12) The Princess and the Frog
I'm not positive but I think this has a somewhat large fanbase on Fanpop? Even if it doesn't, I don't think that I'll ever adore this film. I'll start with the positives. I l’amour Down in New Orleans and basically the whole beginning. When Tiana is human, it's actually very entertaining. I adore Lottie, and it just is, for lack of better word, better during this part of the film. It's funnier and much, much less obnoxious. I like Facilier and Tiana and Naveen is hilarious at times, but the seconde half of the film...oh lord. It's so annoying...half the time I can't make it through it. I despise Ray, Louis can be funny but is mostly irritating, Mama Odie leaves no impact on me, and Lawrence is similar to Louis. rayon, ray is the worst though. The voice (I l’amour Jim Cummings, don't get me wrong), the stupid jokes, and his cheesy death... AAAAAAHHH. Sorry but boy does he tick me off. Not to mention, the shaky plot and moral...this movie doesn't add up for me. I don't hate it! Lottie is awesome and there are some nice bits... but it's just that:bits. I've only seen it 3 times, being the only DP movie I don't own. I don't really l’amour any aspect f it though...except for Lottie. Sorry fans of this but I can't see myself ever being in l’amour with rayon, ray and the rest of the film.

11) Pocahontas
In my opinion, Princess and the frog is to much, and Pocahontas is to bland. The whole film is just a little to dry. The voices play a big part. My biggest issue with this film are the leads and the villain. Pocahontas and John Smith are boring to me. I'm sorry! I don't care about either of them throughout the film. I guess I see the appeal but they're not written ou acted well. Radcliffe is just dumb. He's too pathetic to take seriously and not funny enough to be like Captain Hook ou something. Also, Flit, Thomas, Kocoum, and Nakoma are all dull and forgettable. I know I literally just named like all of the characters and called them dull... except for one. Meeko!<33 He's cute and funny IMO and actually works very well off other characters to make them a bit plus bearable. Aside from Meeko, the musique is fantastic. couleurs of the Wind, Just Around the Riverbend, Savages...perfection<33 The animation is spectacular and the romance in the film, though bland, has some nice moments (Though most of them are in song). In other words, this movie misses the essential pieces of a good film, characters and plot, but it has some other excellent things that make it worth watching. I enjoy it...sort of...but I can't put it any higher due to it's paper thin characters.

10) Snow White and the 7 Dwarves
This is a fantastic first film for Disney. It deserves 10 times the amount of l’amour it gets. The animation is impressive, the story is wonderful and classic, and the characters have some surprising layers and can be interesting. Why so low? It is not my cup of tea. I actually have no idea why. The film doesn't make me feel anything. I like it ok, but there aren't really any aspects I adore. Well, I do like Grumpy and Bashful...<3...but otherwise, it's just a film where I'm emotionless unless I think about the historical aspect of the film. Like I a dit before, it's good, it really is...but its probably one of the last Disney films I would decide to rewatch.

9) Frozen
I was admittedly a La Reine des Neiges fangirl at one point. When it first came out, I bought tons of La Reine des Neiges crap, watched it 4 times straight on a plane, the liste goes on. That's worn off, but I still like it. Anna is a lot of fun, Elsa is cool, Kristoff can be kind cute, Olaf gets a smile sometimes, and I do like the music. Oh, and Sven rocks<3 However, it is not a fantastic film. The plot and characters are messy, the trolls give me a headache, and of course its EVERYWHERE. And when it starts taking away Disney's other films...I have a problem. I don't dislike the film though! It's...fun. It has some decent humor in it. I like it ok, but I don't see as a phenomenon and masterpiece, nor Disney's worst film.

8) Cinderella
Up until the haut, retour au début 2, these places are undetermined...so...I really l’amour Cinderella! The magic, the songs, the lead, the villain...this film has almost everything. I adore Cinderella. She has some great wit that makes her fun, and a wonderful dreaminess mixed with strength to make her interesting. The villain is awesome. The step family has such a twisted way of thinking...it's fascinating. Of course, I l’amour the happy ending, moral, and the magic about this film. My biggest issue is not unheard of...the mice. They get on my nerves. I yell at them during the movie, stupid as that sounds. They're grating and irritating. It slows down a great film. However, i still enjoy the movie. It's not like the mice totally ruin it ou something. Like I said, this could be higher, but the mice are plus annoying than the bad things in the above films.

7) Sleeping Beauty
I want this higher! I really l’amour this movie. I wish I watched it plus often. It's a beautiful movie.<3 The musique is perfect, the animation is among my favorites, the villain is flawless, the prince and princess are charming, and the fairies<33 Amazing. I just l’amour everything about it! Well, sometimes. If I'm in a good mood and I'm lively and awake...I adore this film. If I'm irritable and tired...than this movie makes me feel awful. I don't know why...It's weird! Also, some of the filler in this is dull, even when I do l’amour it. The One Gift things are boring. But the fées are life so...I don't know. This section was all over the place, but in the end, I do really like Sleeping Beauty.

6) Brave
I used to hate Brave. I thought it was awful. The characters, the story, I thought it was an insult to Disney. After avoiding it for 3 years, I rewatched it and I've been obsessed ever since. Merida and her whole family is perfect. I l’amour them to bits. They're all unique, quirky, and so, so much fun. Yes, the film isn't perfectly put together, but it's just so fun to watch. It has some complexity in its morals and characters, and the story is very interesting. It has some nice twists and some really heartwarming and heartbreaking moments. I l’amour it, but the clan leaders can be annoying and every time the bagpipes start...It gets on my nerves. However, I adore Merida too much to put it any lower, and it continues to climb my list.

Raiponce is a very, very good film. Lovable characters, a nearly flawless story, and great villain. The animation is decent and the songs are fun. I actually adore pretty much everything about it, especially Flynn<3 His development is well done and he is so charming! all of the songs are at least ok, and some of them are fantastic. I see the light and the scene that surrounds it is beautiful. Best part of the film. The romance is also adorable. My only issue? Rapunzel herself. I won't bore toi with a rant, but her development irritates me. However, she's cute, and I certainly don't hate her. I l’amour Tangled, but the main protagonist isn't as likable as the above ones.

4) Beauty and the Beast
I feel bad, because I used to like this one a lot more. Slowly, it's getting old. the magic is leaving. It's not on my liste of things to watch as much. I still l’amour it, but plus for everything on the side. This one is kind of like Raiponce in that I l’amour pretty much everything but the lead. Belle is good, but grows blander as the film progresses. The reason its higher than Raiponce is because the songs, side characters, and villains are better, but the plus I watch it the less I like it. It sounds like this should be lower than Cinderella, but I like it! I adore it, actually...but it's just Lost some of the magic I remember.

3)The Little Mermaid
Objectively, I think this is the best Disney film, not including Pixar. It has virtually no problems that I can see. Characters, plot, songs, animation, moral, humor-it's all there. This movie was a huge stepping stone for Disney, and I just l’amour it. Ariel and Eric are two of my favorites, and they are my favori couple of all the DP ones. The side characters hit bulls eyes. It's funny and easy to relate to. I l’amour it to bits. Why not number one then? No idea. I just l’amour the others more.

2) Aladdin
My favori prince, my most nostalgic, fantastic songs, the most hilarious, I don't know what to say. Aladin is amazing. It's over the haut, retour au début funny, but dials it back just enough to create strong romances and friendships. The villain balances funny and evil and Iago is perfection defined. Jasmine, while not my favorite, holds a special place in my cœur, coeur and has some good lines and adds to a strong moral. There is nothing in this movie I dislike. Every minute of it is pure joy. It's so happy and fun and aaaah I can't describe it<3 I watch this movie constantly and it's basically my favorite, but for some reason my number one is something else.

1) Mulan
I know everyone is shocked. Mulan, online, being the best? Unheard of. This movie is perfect. It's hilarious, inspirational, heartwarming, action-packed, adventurous, dramatic and the characters are awesome. Mulan herself is fantastic. She's relatable and admirable, with a complex, unique personality. Shang, Mushu, and Mulan's grandma also are great and the rest of the cast is also good. I l’amour the army, her family, I l’amour every aspect! I can't describe it. My favori Disney film, and my favori film of all time. Mulan<333

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