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I decided to start a series of analyzing the DP Couples in depth (and later, the other Disney Couples) after I got bored one day, and wanted to write a series of articles. toi can recommend me which couple to do suivant in the couples section. So here is how it is going to go. I will first explain my global, ensemble statement about the couples in a paragraph, and then I will analyze each scene to look at the inner and outer feelings of the characters individually an the couple itself.

Here is the first DP Couple Analysis: link
Here is the seconde DP Couple Analysis: link

First thoughts right after watching the Movie
I am just going to say it right now. I am going to ignore all timeline issues, to get right to the point about their relationship. These two are not one of my favori couples, and I do think they could have been developed a bit better, but it is fine how it is. They do know one another a lot, and spend time with one another (which is of course in the last half of the film). With the abusive thingy, it is not as bad as people say it is, as Belle does not put up with it, but he mostly just yells, and takes his frustrations out on the non-anthropomorphic objects. His guilt is way too high. They are a good couple, but not the best (at least to me).

When they first meet, it is obviously on good terms. Beast sees Belle talking to her imprisoned father, and is infuriated (grabbing her to face him, and asks her why she is at the château par yelling at her. She says that she is there to take her father home, and pleads the Beast to let him go. He responds par saying that Maurice is his prisoner and should not have trespassed (not caring to let Maurice explain his situation). She says that she is willing to do something for the Beast to let Maurice free, but he says that she cannot do anything. She bravely offers her life, soul, and freedom to him, so she could take her father's place, and he was actually shocked and somewhat impressed about this. He says "you would do that?" in a somewhat impressed and shocked way, probably thinking that she was willing to spend the rest of her life as a prisoner to a clearly dangerous man (she does not know he is a beast yet), thinking she has a lot of courage. She tells him to step into the light, and is scared when she finally sees him in the form of a Beast, but sticks to her word. He drags her father away, while she collapses realizing the reality of her future. When he goes to her cell, Lumiere says that he should give her a room, and the Beast just growls and continues on his way. As soon as he enters, Belle is upset that he did not let her say goodbye to her father, and he realizes that he screwed up in that part, and gives her a room because he feels bad about what he did. He wants to approach her and impress her, but he just does not know how, and is not very social. This is shown in the scene where they are walking to her room, where the Best does not saying anything, but clearly wanting to, but is encouraged par Lumiere to say something to her. The Beast say that he hopes that she likes her time at the castle, and that she can go anywhere she wants excepts the West Wing and when she asks what that is, he says "IT'S FORBIDDEN". Lumiere helps Beast again par suggesting him invite her to dinner. Because of his lack of social skills, he TELLS her to come to dinner, and it is not a request. He then slams her room door and leaves. Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, and the Beast are waiting for her to come downstairs, and he says that he does not know how to impress her and that she is beautiful. When Cogsworth says that she is not coming, Beast gets furious and rushes to her room, yelling that he requested her to come to dinner, they go back and forth as Belle refuses, and he says that she cannot eat if it is not with him, and leaves. At this point, Belle does not like ou respect Beast, and the Beast wants to impress her, but she does kind of infuriates him.

After "Be Our Guest", Lumiere and Cogsworth decide to take Belle on a tour of the castle. Belle sees what is a West Wing, and asks then was is that area, which they reveal to her. They are about to take her to the library, but she goes to the West Wing to wonder what he is hiding, her exact words. She slowly walks up to the room, and looks at all the weird statues. She sees the interest and when she holds up the ripped image of the Beast's human form to where it was placed before, and looks at the portrait in amazement, so it is montrer that she likes the way he looks as a human. She knows it is him since she already knew that the château is enchanted. She walks up to the rose, and almost touches the rose before the Beast shows up and recovers the rose. He asks her what she is doing in the room and says that she could have ruined everything (I don't know what he is talking about, but okay). He tells her to get out, and he snaps, breaking furniture and throwing and going crazy, scaring her off. He realizes what he did, and crouches in disappointment thinking that he screwed up. She leaves the castle, and almost gets killed par wolves, but the Beast saves her, injuring himself in the process. She is about to leave on her horse without him, but she turned round, knowing that it would be the right thing to save him after he saved her. After they return to the castle, she damps a cloth in hot water to help his arm, and he tries to get out of it, knowing that it will hurt and when she put the cloth on his cut, he yells saying that it hurt. They go back and forth for a bit, and she eventually apologizes to him for saving her life, and he says you're welcome, As the scene is being zoomed out, toi can tell that both are grateful towards one another for saving one another, and the ice between them has been broken.

Approximately a jour later, Belle is playing with the living footstool, and the Beast watches her and has a happy, weird feeling that he has never had before "cough actually caring about someone cough". He says that he wants to something for her, but he does not know how (he did not know much about her other than the fact that she has a father up to this point). Lumiere helps out again for like the fifth time, and tell shim that he knows what is interested to her (ala the library). He covers her eyes on the way to the bibliothèque (they feel that comfortable around one another already), and when he shows her the library, she is excited, and thanks him while at the same time, grabbing his hands to hold. When they are eating at the table, tableau soon after, he almost murders the bowl with his mouth, while she eats the soupe with the spoon, looking at him not weirdly, but offish. He tries to eat the soupe with a spoon, but it fails. Both brings up the bowl to their mouths and drinks it, which showed that they can compromise with one another. During "Something there, they are feeding the birds, and she hides behind the arbre to think about her weird feelings about the Beast. I don't remember who threw the first snowball, but they end up in a friendly snowball fight. In the song, Belle is thinking that there was another side to him that she did not see at first, and Beast is thinking that it is weird that she did not shudder at his paw touching hers and that she is glancing at him, it being weird that she is responding to him the way she is. In the part of "Human Again" where it shows the two, she just read him Romeo and Juliette, he has his head low, looking at her (I do not know if it is because he enjoyed the book, him witnessing her enjoy her passion, ou he is just looking at her admiring her looks; probably option number one, two, ou both). He wants her to read it again, and she asks him to read it to her, and when he tries, he screws up and they read it together. They have romantic feelings for one another, but it is not really explained why. I think she likes his nice and caring side that was not shown before, and the Beast likes........ I don't know, even though it is clear that he cares about her. I guess that he likes that she is nice and caring. I say I guess because toi only see him trying to impress her and is shocked that she is looking at and reacting to him in a way he is unusual about.

So, we are at the beautiful "Beauty and the Beast" scene. When he is in the bathroom getting ready, he is ready to confess his l’amour for her and that he cares a lot for her. When they see one another at the stairs, both are impressed with one another's outfits. They walk down the stairs together and eats. She grabs his hands and drags him on the dance floor. She puts his hand around her waist which she smiles at, and he gulps. While they were dancing, she puts his head on his chest, and he smiles at Lumiere and Cogsworth. Oh, the entire "Beauty and the Beast" song is describing how their relationship is how it is a bit strange, and how they were not prepared to love, as they are Beauty and the Beast. They go to the balcony to talk, and both are a bit nervous . He asks her if she is happy at the castle, and she says she is, bit is a bit sad because she misses her father. He then shows her the magic mirror where she could see him and when she does, it shows that he is dying on the cold outside, and she leaves. She thanks the Beast for understanding, and he gives her the mirror to remember him.

Belle returns to Beast because she loves him and has to stop Gaston and his townsmen. Beast was letting Gaston kick his ass, but when he sees her, his l’amour for her turns into his strengths, and starts fighting back. He holds Gaston par his throat over the cliff, and when Belle finds Beast and goes up to where they were fighting, they confess their like for one another and almost have a moment, but Gaston stabs the Beast and then falls into his own death. The Beast almost falls as well, but Belle catches him and places him on the floor. He is thrilled that she came back for him, and she says that she could have never left him. She blames Gaston and the town attacking on herself, and says she should have come sooner to prevent everything. He says that it is better this way, as he still thinks of himself as a monster and that she is too good for him. She says to not say that him dying is the best way. He seems to ignore that and says that at least he got to see her one last time, and then dies. She cries and begs him not to leave her in desperation and proclaims her l’amour for him. When all hope seems lost, he is brought back to life and is transformed to his human self. When she sees him as a human for the first time, she does not recognize him but still walks to him and touches his hair a few times, somewhat montrer that she likes his looks as well. She recognizes him when she looks into his eyes. They hold one another's cheeks and Kiss passionately. In the epilogue, they Kiss again, and dance to their happily ever after. They are extremely happy with one another.

Final Thoughts
After analyzing this couple, I think that they are one of the better developed and aware Disney couples, but I think the Beast's feelings are not shown as well as it should be. Sure, he thinks she is beautiful, but most of his thoughts about it is about her not begin afraid to l’amour a beast and such. He does l’amour her and grows to care for one another, and toi do see why they like one another, but I wish it was just a bit plus developed. Their relationship just seems a tiny bit too rushed for my liking as well, since they did not really like each other much and then the following jour they are playful with one another. I know I have a dit similar things about Pocahontas and John Smith, but while I do think ti is l’amour with the former instead of the successor (Poca and Smith) is that their relationship does not scream lust, and look at one another like people and not meat. They are one of the only couples that actually know one another personality wise, how their lives were,their likes, and they actually spend time with one another. Overall, while a bit too rushed for my liking, this couple is a sincere, natural couple.

If toi have any recommendations of which couple do toi want me to do next, say it in the comments, and explain how toi feel about this relationship, and how the movie executes it. I am going to do a non-DP Disney couple suivant tome, so suggest a non-DP couple, and the suivant article will be posté on the Disney club.
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Though not nearly as much as Merida and other revival princesses,Tiana is occasionally bashed for contributing to Disney's current trend of "meta", "woke" commentary with her whole "hard work, toi can't just wish" shtick. While this does irritate me, I try to separate film makers' intentions from the actual context of the movie and the character.

In the first act of the film, she's portrayed as diligent and determined but she's not as in your face about it. For the most part, her thing is "partying and dancing just isn't my for me". She's not insistent, condescending ou critical of others for...
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I haven't seen an article like this yet done before.

I l’amour browsing through old fanpop articles and lire other people's favori Disney Princess lists. One thing I realized is that lire why someone else loves their favori princess makes me l’amour that princess even more! So I thought, why not combine all of these positive opinions together, like a convenient one-stop shop? All heard from their #1 favori fans themselves.

The way I did this was snooping through old fanpop and pulling out passages from each person's article. Tbh I'm not sure if I'm even allowed to do this?

Sorry if I didn't...
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