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With La Reine des Neiges less than a mois away, I figured I should do this before we add them into the mix of things. It took me quite a while to get this together and I'm not completely positive of my haut, retour au début 4.

11. Cendrillon (Previously 11)

I'm just not a fan. Lots of people find her stunning, but not me. /; Her eyes and mouth kinda creep me out a little. I don't even think she has a nose, it's that invisible o-o A lot of her wardrobe I like though, especially her wedding dress which is my favori of all time.♥

10. Snow White (Previously 10)

I'm sure if Snow was matured and older, she would be stunning. But she is fourteen, and I find her plainly cute. I think she is quite overrated, but I do enjoy her optimistic character and sometimes her eyes are really pretty!

9. Belle (Previously 6)

Ah, Belle.. I used to find her stunning and even gorgeous, but recently I rewatched Beauty and the Beast and.. she has some pretty bad shots. I especially dislike the winter scene. In the beginning though, her eyes look wonderful!

8. Mulan (Previously 5)

She's one of my biggest jumpers, and I am really upset she ended up so low. ): She is really pretty, but I have to admit she is plain. . I just Mulan's lips are kinda inconsistent, and as I a dit she is plain.

7. jasmin (Previously 9)

I'm sure everyone has heard me rant about how cartoony she is. Honestly, I think was really wrong on that. I've noticed how gorgeous she can look. Some shots aren't my favorite, but I like the way she looks. Her nose is adorable :3 And I wish I had her hair.

6. Ariel (Previously 7)

My opinion on Ariel hasn't changed much. I l’amour the red hair. (Redheads unite!) Sometimes her eyes are so stunning, I can't take it. Sometimes though, I feel that the animation is all wacky and makes her look weird.

5. Merida (Previously 8)

Honestly, I don't have an issue with the roundness of her head. I just fully watched Brave, and realized that it isn't that bad. Obviously I l’amour her hair, and I adore her eyes. Even though she only has two dresses, they are both beautiful!

This is where it got quite a bit difficult for me

4. Aurora (Previously 4)

I've always loved the way she looked, but recently I've been starting to adore the way other princesses looked. It kinda hurt me to put her hear becuase she is capable of being first. The only problem I have is her lips and eyes. Her lips look forced sometimes and her eyes are inconsistent. Everything else I love!

3. Tiana (Previously 1)

For the longest time I figured she would be my number one, I mean she's GORGEOUS! My haut, retour au début 4 are only separated my millipoints! I just wish Tiana would have had her hair down, even for a while. And some of her outfits aren't my favorite, but other than that she's stunning!

2. Pocahontas (Previously 3)

She. Is. So. Freaking. Lucky. Like honestly, she' s pretty much perfect. Perfect body, perfect hair, perfect skin tone, perfect nose, perfect eyes.. The one thing she doesn't have perfect that keeps her from number one is her smile. It looks quite forced.But she it still stunning with her piercing eyes and lips!

1. Rapunzel (Previously 2)

I've always thought Rapunzel was pretty, but now she is gorgeous, to me! Her eyes never seem to big, imo. She lovely hair, and I adore her wardrobe. Even her nose is cute :3 I just l’amour everything about her!

I realize my liste is not very typical, but I'm global, ensemble happy with it. Hope toi enjoyed! (:
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The template for this will be:
"Misconception" (misconceptions in quotations as I don't particularly know if these concepts are held ou not)
--> Proposed concept with MAIN clarification


1) Belle is odd because she is able to read
--> Belle is odd because she PREFERS lire to socializing

From Belle song, the townsfolk commentaire on her dreamy and self-isolating attitude while lire rather than her ability to read itself. Belle isn’t considered odd because she reads; Belle is considered odd because she is so immersed in her readings that she can subconsciously walk around...
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Those of toi using the word selfish still do not see that toi are using this word the wrong way, and frankly seem like fake Ariel fans. Cause no Ariel fan would call her such a hateful, negative word. The definition of selfish is : "devoted to caring for oneself and ones interests only, greedy. Regardless of others". the words that can be used in place of of Selfish are : narcissistic, greedy, hoggish, mean, narrow-minded, out for number one, narcissistic, prejudiced, wrapped in oneself. This definition and these words do not describe Ariel at all in any way. They describe Ursula, and the other...
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