In the last part Alexandra, Erica, Rapunzel, Flynn and Pascal left the tower and met Maximus. Now they've just arrived to the château where Rapunzel was born and Rapunzel now has braided hair so that she dosen't trip with her hair!

After Rapunzel got her hair fixed they decided to go around and see what they where selling at the markets and they bought apples, cupcakes and much more. Than Rapunzel noticed a picture of a Queen and king holding a baby and a pair of girls that laied fleurs in a fountain.
-This for the Lost princess, one of them said.

Rapunzel thought the girl looked similar to her and looked for a long time at the picture.

Than she started to dance and took other people with until almost everyone where dancing. Rapunzel looked at Alexandra and thought she was a great dancer. Later Alexandra explained that she had gone on dance school almost all her life which was the reason to why she was great at dancing.

When the night came closer they went down to the water and took a boat. They had to leave Maximus, but Flynn gave him apples that they had bought so that he didn't have to fell hungry.

When they where out in the middle of the water they waited paitiently on the lanterns to appear. Shortly after they arrived they saw thousans of lanterns flying in the sky. Alexandra thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen and Rapunzel and the others agreed.

Than they rowed until they stopped at the other side of the kingdom, but when they came to there Flynn and two other guys where captured. The other two guy's name where The Stabbington Brothers and they where theifs like Flynn. They also saw Mother Gothel. She took Rapunzel's hand and they walked back to the tower.

Luckily Flynn escaped the prison par some of his Friends that they met at The Snuggly Duckling, but when he arrived to the tower and had reached the haut, retour au début of the tower, he saw that Rapunzel was caught and Mother Gothel was going to take her to a place where no one would find them, but she injured Flynn very badly and Rapunzel wanted to heal him, but when she was going to do it Flynn cutted her hair so that it turned brown.

Mother Gothel became an old woman, but with a help of Pascal she fell from the tower and that marked the end for her, but Flynn was still closed to die, but when everyone thought it was the end for him a light appeard and shortly after that Flynn awoke and Rapunzel was so happy.

Shortly after that they married and lived happily ever after!

So that's it for part 3. In part 4 Alexandra meets her seconde princess Tiana. Please commentaire and tell me what toi think! I've just realised that I missed out that part where Rapunzel healed Flynn, but oh well, try to pretend that it excists.