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for kristenfan 10109 because she gives me the idea to make this <3<3<3<3<3 now Jim is happy!!!
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La Belle et la Bête
(A short fanfic I wrote as a part of the Disney Crossover What If game)

Full Question: What if Chel was a servant for Kuzco and he kept denying marriage purposals because of his l’amour for her? What would happen? Would they marry, ou would he be forced into a marriage?

Some things toi should know before reading:
-This is after the first movie so Kuzco has learned his lesson and isn't as self-absorbed.
-I am ignoring the Emperor's New School series because Kuzco seems the same as he was in the beginning of the first movie.

All was quiet in the great hall. No servants bustling about, no 20 diplomats...
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 Ariel walking into the Dining Hall
Ariel walking into the Dining Hall
Aladin led the stumbling girl, who he now knew was named Ariel, into Jasmine's elaborate palace. jasmin grumbled behind them. She slowly turned on her heel, creating a rather unpleasant noise, and hurried into the servants' quarters. She slowly emerged with a worn and tattered robe. "Here Ariel" jasmin sneered tossing the ragged cloth at the jittery girl. Ariel caught it and looked at it like jasmin had just donné her an atomic bomb. "You put it on." jasmin said, obviously annoyed.

Ariel looked at the cloth in her hands. She slipped around her shoulders, before being hastily shoved through...
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 Ariel coming out of the water in rags.
Ariel coming out of the water in rags.
This is now Ariel's turn

Ariel swam as fast as she could towards her underwater palace. When she arrived she was out of breath and panting. She quickly arched her back and slowly made her way inside. She swam into her bedroom, where all 6 of her older sisters were at their own personal vanities, humming a lovely tune with a blank look in her eye.

"What's going on in her head?" One of her sisters, Aquata, asked. "I don't know, but I hope she doesn't keep humming, ou she will drive me insane!" Adrina a dit as she sat in her sea shell bed. "Sounds like she's in love!" Arista and Attina a dit as Arista...
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