Okay so I seen this done once so now I wanna do it~! These are actrices I like && I would not mind seeing play the Princesses~! Sorry for any grammer && spelling errors. I did not care if the Actress does is not the same nationality ou race as the princess I would like them to play because in films they cast differently too. As long as the actress looks the part they can play the part.

Jasmine: Gemma Arterton

A populaire movie Gemma played in is Prince of Persia~! She is beautiful. I would l’amour to see her as Jasmine~!

Ariel:Rachel Hurd-Wood

So I had a hard time thinking of someone to play Ariel. I l’amour Ariels hair && I wanted an actress with red hair to play her. I l’amour Emma Stone but I could not imagine her playing Ariel. But then I found Rachel~! Rachel played as Wendy in a Peter Pan movie. She is beautiful && I could see her doind a good job as Ariel.

Aurora: Amanda Seyfried

Amanda played in one of my favori films "Mammma Mia".

Belle: Anne Hathaway

Belle is the most difficult one so far. I l’amour Belle && she is very popular. So I wanted to try to find a very populaire && likeable actress but in the end I am going to find an Actress that I would l’amour to play her.

Okay so I went with Anne."The Princess Diaries" I like Anne as an actress. I chose her for Belle because of her hair, big eyes, && just her global, ensemble look. I was torn between Anne && Olivia Wilde . But only becuase I l’amour Belle && Olivia Wilde. But Olivia is nothing like Belle. So Anne it is.

Mulan: Brenda Song

Brenda Song was a Disney Channel star. My sister chose this one. I could not decide. But I like this choice.

Pocahontas: Shay Mitchell

This one was really easy. I already had her in mind. I saw Shay as Pocahontas I think in someone elses article && I thought it was a great idea. && I think Poca is one of the most beautiful princesses && Shay is so so so beautiful~! also Shay is in the incredible montrer "Pretty Little Liars"

shay mitchell

Snow White: Kristen Stewart

Well I dont really know what to say...We all know who she is from Twilight and that she is playing Snow White in the upcominhg movie. I am not a big fan of hers && I do not like Twilight very much but I still think whoever cast her as this part did a very good job. She just screams Snow White to me.

Rapunzel: Claire Holt

My Favorite~! Claire Holt has played on the Vampire Diaries<3 and H2O~! She is a great actress && very beautiful, just like Rapunzel~!

Tiana: Zoe Saldana

Beautiful actress from Avatar~!

Cinderella: Dianna Agron

I l’amour Dianna~! She is from Glee<3 && I Am Number 4<3~!

Hope toi Enjoyed~!!!