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Late that night, Merida snuck out of the house to mail the letter. She had to do it quick because of 2 reasons. 1. Soldiers were out. 2. Mulan would be a nervous wreck if she knew Merida was gone. She slipped the letter in the mail carrier and got out of the post office area ninja-style. "PLEASE get to Scotland!" she silently prayed. The young archer started walking slower as she got closer to the house.

"Be as quiet as possible!" Merida told herself. Just as she was heading back to her room, she heard a noise. She hid a muffled scream. As she gathered up the guts and headed towards the sound, she felt dumbfounded when she knew what it was. It was John snoring pretty loudly. "You nearly had me!" Merida whispered angrily. She trotted back to her room quietly.

While in her room, the rebellious princess couldn't help but laugh at what had just went down. "Shang is usually the one makin' all that racket!" Merida laughed. She laughed for about a good 5 to 10 minutes. After the good laugh, she realized something important-she had cornered her little bit of anger with laughter! "Oh My Lord!" she beamed. This was one step closer into shutting down the demon inside her. Just thinking about it, she dozed off into a blissful sleep.

Merida woke up late the suivant day. It was real late when she finally got to sleep. "I better go check on Pocahontas." she stated as she dragged herself out of bed. "Wingapo!" Pocahontas greeted cheerfully. "Hey!" Merida replied. "You missed breakfast." Pocahontas said. "Yeah, uh, John was snorin' pretty dern loudly." Merida lied. Actually, most of that lie was true. There's no telling how many times John woke Merida up!

"He was tired." Pocahontas said. "I bet!" Merida agreed. "After that scare..." she paused. A tingly feeling suddenly formed inside her. "Is something troubling you?" Pocahontas asked. "My mom. She's pregnant and...What if she loses the baby ou goes into labor early? ou worse, what if the baby dies when it's born?" Merida exploded. "Merida, don't worry about those things. As long as she's taking it easy on herself, she'll be fine." Pocahontas reassured.

"You're right. I guess I feel overly foolish for not checking on her sooner." Merida explained. "She knows you're having a great time in China." Pocahontas replied. Merida smiled at herself. "She's always wanted to try the nourriture from here. She might even have a pregnancy cravin' for it." she joked. "You know, I haven't had any odd cravings." Pocahontas said. "You're lucky! When my mom was pregnant with my brothers, all she wanted to eat durin' her 5th mois was asperges topped with vanilla frosting." Merida told. Pocahontas liked to have laughed her high-end off.

"Me dad and I liked to have gagged!" Merida replied trying not laugh as hard as her. "I remember when Mulan had that craving for riz topped with extra hot sauce!" Pocahontas reminisced. The two laughed and talked for what seemed like hours on end. It was just like the time they met. Even though Mulan was missing, they had an absolute blast! "Dinner will be ready soon." Mulan chimed. "How's Ping?" Pocahontas asked. "He's doing better." Mulan answered. Ping was in pain alot that jour to terrible teething. Pocahontas and Merida washed up for dinner.
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 Today I'll talk about why I l’amour jasmin
Today I'll talk about why I love Jasmine
Today it's 12 days left until my birthday and that means that today I'll focus on my 12th favori DP Jasmine
Previous articles in the series:

Anyway jasmin is one of my least favori Disney Princesses, but I still l’amour her

I l’amour that she doesn't want to marry someone just because he has a lot of money ou because he's a prince, she wants to marry for love

I also l’amour that she longs for freedom outside of the palace walls and how she doesn't want to be a princess

I also l’amour how adventurous she is, she wasn't afraid to go on a magic carpet ride with Aladdin, I also l’amour that she's smart, she's...
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I really loved this video! It was made Lulynne on youtube.
Oscar rehearsal.
La Reine des Neiges
let it go
idina menzel
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La Belle et la Bête
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Mulan continued to walk along.

I'm not going to give up like that other girl did. I'm going to improve. I have to.

As she continued to walk, she continued to think. And then she remembered.

I have a bunch of exams tomorrow!

I better get home.


Ariel was still worried. She didn't know what to do.

They'll track me down soon... I know they will. She thought to herself.

Somebody was at the bottom of the building, knocking on the door.

"Oh no!" Ariel screamed.

She ran and tried to hide.

Wait, what about the body? She thought.

I'll have to go. Maybe I'll come back to it later...

They busted...
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"Oh Flounder, isn't he beautiful?" Ariel a dit quietly, as she stroked the statues cheek that had been half broken off from the damage it experienced. patauger, plie grise looked worriedly at her, and nodded silently. He wasn't in on this whole, "human-mermaid" l’amour story. He knew if Ariel was to dare go through with it, King Triton would have her locked up in the château until the jour she died.
Sebastian squeezed himself in through a small hole in the giant rock, as crabs were known to be able to déplacer about tight areas. He hid behind a pair of binoculars, which Scuttle had named "a Shibbleshpob," and listened...
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I think it sounds pretty :)
La Belle au Bois Dormant
once upon a dream