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Everything that was done on this article was done par GreatLance_30; I am only typing it for him/her. Some of the placings make sense and are not surprising, while others are the exact opposite.

11. Merida (254 points)

Everybody expected her to be ranked the lowest. A lot of people resent that she is becoming a Disney Princess, and I think that is a part of why she is the least favori princess. People a dit that she was strong, free-spirited, rebellious, and independent which people liked about her. What people did not like about her is that she was whiny, disrespectful, spoiled, selfish, acts like she is brave, and they did not like the fact that she went to the witch to change her mother.

- Only saw the movie once and I didn't like her (princecatcher93)
- Merida is Rebelle and always stands up for herself (BKG201)
- I have seen the movie and just from movie she's okay but if I have to compare her to DP's she's horrible. It's just too much arguing with her and her mother. She acts like all knowing independent hero but she always needs someone to help her during the film. I'd also say she's quite selfish, I do understand that she doesn't want to get married so soon and I don't blame her for that, but global, ensemble in movie. Briefly, she's rebel teenager and I'm not so fond to them. Not in this list. (fiina)
- Merida: The only princess I don't like at all, she's whiny and I don't like how she treated her mom and people around her. (dimitri_is_hot)
- Merida- Strong and slightly spoiled at the start but changes and truly loves her mother and family...she learns to compromise and learns from her mistakes unlike other Disney Princesses (what did jasmin and Ariel learn ou change about themselves?) (SweetPea2007)

10. Snow White (249 points)

Snow White can never catch a break; not only on Fanpop, but on the world wide net. People liked that she was innocent, naive, optimistic, cheerful, caring, fun, a bit sassy/manipulative (when it comes to the dwarfs), and is very musical. What some people liked about Snow wee the exact same things others did not like about her. They a dit that she was annoyingly cheery and happy, too naive, stupid, has an extremely annoying voice, and some even a dit that there was not much to describe about her.

- Cute exterior, sassy, manipulative interior. She's just awesome! (rhythmicmagic)
- She's my favori Disney character! The reason I l’amour her most is that she always seems the best in every situation, even when her horrible life would suggest otherwise: it shows a lot of emotional strength. I l’amour how she's not only optimistic, but always visibly cheerful, and looks at everything positively.I l’amour how caring and sweet she is with everyone she meets, and I l’amour that she has really idealistic dreams, yet at the same can have a lot of fun without them being satisfied right away. (AllegroGiocoso)
- She's cheerful but the total epitome of it. She only gets sad when something is DIRECTLY life threatening and that's it. She's a bold character but toi can't describe her movie/personality much. (hajirah4)
- Snow White is always happy and that is often annoying (BKG201)
- I'm having a down time with her right how so I don't have much to add. (princecatcher93)

9. Aurora (248 points)

She only ranked higher than Snow White par 1 point. I personally think she should be lower, but it is Fanpop's opinion. People a dit that she is very nice, beautiful, classy, sweet, sophisticated, dreamy, and gentle. What people did not like about her is that she is predictable, too trusting, boring, does not have much of a personality, and they do not like the fact that she is barely in the movie, which really works to her disadvantage.

- I find Aurora to be very boring. She has very limited screen time for someone who's supposed to be the main character. She basically dances, sings, cries, and sleeps. She's pretty dull in my opinion (fhghu)
- She's kind of between neutral and dislike, there's not much of her shown so it's hard to judge but this I have notice about her are plus negative. Just to think how silly she was when she met the first man of her life, after few secondes she was ready to dance with him without knowing even his name (fiina)
- Kind, shy and feminine. I like these types of girls. She's a dreamer and she sings and dances really well. (dimitri_is_hot)
- She's nothing special. She's nice, and beautiful but too predictable. She's not the person you'd open up to ou become a friend with. You'd be friendly- but not a friend. With a personality like her's, toi can only come close to her when it comes to romance. I do like her though, but she's the most bland. (hajirah4)
- she is sweet and very classical but that is about it. (SweetPea2007)

8. Tiana (222 points)

Tiana is an interesting case; she does not get much l’amour on Fanpop, but she doesn't get much hate either. What people had to jour about her is that she is a good role model, independent, hard working, determined, kind, strong, and has a sarcastic sense of humor. What people did not like about her is that she is not as interesting ou as fun as the other princesses, and some even a dit that she falls flat as a character. It was either that, ou they just liked the other princesses more.

- She just does so many amazing things and is such a good rolemodel she surpasses the rest. She's the princess of the modern age and I l’amour her for that. She's got everything a #1 should be- but she's modern (hajirah4)
- Tiana. The Princess that won't take no for an answer. I feel like she gets to much hate for having an okay movie. She's beautiful and has the best chant voice of all. She's the best role model for little girls IMO and I wish she would get plus love. (princecatcher93)
- She used to be my least favori princess but I've grown much fonder of her lately. I l’amour her determined vision to open a restaurant, and I l’amour how hard-working and unfailing she is in her devotion to her goal, this makes her a really good role model in my opinion. And I also l’amour how she develops as a character into realizing that there is plus to life than just work and finds love, she really deserves her happy ending! (AllegroGiocoso)
- I admire Tiana's hard work and determination, but she seems to work herself too hard, never taking a break to just breathe and relax. And I just found her to be pretty dull throughout the entire film. She's okay, but to me, there are much better princesses. (fhghu)
- l’amour people like her, she's very admirable but falls flat for me as a character (dimitri_is_hot)

7. Cendrillon (209 points)

Definitely the most populaire of the classic princesses, she was the suivant one to leave the countdown. People liked the fact that she was emotionally strong (a lot considered her the strongest in this aspect), classy, genuinely nice, a bit sarcastic, and graceful. Not a lot of people had bad things to say about her; some a dit that they could not get invested to her, and that she does not stand up for her herself to her step family. Like Tiana, I just assume that fanpop likes the other princesses more.

- always works hard but she never stands up for herself (BKG201)
- Not much to say.. She's above Snow and Aurora because I like her personality more, it's not so unclear and it's not over positive. (fiina)
- simple and beautiful personality and a classic role model. (SweetPea2007)
- Cinderella- Frankly, I don't like her because I don't like her movie. Can't get a all emotionally invested in it, so I can't get emotionally invested in her as a character. Wish I could put her higher. (rhythmicmagic)
- I l’amour Cinderella. She is so emotionally strong, despite the fact that she is pushed around par her stepmother and stepsisters all the time, and she made the best out of her situation. And she has a slight sarcastic side sometimes when it comes to commenting on her stepmother and stepsisters. She's so sweet and in my opinion, one of the strongest princesses. (fhghu)

6. Pocahontas (208 points)

Wow, she beat Cendrillon par 1 point. It makes sense that Pocahontas is right in the middle; some people like her, some people hate her, but I think she has a lot of neutral fans as well. What people like about her is that she is free-spirited, very connected to nature, strong, peaceful, outgoing, and adventurous. What others a dit is that she loses her fun, loose personality when she meets John Smith. Others a dit that they did not like her indecisive nature, and thought that she was not as interesting as the others. She was also called bland par a lot of others as well.

- She's free spirited and an awesome character, but when she's with J.S she focuses on romance. She loses her character- she puts everything aside. I like her way better in the sequel, but that doesn't count. it's just that the others surpass her, and in the trailers I used to watch I never saw that side of her. It's sad because I used o have her as my all-time #1.
- Boring doesn't come to my mind when I think of her. What comes to my mind is brave, peaceful, outgoing, adventurous and ca
ring. I l’amour her curiosity, it's really funny when she's trying to understand Smith. Lover her! (shanyuisboss)
- She looks cool but she just annoys me, always confused and she mopes around. (dimitri_is_hot)
- I like her responsibility to her people and how she tries to preserve the peace among the people. Plus, I l’amour how she decided to stay with her people over going with John Smith, it really shows her maturity. But I admire her plus than I like her, I just don't like her as much as the others.
- I l’amour Poca. She does everything she can to make peace between the settlers and the natives, and is just global, ensemble awesome. (I was trying to think of plus things to say about Poca, but I couldn't think of much. Sorry. :( (fhghu)

5. jasmin (203 points)

jasmin is either hated par a lot of people, ou loved par a lot of people; her fans and haters are about the same amount of people, which it makes sense, why she is in the middle. What people like about her is that she does not allow anybody to mistreat and take advantage of her, and how she just wants to be allowed to make her own choices and to have freedom. While a lot of people like that about her, a lot of people a dit that her way of getting freedom are a bit harsh. They a dit that she is extremely ungrateful for all that she had, she whines about everything, does not really do anything, and is a selfish, rebellious brat.

- Spoiled brat who does not bring anything to the story,disrespects her father, and basically shows girls it is okay to have everything handed to toi and get your way. She also makes some silly,rash decisions. (SweetPea2007)
- I find jasmin to be a tad ungrateful, as she has a lot, yet she runs away from accueil to live outside the palace walls. And she quickly forgives Aladin when he lies to her, which also annoys me. Other than that, I don't have much of a problem with Jasmine. She's alright. (fhghu)
- I l’amour Jasmine's refusal to be mistreated par people who are condescending towards to her, and refuses to go against her beliefs and always stands up for herself. I really l’amour how she's determined to marry for love, and I completely understand her motives for running away; which I don't always for rebellious characters. Finally, I l’amour her cleverness and ability to learn very quickly; it's an aspect of hers I really like. (AllegroGiocoso)
- jasmin is plus than a selfish brat, she wants plus in her life than money, but Friends and the ability to make her own choices. She may see rude, but once toi get to understand her you'll see that she's really kind and is just independent. The most fiery Disney princess (shanyuisboss)
- Love/ hate thing with her. She's a hypocrite. (rhythmicmagic)

4. Ariel (174 points)

I am surprised that Ariel was not in the haut, retour au début 3; I guess people are starting to lose a bit interest in her. What people had to say that was positive about her is that she was determined to get her dreams, extremely bubbly and expressive, and was not afraid to do what she wanted. Some others a dit that she is extremely selfish, gullible, naive, and reckless. They even a dit that she was one of the worst mannequins out of the princesses.

- Talk about determined! Ariel is par far the most determined DP, she took a huge risk to accomplish her dream. She is really funny and I l’amour how curious she is. I don't like how she went gaga over Eric, but she still is awesome. (shanyuisboss)
- Ariel is selfish and does not care what she has to hurt to get her dreams (BKG20100
- Disrespectful, spoiled,makes life changing decisions that affect her family plus then her and she still gets her way,bad role model. (SweetPea2007)
- So exuberant and expressive! I l’amour how her fears don't hold her back. She's got the it factor. (rhythmicmagic)
- Don't like her actions but she's very interesting and it makes the movie plus fun. I was a bit like her in my teenage years also. (dimitri_is_hot)

[b] 3. Rapunzel (146 points)

I was surprised and not surprised that Rapunzel made it this far. What people liked about her is that she is bubbly, adventurous, perky, a good role-model, caring, and an all-around nice girl. They a dit that she is easy to relate to, sweet, and a fun girl to be around. What other people a dit was that she is not very original, and a mix of the other princesses. People also a dit that she was very generic, and did not really see the big deal about her.

- Bubbly, energetic and creative. She pursued her dream without going too far. I l’amour her, she's a really fun character. (dimitri_is_hot)
- So fun and cute and sweet, but not very original (rhythmicmagic)
- Best. Princess. EVER!!!! She's the best in almost every way. She can related to a lot of people and she doesn't put up with all the crap that her mother gives to her. (princecatcher93)
- I used to dislike Punz, but now I do like her. She has a sweet, bubbly personality, and is a very fun character. She does have some flaws, but they're really hard to spot for me, though I do like her. (fhghu)
- Rapunzel is so bubbly and happy all the time and is very adventurous and this makes the character plus interesting (BKG201)

2. Belle (134 points)

Fanpop's and most likely the entire world's favori Disney Princess did not manage to snag #1 on this countdown. Mostly everyone had positive things to say to her. Mostly everyone a dit that they like her because she is considerate of others, genuine, smart, relatable, and a girl who can stand up for herself. What came up a lot was that she is a great role-model,and stubborn (but not too stubborn). I guess she did not win because there is a lot of hype for our #1 right now.

- Someone I can relate to, just like her I feel surrounded par idiots. belle is able to ignore what people think about her and dreams of something more. Stubborn, sweet, adventurous, curious, she's basically the whole package. (shanyuisboss)
- some of her attitude bothers me but over all she is okay and I l’amour her Library! (SweetPea2007)
- I l’amour how nerdy she is and she's the one I can relate to the most. She's way plus awesome than people are giving her credit for on here currently! (rhythmicmagic)
- I just adore Belle, she's such an inspiration to me. She's able to l’amour the Beast, despite his outward appearance, cares deeply about family, and is just global, ensemble an amazing person. I l’amour how she isn't perfect (in my opinion) and judges the Beast at first when she meets him, though she learns not to, and she is stubborn too! I also l’amour how she won't cooperate with the Beast until he's nicer. I just l’amour her! (fhghu)
- The other one which I'm not good to explain. Again I l’amour that she was ready to give her freedom for her father and also because she did learn to see under beast's appearance. Kind of mainly that, I don't know why I like characters who are some kind of outcasts ou prefers to be alone. (fiina)
- Belle is similar to me as she like to read and daydream and also she saves her father and stays with the beast (BKG201)

1. Mulan (131 points)

Wow, she beat Belle par 3 points. This is not surprising because she has been getting a lot of l’amour lately, just like her movie has. Like Belle, there was no negative commentaires about her; the people a dit that they like her because she is productive, independent, insecure, funny, loyal, respectable, and so on. The positive commentaires were never ending. People of course liked that she was kick-ass, but that she is one of the most; if not the most complex princess Disney has ever put out, which is why she is Fanpop's favori Princess of April.

- Funny, loyal, independent, insecure, and brave. She may fail to impress her parents but she will never fail to impress me. I l’amour her crazy ideas, they always manage to pull through. Without question a true hero. (shanyuisboss)
- Smart, funny, Rebelle and cunning, what's not to like? I relate to her the most and she's my most admirable Princess.(dimitri_is_hot)
- Has been my favori since I first time saw the movie and probably will always be. I'm not sure how I can put it into words. I l’amour that she has flaws like being clumsy ou late ou doesn't always be so sure about herself. Also that she loves her family so much and she is really selfless. Actually I like that she doesn't have so striking out personality like e.g. Ariel ou jasmin ect, not everyone is like that but it doesn't make them dull. I think Mulan keeps lot inside her, she's cheerful and she is little cheater as she wrote notes on her arm, that's what makes her character fascinating to me. I strongly agree what other Mulan -fans (like e.g. rhythmicmagic) have a dit about her, they can put it a lot better than I. Like she's smart etc. (fiina)
- So brave, loyal, selfless, she's everything I want to be and looked up to when I was a little girl. I loved her from the first moments of the first time I watched her movie. Her awkward-ness just drew me in. Sure, not the most scintillating personality, but she's got a cœur, coeur of or (rhythmicmagic)
- Mulan is my favourite character ever because she saves her father and china and does it despite being a clumsy and insecure person (BKG201)

Thank everybody who participated in GreatLance_30's countdown, and for lire the results. If toi agree/disagree wit ha placing ou a commentaire of a princess, commentaire below.
posted by dclairmont
Chapter 1: Doing Mother's Deeds

I slipped into the door of the unknowing family. The door creaked as I shut it, par the family was so full of conversation and laughter they wouldn't be able to notice. Gothel had made this too easy for me. This was my seconde chore today, so I was naturally getting very tired, but I'd do anything for Mother, anything. I walked emotionless into the cuisine where the family sat down for dinner.

They finally notice me. "Woah, how'd toi get in here?" the father asks. "Are toi lost?" Yes, I was quite lost, but not in the way he was implying.

"I'm sorry," I whispered,...
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 "Ariel" from Deviantart
"Ariel" from Deviantart
1 = Ariel

Ariel's my prettiest. I know a lot of people would be totally against this opinion, because her hair doesn't look "natural," ou her body's "too thin;" but I absolutely l’amour the way she looks. Her hair is thick and flows nicely, which I l’amour A LOT, her eyes are a beautiful blue, and her skin seems to be a nice light tan/pale color. To me, she's absolutely beautiful.

 "Rapunzel" from Deviantart
"Rapunzel" from Deviantart

2 = Rapunzel

Many people would call her "plain" and "just cute," but I find that she's really a beautiful person, and her looks add a lot on. I really do like her hair, long ou not,...
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Well this one took a lot plus time to think than link. But I hope toi will still like it!

Snow White - Pocketful of Sunshine par Natasha Bedingfield

''I got a pocket,
got a pocket full of sunshine
I've got a l’amour and I know that it's all mine
oh, oh, oh
Do what toi want,
but you're never gonna break me,
sticks and stones are never gonna shake me
oh, oh, oh''

Cinderella - A Moment Like This par Kelly Clarkson

''Everything changes
But beauty remains
Something so tender
I can't explain
Well I maybe dreamin'
But 'till I awake
Can we make this dream last forever
And I'll cherish all the l’amour we share
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Hi, I’m Lissabelle (That’s a portmanteau of my first and middle names). I’ve already written one article but I got super swamped at school and didn’t have chance to write another. (Well, I wrote a seconde article, reread it and realized I disagreed with nearly everything I a dit and then took it down.)

About Me: I l’amour everything from Walt Disney animation Studios, but the princesses have a special place in my heart. I also l’amour lire and writing. I consider spending time with little kids a special joy and I like to quilt. I am in the honors ou AP equivalent of everything that has an...
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Ariel and Belle are the most beloved and populaire Disney princesses in Fanpop. To tell the truth, Belle has slightly plus fans. She is pretty, sure, but beautiful? Not likely. She has brown hair and hazel eyes (that's a charmer) but to me it looks quite plain. And she's pretty but she's TOTALLY ANAWARE OF IT? Really? Like she didn't see it when she looked in that mirror?
But Ariel was completely aware of it. She tried to be good-looking in front of her dream boy. Red hair and blue eyes are a lot prettier than brown hair and hazel eyes to me.
Belle reads (which is why people like her) and seeks for adventure, while Ariel fights for what she wants to get it. Sure, Belle does think of others first and Ariel is a bit selfish, but Belle also is TOO perfect. Nobody's perfect. At least Ariel made mistakes and we can relate to her.
So as toi can see, this is why I prefer Ariel a lot plus than Belle.
I tried to use commentaires from users that summarized people's opinions of the princesses as a whole, but sometimes there weren't very many, ou any at all.

I would like to give a big thank toi to BelleAnastasia for her help in making the lists for this article and the Disney Princess Movie article!

PREVIOUS RANK: #9 (dropped)
Given her lack of screentime, I wasn't surprised to see Aurora so low, but - and maybe this is my bias of working at Disney, donné her popularity here- I was surprised she was last. I was certain it would be Tiana. Aurora adds a spritely but classic addition to...
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Aurora sighed. Her parents were visiting the king of a foreign country with King Hubert, and Phillip had to take over things at his father's palace while he was away. It was a long, perilous journey, so Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather had accompanied them. Even most of the servants had gone. Only a few of them and Aurora remained on the big, empty palace.
Out of boredom, Aurora reached for a quill pen and parchment, and began a letter to Snow White. The letter invited her to a week-long stay at the castle. She copied the letter off seven plus times and sent a copy to each of her friends. The...
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So the princesses talked and got to know each other and told their stories. "But why did toi runaway from your family" Aurora asked Ariel. "My father was too strick and my sisters were so ubsesed with looks and I just wanted to be up in the world above it's inteasting to me and Eric" Awnsered Ariel. "I agree with Ariel my dad was too strick too I never even had any real Friends other than my tiger that is until I ranaway and met Aladin and Cendrillon why did toi stay with other horrible women why didn't toi runaway" a dit Jasmine. "Those three were all I got before my father died I promised...
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 Snow White's Playlist
Snow White's Playlist
I like making playlists on my ipod for all of my favourite characters from all kinds of media. Sometimes the songs don't fit the characters and are just there to capture the symbolism from objects, animaux ou magic used in the film. I've made a playlist for a few of the Princesses and it's time I shared them with you. I'll add lyrics that I think relates to them the most.

Snow White is up first.

Symbolism: Spring, love, The Prince's castle, apples, birds (especially the blushing dove), gothic

Earth Angel par Llewellyn & Juliana

-Snow's sweet child-like but motherly personality towards everyone...
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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray