My first article here so I decided to start with my favori leading ladies!

10. Alice (Alice in Wonderland):

I l’amour Alice, first of all I l’amour her curiosity and her fantaisie over that there's another world where everything is upside down, but that she also gets annoyed par all the mad people she meets in Wonderland.

9. Jane (Tarzan):

This is the most hilarious Disney Leading Lady in my opinion, she's incredibly funny, but also interested in learning about the jungle and she has a very interesting personality.

8. Lady (Lady and the Tramp):

If I ever buy a dog I want the dog to be like Lady, a little bit funny, but willing to get the magazine every morning to me. One thing that I l’amour about Lady is that when she saw that horrible rat she didn't stop barking even though Aunt Sarah told her to stop. Lady is an inspiration for my dream dog.

7. Ariel (The Little Mermaid):

toi should know that I'm a big fan of the Disney Princesses and 4 of them made it to my list, this is the first one of them. I l’amour Ariel because she's so determind to become human just so that she can be with Eric. She's also incredibly funny especially when she's human like in that scene where she uses a fork to brush her hair, I always laugh at that point.

6. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog):

From a quite loved princess to a very underrated princess. This girl needs plus attention because she's very realistic, she works hard to acheive her dream to open up her own resturant. Okay, when she's a frog she's a bit annoying, but not very annoying in my opinion.

5. Marie (The Aristocats):

I really l’amour this child, she's so funny and of course very sweet. I think the main reason to why I l’amour her is because she's very bossy at least in my opinion, but how she also takes good care of her brothers.

4. Maid Marian (Robin Hood):

I l’amour this girl, she's so sweet and caring. I l’amour how she's very dreamy and in my opinion one of the most underrated Disney Leading Ladies, she needs plus attention.

3. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty):

While she only had 18 minutes of screentime and is one of the most underrated Disney Princesses I really l’amour her. She's so dreamy and very femenime and it isn't a problem to me at all though it was a problem a few years ago.

2. Faline (Bambi):

I know that many people don't like her because she was only supposed to be Bambi's girlfriend, but in my opinion she's plus than just that. She has a lot of energy and how she giggles very often is so cute and I know that many of toi say that it's annoying, but it's not annoying to me.

1. Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs):

This isn't a surprise to majority of you, but I've always been a big fan of her. The main reason to why I l’amour her so much is that she's very optimistic, I wished that I could look on the bright side like she does. Well, I don't need to explain so much more, she will always be my favorite, that's for sure!