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 Let's Bake Together!
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Inspired par Bleedgirl87's. Rapunzel and Once-ler do their task of baking a lot of food. For who?
the lorax
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This croisements Disney photo might contain bouquet, corsage, posy, and nosegay.

Basil and Kitty walk the streets of Petropolis, and all of a sudden, upon the two detectives, falls a big piano, and the two are stunned and said:
Kitty: Ooh
Basil: What happened, where we are, where we are, and who am I, ah, it is true are Basil of Baker Street.
Kitty: I am Kitty Katswell, if I remember correctly?
Basil: Yes, and it's true, toi are Miss Kitty Katswell, it's true!
Kitty: Oh, right, it's obvious, but ...
Basil: But What?
Kitty: toi have a strange face.
Basil: Really?
The souris investigator looks at her reflection in a puddle and now.
Basil: Eeeh, whahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa,...
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Alright, just to say that some people {not naming names} on the Disney Princesses spot inspired me to do this! :D YAY! So, I wanted to this because a lot of people probably don't know WHY I like the crossover couples I am interested in. Well I'm going to tell toi in order of 7-1. From least to greatest.

7.) {Tulio and Megara}
My number seven favori crossover couple would have to be...Tulio and Megara! Why toi ask? My opinion on this couple is very typical to me. It's not my favori couple in the world but it would be my last one on the list. I think this couple could relate to the couple,...
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