfortunately it doesn't hold up so well 80 years later. fans didn't like how stiff the characters look ou how inconsistent the animation is.

The animation looks odd and stiff, the couleurs are dull, and not much attractive as others have. ~Sparklefairy375
I agree with MaidofOrleans & Sparklefairy375. For the time it was made in, it looks great, compare to the others, not so much. I also noticed while looking at stills of the movie, that the edges don't seem filled in. Like if toi were to look at Snow White's hair, where the closer to the lines the drawing gets, the less ink is there. While in movement it's not really noticeable, but looking at stills... It looks a tiny be unfinished. ~Angelica_AW
It isn't as detailed and finished as others. While it was a groundbreaking leap in its time but compared to others now, it lacks so much from couleurs to movement to landscape to character drawing. ~anukriti2409

10. The Princess and the Frog

Aw, I'm so sad this left so early. It's got some of my favori hand drawn animation. Users disagreed though, saying that they didn't like the couleurs used and that it didn't stand out overall.

Same as before. It feels plus like a low-budget animated series. ~jeangreyforever
Though I like the landscapes of New Orleans, the animation style especially in "Almost There" feels kinda cheap and low-quality. I also don't like the animation of forest and bayou. ~Sparklefairy375
I really don't like the animation in this movie. But that's because, admittedly, I don't like the 1920s. Though I don't really mind the art deco sequence for "Almost There," I don't like the swamp scenes, and I don't really like Mardi Gra itself. Also, it is almost always nightfall and so dark throughout the movie... Then the characters have their weird cartoony issues, and Dr. Facilier is especially lanky and gecko-like. He, Ray, Lawrence, Naveen, and Mama Odie kind of are the parts of the animation that really look lackluster. It looks just like they threw something together. I'd also pick Brave, because of the large balloon-like heads ( Merida's included), and the dimensions of the "physical bodies" which are often way out of proportion to their facial features. And it seemed like a great effort was made to make everybody look ugly... except for Merida and Elinor. Why was that? To this day, I find that aspect very weird. ~wavesurf
it simply isn't magical like others. The main reason i got so bored of the movie that animation just doesn't pull toi in. The side characters are so lame and unthought of. The color scheme is so dull and dragged. There are couple of beautiful shots of bayou, esp the wedding but that's about it. I hate Dr. Facilier's design completely, he is annoying and not scary ou imposing like a villain should be. There are so many settings yet so less of it is memorable. ~anukriti2409
I really wish I liked it better, but it just isn't that great. ~FloraorStella
I agree with everyone above me. ~phalangeregina

9. Tangled

I was a little surprised to see this get voted out so early. I was sure Rebelle was going to leave first. fans just don't like CGI that much, especially when compared to some of the beautiful hand drawn animation present on this list.

Big bug eyes of Rapunzel are ew. ~phalangeregina
All the people are really generic and plasticky looking. ~cruella
Not a fan of 3D animation. ~FloraorStella
Still don't care for 3D ~zanhar1

8. Brave

It's no surprise that our other CGI film got voted out suivant as most fans have a huge preference for hand drawn films. Although the scenery is gorgeous for the most part, users really didn't like the exaggerated character designs in this movie.

I don't like the out-of-proportion bodies and faces. It bothers me. ~wavesurf
The characters have weird head shapes. ~jeangreyforever
Some of the nature scenes look beautiful and I l’amour how Merida looks, but it's not my favorite. And I prefer hand drawn. :) ~quishy11
While the scenery is gorgeous, the people look incredibly unrealistic. ~FloraorStella
Everyone is ugly in this movie. ~phalangeregina
Still this one. ~tiffany88
Agree with phalangeregina. It's like they're trying to make everyone ugly on purpose in Brave. Everything just looks like cheap CGI. Raiponce does CGI animation better and Moana seems promising. ~disnerdtobe

7. Aladdin

Although it has beautifully consistent animation, most fans found the style too cartoon-ish and simply less interesting ou beautiful than the other films left.

I've never cared for the Aladin animation style. ~cruella
My suivant choice would be Beauty and the Beast. ~wavesurf
Two words: Too cartoony. ~EmaSomolanyiova
The others are better. ~FloraorStella

6. Mulan

I must admit I was surprised Mulan got voted out so early. I had no idea people weren't a fan of its animation! I personally l’amour the fact that it takes inspiration from Chinese calligraphy.

Love Mulan but the Cendrillon and Sleeping Beauty animation is just too fantastic and are my favorites. Cinderella's animation is elegant and classic. Sleeping Beauty is absolute work of art, with a unique style and is my favorite. ~disnerdtobe
My opinion is unchanging. ~phalangeregina
The other are plus unique. I'm not so awed with Mulan's animation. ~Evera
I like the others better. ~jeangreyforever
All the Walt films are gorgeous. I can't understand the hate. ~carter_morrison
^agreed. I think people are just used to CG and AND animation being plus colorful, loud and cartoony. Anyway I'm actually hard pressed to choose between this and Cinderella. Cendrillon is plus generic and inconsistent, true, but it's still quite pretty, Cendrillon is one of the few rotoscoped characters who doesn't look creepy, the color scheme of blues and whites without being making it look like winter in a (presumably) warmer setting is nice. Mulan does have a pretty style, and it does look like Chinese illustrations, but the people besides Mulan and Shang tend to look cartoony and the color palette doesn't really stand out to me. ~AudreyFreak
The side characters are ugly and I hate ugly people. ~xanara

5. Cinderella

Although lots of people liked its dreamy qualities, many fans also thought it didn't have a varied enough color palette (too much blue everywhere). Plus, users didn't like how inconsistent a lot of the couleurs were.

Well, same reason as before. Not a fan of this one. It's generic and somewhat the characters and places are drawn and colored inconsistent. MDR I won't stop copying my commentaires about it until it was left. ~Sparklefairy375
i much prefer TLM. The movement, the depth in character and settings are far greater. The color palette has improved so much. ~anukriti2409
Though this is nice, the repetitive blue hues to everything gets old after a while. There is plus color in TLM. ~wavesurf
I mean, the animation isn't consistent in this one, as everyone else has been saying. I really hope Pocahontas wins! It easily has the best animation! ~FloraorStella
The Little Mermaid is par far better. I am always impressed with Ariel's wavy red hair. Cendrillon is good but not that impressive. ~Evera
But I do like Cindy's too. ~zanhar1

4. Beauty and the Beast

I knew this was going to get knocked out sooner ou later because a lot of fans complain about how inconsistent the animation is. That was the main issue people had with it, and it was finally eliminated this round.

Still selecting this one, as I do like the illustrative quality of the forest in the other...but neither one has my favori animation, to be honest. ~wavesurf
Sleeping Beauty's animation is just breathtaking. It's so unique, gorgeous and artistic. A true masterpiece. I l’amour the geometric shapes and patterns. ~disnerdtobe
My vote goes to this one, it just can't beat the art that is Sleeping Beauty! Every character is on-model in the entire movie, unlike BatB where Belle goes off-model a few times here and there. ~PrueFever
Sleeping Beauty is gorgeous! Every frame is a painting while Beauty and the Beast has so much wrong with it. Belle especially looks really ugly in so many scenes and I hate ugliness! ~xanara
Agree with PrueFever and xanara. ~jeangreyforever
My feeling is this one because of the picture. It is a very pretty scene but the chandeleir always looked out of place. ~phalangeregina

3. The Little Mermaid

fans mostly liked this animation but felt that it was too cartoony at times and not as refined ou beautiful as the other two left.

The other two are better. ~xanara
It's always hard for me to vote anything Ariel related off especially because I l’amour the animation but Pocahontas and Sleeping Beauty are both superior. It helps in both cases that the many people think the animation of these films are the only good things about them! ~jeangreyforever
I'm very disappointed to see 'Beauty and the Beast' gone. Their animation was much better than Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. ~Beastlysoul25
I just watched the Sleeping Beauty yesterday, and I have to say the animation is really pretty, despite all the greens and browns. I actually like the painting style. The Little Mermaid's animation is amazing, but I think the other two tops this one. ~FloraorStella
OK, OK, I changed my mind. I haven't watched Sleeping Beauty for a while, so I kinda forgot about the animation. So I watched it... and it's actually pretty, except for the colors, but that's kinda acceptable despite on when did they do SB. I can't say the same about TLM. It has only a few stunning moments. ~EmaSomolanyiova
Sleeping Beauty and Pocahontas are my haut, retour au début two favori animation styles so I'm glad to see them make it to the haut, retour au début three. I agree with Prue Fever than the character animation in Pocahontas isn't as good as Sleeping Beauty's (except for Pocahontas herself-she's perfect). But both have stunning landscapes. Again, The Little Mermaid has good animation in terms of movement (like her hair), but for global, ensemble aesthetics, the characters are drawn too cartoony for my taste and the couleurs and artistry aren't as impressive as the other two. ~disnerdtobe

2. Pocahontas

Wow, I'm honestly shocked that this didn't get first place! Regardless, it definitely deserves to be in the haut, retour au début two. Pocahontas is famous for its gorgeous animation, and users especially loved its vibrancy and use of color.

Gorgeous and stunning animation ♥ ~Sparklefairy375
I easily prefer TLM's animation over that of Sleeping Beauty's. And Pocahontas's visuals are a whole lot better than Sleeping Beauty's, too. ~wavesurf
Pocahontas is much plus beautiful! ~Beastlysoul25
poca's is way plus beautiful! I like SB but not from animation perspective. it only fulfills half a part of the animation - deisgn. The movements are stiff and unnatural. The forest is still, no wind, no rustling, herbe looks like a green carpet. Birds are beautiful. All the side characters have this depthless movement. Kings and guards and goons of Maleficent. The elements are all without depth - the rooms in castle, not a drape moves, feu in Aurora's room is flat. Even Samson's movements are too dull. It isn't about have a dark color palette but it just falls flat in the real animation part. I bet the storybook would of its frame would be phenomenal. Poca has plus natural, plus thought-through animation. The nature is just flawlessly animated, the sun rays, the flowers, the birds, the fall. All side characters have depth in them - percy, grandma willow, meeku, even flit. The couleurs are breathtakingly beautiful. Humans feel like humans. ~anukriti2409
Such a gorgeous flawless animation <33 ~tiffany88
Sleeping Beauty is too dull compared to Pocahontas. ~EmaSomolanyiova
All the colors!! This animation is gorgeous! ~FloraorStella

1. Sleeping Beauty

Oh, I'm so incredibly happy Sleeping Beauty managed to win this countdown! I've always thought it had the most beautiful animation of any Disney movie. fans liked that it resembles a painting, and while some didn't like its dark and foreboding atmosphere others a dit that they really enjoyed that aspect.

I think this movie is plus beautiful! Aurora is always beautiful while Pocahontas is off-model a few times with a weird hairline. ~xanara
I find that Sleeping Beauty has very smooth, quality animation. Pocahontas' is not as smooth nor as pleasant to look at. For me, this is an easy pick. :D ~ApplesauceDoctr
Oh god. This is really difficult. Both have such stunning animation that they could be considered equal. I lean slightly towards Sleeping Beauty because the animation is plus unique and eccentric and I think the characters are animated slightly better. I agree with MaidofOrleans that the darkness makes sense in this movie. Pocahontas has stunning bright couleurs and it's REALLY hard to put multi, bright couleurs together and make them look good so hommages to that. In fact, Disney thought Pocahontas would do better than Lion King, so they put the A-animators to work on Pocahontas and the B-animators to do Lion King, which explains for Pocahontas impressive animation. Especially in couleurs of the Wind, so artsy with the couleurs and Native American-inspired things added to the art. Both films are amazing and beautiful and I'm so glad to see both of my faves in the haut, retour au début two. They deserve it! ~disnerdtobe
^I agree that both deserve it. I prefer Sleeping Beauty par a tad bit plus because I l’amour the gothique dark style and how each still can be a painting on its own. ~jeangreyforever
How can the little mermaid be out???? That is my favorite! ~twinklestar11
I think this is looking better and also plus liked in my country. We all wish to live in castle. ~phalangeregina
This is an interesting topic. I don't remember Pocahontas so Sleeping Beauty par default. ~petra_solano
watch plus at home. twin say me to ~thesnowqueen
i think me agrees. very pretty looks here when she be sleep. like painting look ~thewitchqueen

Let me know what toi think of the results in the comments!