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posted by JNTA1234
 The Hero
The Hero
Alright it's Mulan's turn. She's my favori princess so this should be fun.

Let's start off par addressing Mulan's inclusion into the lineup. She's the only princess who's not royalty in anyway, she does not marry prince nor is she born into royalty. Some people are glad to see Mulan included. Others have a real problem with it. Now to all toi nitpicky bastards out there, here are the reasons why Mulan was added. 1.She fits criteria (singing, animal friends). 2.Her movie was moderately successful. 3.She's closest thing Disney's got to an Asian princess. 4.She's a great role model for young girls. 5.It's franschise a marketed to little girls! Seriously people, quit being so whiny and get a f*cking life!!

Let's talk about Mulan and Shang, the most unnecessary romance in Disney history (not counting sequels). Mulan is the only DP movie where a l’amour interest isn't driving the plot. The chemistry between them feels plus like a friendly bond and while it is realistic, it just wasn't necessary. Mulan's decisions and actions are driven par her l’amour for her family, not a guy. She's the only princess where her romance is one of my main issues with her. I don't have a problem with Mulan and Shang's relationship, I just wish it was written plus properly. And truthfully, the movie did not need a romance, especially one so halfhearted.

Mulan is probably the most flawed princess, suivant to Ariel. Where as the other princesses are classy, refined, bubbly, cheery and near perfection. Mulan on the other hand is clumsy, awkward, mopey, somewhat shy and very imperfect. Along with Rapunzel, she's the only princess to experience any growth as a character. The other princesses are either perfect from the very beginning and don't need to change (Belle, Snow) ou flawed but never learn from their mistakes (Ariel, Tiana). Mulan grows and learns, allowing her to transform from an insecure girl to a cool and confident young woman.

There really aren't alot of specific issues with Mulan. Most of the issues have to do with other characters such as Shang and particularly Mushu. He is the worst sidekick out of all the DP animal companions. All he does is ruin everything, Mulan would have been ten times better off without him. Crikee stays out of the way and Khan is actually helpful but Mushu is just a screw up. Don't get me wrong, he is funny and he does have redeeming moments, like blowing up Shan Yu but for the most part he's just a bad luck nuage hovering Mulan. On a side note, why is he voiced par Eddie Murphy?

Everyone can agree that Mulan is par far the best role model, possibly in all of Disney, for many reasons. Her "I want song" is about wanting to be accepted for who she is, not something superficial. She's not self centered, her only interest is her family. Yes, later she does admit she was partially doing it for herself but the only reason she ran away in the first place was because of her family. Other Disney Heroes made great sacrifices simply because they really want something but Mulan did it for her loved ones. Also, Mulan rescues China! She risks her life and acheives the impossible! I can talk all jour about what a great role model she is.

Many people see Mulan as the first feminist friendly princess which isn't entirely true. Ariel, Belle, Jas and Poca all have somewhat feminist elements to their characters. toi could say that she is the first intentionally pro-feminism princess. She is the first to actually challenge gender roles and to be seen in a positive light from a feminist perspective. Mainly because getting a man wasn't her primary goal. While some of the praise is undeserved, Mulan is indeed a good model of female empowerment.

I think it's interesting that Disney is willing to include Mulan before they include Pocahontas. If toi saw a picture of the six original princesses the seventh member would probably be Mulan. She is excluded from merchandise frequently but not nearly as much as Pocahontas. Sursprisingly, despite not being a real princess, Mulan is actually very populaire among little girls.

To me Mulan represents courage. As many as would say, being Rebelle is facing your fears. She's the without a doubt the bravest princess because even though she was afraid, she took risks and charged into the face of danger without hesitation.
 Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading!
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It´s been quite a lot since I wrote an article, and I really wanted to do so, but I wasn´t sure what to write about. I knew I wanted to do some favoris list, like toi know: favori DP movie, favori DP villain, etc.

I finally decided to write a short article about my favori DP l’amour stories, inspired par a question PrincessLD asked. So this article is basically the anwer I gave her.I just want to make clear I´m not stealing her article idea, this is merely my opinion. So here it is, it´s quite short but I hope toi enjoy it.

The fact is I l’amour all DP couples, but talking about the development...
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La Reine des Neiges (2013)
La Reine des Neiges
una aventura congelada
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let it go
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The rankings liste for the ten lowest places in the Best Disney Princess Sequel Outfit Countdown. I know I didn't have to do this, but hey, Disney did a pretty good job on the clothes in their sequels, even if the sequels suck. Thanks to cromulanfav for the idea of doing a sort of "honorable mentions" list!

 Disney Princess Il était une fois Tales- Jasmine's Peacock Outfit
Disney Princess Il était une fois Tales- Jasmine's Peacock Outfit

31) Jasmine's Peacock Outfit

"This is just completely gross." ~Straggy

"This is weird..." ~AllegroGiocoso

"No, no, no!!" ~becca85

 Cendrillon 2- Fancy rose Dress
Cinderella 2- Fancy rose Dress

30) Cinderella's Fancy rose Dress

"This is just so bad. I mean a lot...
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A/N: So this just randomly came to mind and I decided to write it in the movie Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene never a dit "I l’amour You"(...They only knew each other two days!) Anyway I wanted to write a story where it's there first time telling eachother that...and this takes place about 4 months after the movie...I think...haha use your imagination!

"PASCAL!" I screamed staring outside my window as my little cameleon jumped from being startled awake. He turned a bright red before glancing at the smile on my face then calmed down. "It's snowing!"
I had woken up that morning to the beautiful...
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