Suddenly she appeared in front of the cuisine window, all three of them where chocked over her appearance
"Come on Alexandra, hide here with me", Erica told Alexandra

From their hiding place they could see what was going on, they knew that it was the Queen in disguise. Alexandra became amazed par the fully red pomme that the Queen had taken from her basket, but stayed calm though it did look delicious because she loved red apples.

Later Erica a dit that she had to go to the mine where the dwarfs worked to tell them that Snow White was in danger, Alexandra knew she had to stay to see what was going on even though she was pretty sure it wasn't going to end well.

After Erica had left the Queen came into the house along with Snow White and here Alexandra tried her best, but without being noticed to tell Snow White to not eat the apple, but of course she didn't listen. Alexandra saw that it was no use to try to tell her again after she had tried a few times, especially after the Queen had told Snow White that it was a magic wishing pomme that could make her dreams come true.

Alexandra tried to keep quiet when Snow White fell to the floor dropping the pomme from her hand, it was so hard. She followed the witch out in the rain and began to chase her along with Erica who led the dwarfs home, she had told the dwarfs to stay at accueil because her magic wand would come to great use at this point.

They flew up to the haut, retour au début of the mountain and as soon as the witch was up Erica waved her wand so that a giant stone fell down on the witch and it hitted her perfectly so she fell down to the darkness and that was the end of her.

When they came back to the cottage Alexandra could finally let out her tears, there was an orgel playing a sad tune somewhere near par so that it felt as if it was a funeral when it really wasn't.

Later Alexandra and Erica helped the dwarfs to build a glass coffin for Snow White. When spring came they laied fleurs around it, at that point Alexandra heard the prince chant from a distance, then she saw him and a beautiful white horse.

Then she saw how he kissed Snow White, she felt even plus sad, this was the end she knew it, but she was so wrong. Just a few secondes later Snow White woke up and Alexandra couldn't help but scream out of joy.

The Prince took Snow White to his horse and then everyone waved goodbye and Alexandra knew she would come back soon.

Alexandra was back in her room again, but something was different, when she looked in the mirror she was a child again just like she had dreamed of and later she also discoverd 10 different dress up sets, one for each princess she had visited. She tried all of the outfits, then she saw that these outfits where special, she could wear them even when she was back to normal because these outfits where magical.

After that she went to sleep and dreamed sweet princess dreams
(The End)