Disney Females Which occasion will most make toi cry?

Pick one:
Shocked par a startling news and getting afraid
Sad because toi cannot get what toi want
Getting into trouble and thinking toi cannot get out from it
Your l’amour makes toi mad
Forbidden to meet your l’amour
toi see your l’amour go away with another woman
Separated from your parents
toi hear your l’amour is dead
toi hear best friend is dead
Parting with your injured l’amour
Feeling guilty
Your friend dies because of helping toi
Your l’amour hurts toi
Finding out someone is after your family
Your l’amour is in danger because of toi
Your l’amour actually belongs to another woman
Trapped in a place toi don't like
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 LightningRed posted il y a plus d’un an
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