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Even though I wrote this liste 3 months il y a it has changed a lot since then so I decided to write an updated liste for you, hope you'll like it

11. Merida (previously 10)

I think she's pretty despite this placement, she has beautiful blue eyes and her hair has such a lovely color, but her face shape bugs me, also while she has a gorgeous haircolor the style of the hair is too curly for my taste. But she does have a cute smile, but it's a weird smile. It's also very hard for me to find good shots of her, the one above is the only shot where I think she's leaning towards beautiful, but I wouldn't call her truly beautiful, but compared to her other shots she's gorgeous in this shot, compared to the 10 above though she's plain looking in this shot

10. Ariel (previously 7)

Even though she has moved down 3 spots I still think she's beautiful, she has a beautiful eyecolor and lipcolor and an adorable smile. But I don't like her hair so much, it's just too thick and that front curl just looks weird (not seen in the picture above, but toi know what I'm talking about I hope) and has an awful color, tomate red looks awful on hair, also her figure is way too anorexic looking

9. jasmin (previously 8)

She may be alien looking, but I think she's beautiful, she has a lovely eyecolor, her lips and smile are just amazing. But her hair is too thick for my taste and has those weird sidecurls, but the color is gorgeous. And the 8 above are just prettier

8. Pocahontas (previously 6)

I wished I could place her higher, but I don't like most of her face features, the eyes are really lovely, a little too small, but they suit Pocahontas's personality and they have such a lovely color, her lips may look like poisson lips, but they're quite nice. But I don't really like her hair, it's paper thin, her nose looks like Lord Voldemort's and her smile looks forced most of the time

7. Mulan (previously 11)

This is one of the biggest changes in this list, I used to call her plain, but now I've realised she's actually beautiful as herself, her eyes may only be black with no details, but that's what makes her eyes special and she's from China so of course she has to have this type of eyes, her hair is so silky looking and she looks great with both long and short hair and I even l’amour her nose. But her lips only look good when she isn't smiling and I don't like her smile either because it looks forced just like Pocahontas's and the 6 above are just prettier

6. Cendrillon (previously 4)

The suivant 3 where hard to pick a placement to, all of them are stunning, but right now Cendrillon is placed the lowest of them, but it might change. I l’amour her hair, it looks so soft, her smile is beautiful and her eyes are lovely. But the eyecolor is too bright and the eyes can look creepy in many shots

5. Tiana (previously 5)

So far the only placement on my liste which hasn't changed and I still think she's stunning, her smile is warm and lovely, her lips have a great color and shape, her dimples are lovely, her eyes have a lovely honey color and her hair is gorgeous even though she should've letted it down in at least one scene. But her eyes are too big and when we did the Nose countdown here I noticed how weird her nose looks. And the 4 above are better looking

4. Aurora (previously 9)

The biggest change in my list, after I made some icones with her I realised that she's actually stunning, her eyes changes color all the time, but the shape is lovely and the violet color that's supposed to be her real eyecolor is beautiful, her hair is just beautiful, her smile is lovely and her lips are stunning. But I don't like her faceshape that much, it's too pointy and the 3 above are prettier

3. Rapunzel (previously 3)

My haut, retour au début 3 hasn't changed since last time, Rapunzel is gorgeous to me, her hair is of course beautiful both when it's blonde and when it's brown, her eyes have a beautiful green color, she has a cute nose and her smile is adorable and her lips have a natural color which I love. But her eyes are too big and the 2 above are prettier

2. Belle (previously 2)

There's no denying that her name means beauty, she's gorgeous, her hair is beautiful, her eyes have a lovely color, her lips have a nice shape and color and her smile is lovely. But she's drawn inconsistently which means that in some scenes she looks gorgeous (like during The Beast's Transformation and Something There) and in others she almost looks ugly (like when she's taking care of her father after Beast letted her go so that she could help her father). And my number 1 is just prettier

1. Snow White (previously 1)

This has never changed, she truly deserves to be called The Fairest One Of All. Her hair is gorgeous and has such a beautiful color, her eyes are beautiful and has such a lovely light brown color, her lips are gorgeous and the color is breathtakingly beautiful and her smile is so adorable and realistic and I l’amour her rosy cheeks. Also l’amour the combination of black hair, white skin and red lips. Also l’amour her eyelashes, they're so long and beautiful. The only thing that bugs me is that her eyes are closed most of the time in the movie, but it doesn't bug me so much since I l’amour her eyelashes as I mentioned earlier.
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Get this as print ou HD file at link Finally i'm able to post the video :) i wanted to draw Anna for a long time and when I decided to do her, CrazyComicLady asked me to do her as a commission ! so i did :D
La Reine des Neiges
posted by Angelica_AW
It's about time I got my cul, ass into gear and write this article. I've been planning on écriture this for far to long. This article is about who I think belongs in the line-up the most. Before toi get mad and start shouting that all the princesses belong in the line-up, I ask toi to do two things. First, remember that I KNOW THAT!!! NO NEED TO TELL ME!!! This is an opinion. Second, read the whole thing before commenting, I have my reasons why I put each princess where she is.
Now, with that all out of the way, let's start....

13. Merida
The fact I hate this girl has nothing to do with why she's here....
continue reading...
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