The Little Mermaid
In the Disney version, Eric, Ariel, and Triton defeat Ursula, and Ariel turns back into a human and marry's Eric. In the suivant movie, they have a daughter named Melody. But in the orginal version, The Little Mermaid sees the Prince marry a Princess, and despises it, so she is offered a couteau to stab the Prince to death, but instead, she jumps into the sea and dies par turning into froth. Since Hans thought this ending was a little to "disturbing," he a dit she became the "daughter of the air," waiting to go to heaven--- so in the end, she still dies.

Snow White
In the tale of snow white that we are all familiar with, the Queen asks a huntsman to kill her and bring her cœur, coeur back as proof. Instead, the huntsman can’t bring himself to do it and returns with the cœur, coeur of a boar. Now, fortunately Disney hasn’t done too much damage to this tale, but they did leave out one important original element: in the original tale, the Queen actually asks for Snow White’s liver and lungs – which are to be served for dîner that night! Also in the original, Snow White wakes up when she is jostled par the prince’s horse as he carries her back to his château – not from a magical kiss. What the prince wanted to do with a dead girl’s body I will leave to your imagination. Oh – in the Grimm version, the tale ends with the Queen being forced to dance to death in red hot iron shoes!

Sleeping Beauty
In the original sleeping beauty, the lovely princess is put to sleep when she pricks her finger on a spindle. She sleeps for one hundred years when a prince finally arrives, kisses her, and awakens her. They fall in love, marry, and (surprise surprise) live happily ever after. But alas, the original tale is not so sweet (in fact, toi have to read this to believe it.) In the original, the young woman is put to sleep because of a prophesy, rather than a curse. And it isn’t the Kiss of a prince which wakes her up: the king seeing her asleep, and rather fancying having a bit, rapes her. After nine months she gives birth to two children (while she is still asleep). One of the children sucks her finger which removes the piece of lin which was keeping her asleep. She wakes up to find herself raped and the mother of two kids.

In the modern Cendrillon fairy tale we have the beautiful Cendrillon swept off her feet par the prince and her wicked step sisters marrying two lords – with everyone living happily ever after. The fairy tale has its origins way back in the 1st century BC where Strabo’s heroine was actually called Rhodopis, not Cinderella. The story was very similar to the modern one with the exception of the glass slippers and citrouille coach. But, lurking behind the pretty tale is a plus sinister variation par the Grimm brothers: in this version, the nasty step-sisters cut off parts of their own feet in order to fit them into the glass slipper – hoping to fool the prince. The prince is alerted to the trickery par two pigeons who peck out the step sister’s eyes. They end up spending the rest of their lives as blind beggars while Cendrillon gets to lounge about in luxury at the prince’s castle.