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Pocahontas was out helping her people gather nourriture early one morning when Nakoma ran up to her. "You shouldn't be working since you've had those frequent dizzy spells." she advised. "Nakoma, I feel fine. Besides, the tribe could use all the help around here." Pocahontas reassured. "Okay, but Kekata's got a close eye on you." Nakoma replied. "If I get dizzy again, I'll take a break." Pocahontas promised. The reason behind the dizzy spells? Pocahontas was pregnant!

"So, have toi told anyone else about the baby?" Nakoma asked. "I've told Mulan." Pocahontas answered. Nakoma was alittle surprised. "Only Mulan?" she asked. "Yes. I'm pretty frightened about how Merida will react." Pocahontas answered. "C'mon, Pocahontas. I'm sure she'll be over the moon for you!" Nakoma stated. "I can only hope." Pocahontas replied doubtfully.

Pocahontas knew Merida's rebellious side REALLY WELL. Even better than Mulan did! "She's just like John." Pocahontas said. "That's because she'll be 17 in a couple months." Nakoma playfully joked. John came par the field. "You shouldn't be working." he stated. "I think it's time for me to take a break." Pocahontas said. John had kept a sharp eye on her since she got pregnant, just like Kekata.

"So, you've only told Mulan?" John asked. "Yes." Pocahontas answered. "Don't worry about how Merida will react. She's a free spirit. If she DID react harshly, she wouldn't DARE montrer it." John reassured. "Well, maybe you're right. I think I might write a letter to her." Pocahontas replied. She and John reached their little hut. "Let me assist you." John a dit sweetly as Pocahontas was about to sit down. Pocahontas smiled.

Later that afternoon, Pocahontas wrote the letter to Merida. She was nervous about mailing it. "Don't worry. She's your friend." John told her. She put the letter in the mailbox. "I still don't know John. Merida is so wild, like you, and that's why Shang hates her." she said. John let out a small chuckle. "That's because he's so serious all the time." he a dit half-joking.

"John, he despises Merida with a passion." Pocahontas proclaimed. John cuffed her face in his hands. "Pocahontas, I want toi to listen to me clearly on this. Shang WILL warm up to Merida. Yes, it may take alittle plus time, but he'll warm up to her." John reassured. Pocahontas put her arm in his as they walked back to their hut. *I'm so lucky to have him!* she thought as she beamed silently. She and John enjoyed the nice walk back as the wind blew lightly. She was still worried about how Merida would react, but with John par her side, she knew she could wait.
Behind the mike!
All right, this doesn't count as a real article par me. This counts as a aléatoire blurb...addressing the DP stereotype that all of the prior Disney Princesses save the Revival/ Modern ones... all married their guys the same jour they met them.

Broken down, as I have watched all thirteen movies... this is what I FOUND out is the ACTUAL CASE.

Snow White meets Ferdinand within the first five minutes of the film, and he woos her so to speak. But many, many, many DAYS PASS before he comes upon her in the coffin in the woods, figuratively "dead" from a poison pomme bite. At the end of the movie, Snow...
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The Romanian Anna sounds cute!
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Congratulations fiina on being fan of the mois December 2014!!

1. How does it feel to be fan of the Month?
Umm, I feel very surprised, I can't remember I did anything particular. I haven't really been so loud about myself during last an although I have came here actively everyday. I'm plus like silent person in the corner just watching others. So being fan of the mois is a really big surprise though I'm very grateful for it. :D

2. Your favori Princess? Why?
Anyone who knows me even little could tell that that's Mulan. I admire her selflessness and I think her character is realistic. I...
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Now that I am done with school I can finally write my ranking of the Disney Princesses. These are just my personal opinions. It is ok if toi disagree with my liste but please no rude comments.

13. Merida

I really can't stand Merida. I haven't been Rebelle in 3 years but I don't want to see it again. I think she is rude, bratty, & obnoxious. Moving on.

12. Elsa

I'm not an Elsa fan. I don't find her very likeable. She just irritates me. I don't really know what else to say.

11. Anna

I like her better than Else no doubt but she doesn't do much for me. I hated the line she when she a dit she is gassy....
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I know it's a couple years late but I've always wanted to address this and what better way to do it than an article.

Now I have a LOVE/hate relationship with this video, I have to make sure to emphasize the first word because honestly I thought it was funny. I'm sorry, it makes me laugh every time. I l’amour Robot Chicken and Adult Swim, they're hilarious.

So as toi can guess I'm not mad at Robot Chicken for making the video. Their job is to make me laugh and they do it well. They've done just as bad if not worse to characters that are just as if not plus beloved. I don't take it seriously. They...
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I guess most of toi must have heard par now the news about the La Reine des Neiges sequel. I'm pretty excited about it, but I do hope they have a good plot for it and don't just do it for the sake of selling plus merchandise ou finding Elsa a prince too (not that I'm against Elsa having a prince, but I don't think it is absolutely necessary for the story, she can also be happy and rule the kindgdom without one).

Anyway I have an idea for the sequel's plot and I'd like to share it with toi guys.

If there is to be a sequel, I think this is a good opportunity to explore the origin of Elsa's powers. I think the...
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 credit to princesslullaby
credit to princesslullaby

With the suivant installment in my series I'm looking at Princess Anna! Yet another princess who I feel doesn't get nearly the l’amour and attention she deserves on here. So many people seem to find her annoying, forced, stupid and unrealistic, but I see her as so so much more. I hope lire this can help people see that ^^ Anyway, I hope toi enjoy reading!

A lot of people give Elsa credit for staying strong over this whole ordeal/have sympathy for her, but I think Anna deserves just as much credit. Unlike Elsa, Anna had no idea whatsoever what was going on. Anna had all the memories...
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Since I did an article about my favori Princesses I thought what the heck! why not do an article about the Prince's after what is a Princess without her except Merida and Elsa of course :)

11- Prince
While this prince is sweet and kind like his princess having only one cœur, coeur and one both for her sadly we don't get to see much of him and therefore it's somewhat hard
to depict much of his personality.

10- Prince Charming
Like the Prince I'm afraid for me falls into the same bateau unless even with the sequels I find it hard to depict his personality except that he is very determined and daring...
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Opening Thoughts
Frozen, the movie that has made a big impact on the entertainment world. Not only with l’amour but also cynical hate. How is it that a movie that was once considered par most as one of the best Disney films of all time to being considered the worst Disney movie par many. I did used to l’amour this movie and think it was one of the best Disney films EVER but the plus and plus I watched it I realized how flawed and what a total mess it was. While I do strongly dislike the film now, I definitely wouldn't go so far as to call it the worst Disney movie, FAR from it. If toi think it's the...
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