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The dresses are ranked par how they look and how they look on the princess

10. Ariel's rose dress
This one was contraversial because the dress it's self is pretty but with Ariel's hair it clashes. if the sleaves weren't as puffy and the dress was a different color, it would be much better

9. Ariel's Blue dress
Even though this dress could be better in design, it complaments Ariel and her skin tone.

8. Rapunzel's Purple dress
this dress was simple and looked comfy. i like this dress, the only reason it isn't higher is it makes her look even plus like she isn't 18. however it complaments her eyes and blonde hair

7. Tiana's Human wedding dress
this dress is sleek, stylish and simple but it doesn't match Tiana quite as well as her other dresses.

6. Belle's Yellow dress
Belle is definetly a girl who can pull off yellow, not many girls can do it. it complaments her hair and eyes nicely and doesn't make her look pale like most girls. however the dress is too big from the hips down, like a cupcake. if it wasn't like a hoop-skirt kind of look, it would be belle's perfect dress.

5. Tiana's Swamp Wedding dress
once again the poofyness comes into play here. the dress is also too sparkly for my liking but Tiana rocks it anyway

4. Jasmine's Purple "dress"
I really wish she would wear something like this plus often in the movie. it brightens her face and makes her look like a proper princess

3. Pocahontas's Original dress
Even though it's bland it fits Pocahontas perfectly for her personality and spirit. it's comfy and simple.

2. Mulan's rose Matchmaker dress
Perfect is all i can say about this dress on Mulan. the couleurs brighten her face and make her stand-out. and #1 is......................

1. Tiana's Blue dress!
IT'S PERFECT! PERFECT! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the sparkles are not too much, it perfectly fits Tiana, and makes her georgeous in every way shape and form!
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Okay, so we've literally been working on this collab for plus than four months, so all of our lists are super outdated, but Macy made such incredible pictures that we couldn't just give up on this! So yeah, I hope toi enjoy lire this and all picture creds go to the incredible MacytheStrange. It was super fun doing this with both toi and Prussia :)

13. Ariel

dclairmont: There are points in the movie I think she can look beautiful, namely during "Part of Your World", but other times, she can look poorly animated and I bit ditzy. Also, I prefer Merida's hair color. Ariel's hair looks plus artificial....
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So, I made my "Favorite DP List". I know it's a mess but I'm not good at écriture these kind of stuff and my liste changes quite often. Hope toi won't find it boring.
This are just my opinions and everyone is free to agree ou disagree with them.
BTW I know that the photos with the captions sound stupid, but I added them because this liste without photos would be even plus boring to you.

13.Snow White
Poor Snow! She made it to the bottom of my list. I'm not being biased. I like her I really do but I like the other princesses more.
I like that she is an optimist, cheerful, and cares about people and...
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