I may be a bit late but I finally wrote it.

First name:I won't unveil my name. But it means innocence -in my country.

Country of Origin: My country is Greece. Although there are some financial problems I’m proud of my culture and history.

Favorite Disney Movie:
Not only my favori Disney movie, but also one of my favori films in general, Pocahontas. I’m sad because many people don’t like it. I think it’s a Disney’s masterpiece, a hymn for nature, l’amour and equality. The story is so heart-breaking and the musique is one of the best I’ve ever heard!

Hobbies: I l’amour the word “create”. Create music, texts. Create magic. I l’amour écriture and chant and I like making things on my own. Also, I like reading, acting, listening to music. I’m in l’amour with all Disney stuff so I visit Disney clubs every day.

Education: I’m a teenager. I’m in the secondary school. Our education is a bit different compared to the Education in America ou England. At least, that’s what I know par having an English pen- friend.

Music I like: I like a bit of everything. I listen to pop, rock, country, classic music. I l’amour Elvis and Sinatra but also Aguilera and other singers. That’s what I mean par saying I like a bit of everything. But without a doubt one of my favori kinds of musique is Disney music. So meaningful!

Movies(Besides Disney) that I like: The cygne Princess, Ice Age, Scrooge( Animation), Anastasia, Shrek, Coralline, Bounty, Braveheart, Lethal Weapons, Dead Poets Society, Gallipoli, The man without a face, Titanic, Hercules Poirot etc. Again, I like a bit of every kind but I l’amour historical films plus than everything. I adore them. I watch films almost every day.

Books I read: Although I prefer lire fan fiction, livres that I like are : The bounty, Last Lecture, Agatha Christie’s novels (with Hercules Poirot), David Copperfield.

Something quick about me: I l’amour animaux and nature. I’m a person close to our mother (earth), I’m spiritual and I try to live in peace with “the spirits of the earth”.

Someone who inspires me: Many people inspires me. My mother, my father, my uncle my friends,the person who wrote the book "the last lecure", Disney characters xp To put it in a nutshell people who achieved what they wanted par following the path of justice.

Something I believe in strongly: Lots of things. But one of the most important ideologies is equality. Equality and Respect among people, nature and animals.

A career I’d like to accomplish: I don’t know yet. I’ve got lots ideas in my mind. I hope to do what’s best for me. My biggest ambition (yes, i'm ambitious) is to work in Disney, though.

A dream I’d like to accomplish: I don’t want to get married, have children and then die. I want to do other things. I’d like to live a life full of adventures, danger and interesting situation. I want to be the best in my job, no matter what kind of job it is. In other words I want to live Disney’s John Smith’s life. Yes, he is my favori Disney character and he inspires me xp (lol)

A famous person I like:
Warning:Don't kill me.
I like Mel Gibson. I think he is a great actor and director and I l’amour his movies, especially Braveheart. I don’t care about his personal life, his films are very good.

I most relate to this princess: Pocahontas. I’m free – spirited, I l’amour adventures, I want equality and justice. I’m very close to nature and animals. But I’m also like Mulan.

My haut, retour au début 5 animated Disney female characters:
1) Pocahontas (Pocahontas 1995)
2) Mulan (Mulan 1998)
3) Esmeralda (The hunchback of Notre Dame 1996)
4) Nala (Lion King 1994)
5) Belle ( The beauty and the Beast 1991)

My haut, retour au début 5 animated Disney male characters:
1) John Smith (Pocahontas 2005)
2) Flynn (Tangled 2010)
3) Tramp (The lady and the Tramp 1955)
4) Thomas O'Malley ( The Aristocats 1970)
5) Naveen (The princess and the Frog 2009)

My haut, retour au début 5 animated Disney villains:
1) Scar (Lion King 1994)
2) Hades (Hercules 199
3) Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove 2000)
4) Ursula/ Vanessa (The little Mermaid 1989)
5) Shan Yu (Mulan 1998)

At my worst I am: Aggressive and stubborn.

At my best I am: Humorous, willing to help, strong, optimistic.

Thanks for reading!