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 Double Wedding!
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This croisements Disney photo contains anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

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Chapter 6: Trapped

Phebous was out looking for the gypsy girl when someone caught his eye they had a dark blue cape around them, walking with a wood cane hunched over, and smoking from a golden pipe heading into the cathedral "Hmm" he a dit his finger on his chin he got of Achilles and quietly followed behind. Know they were sûr, sans danger inside Esmeralda took off the cape and her goat Djali jumped off her shoulders as she was admiring the beauty of the cathedral listening to the sound of the monks chant she couldn't shake the feeling someone was behind her she quickly turned around knocked them to...
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But what Aurora didn't knew was that Snow White also felt sad, she felt sad because she knew that she acted too crazy and that she should've letted Aurora go to the forest alone.
"Hopefully she won't hate me despite my many mistakes", Snow White thought for herself while the tears where running down her face.

She then decided to apologize to Aurora, but she decided to wait until Aurora felt ready for it.

Meanwhile Aurora had walked to the cottage to meet her aunts, their names where Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.
"I need a potion so that I can transform into a completely different person so...
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    This is the story of me as a wizard with magical powers. I'm also the narrator of the story. But ironically, it's not even my story. This is the story of my three favori Disney dogs: Scamp, Angel, and Patch. They're on their greatest adventure ever; they're doing something no dog has ever done before. Our story begins in a nice, lovely little park in New England, where the famous Lady and Tramp are there with their family. Their owners; Jim Dear, Darling, and Junior, took them there for a picnic. However while there weren’t paying attention, the mischievous Scamp...
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 Scuttle waking up Ariel
Scuttle waking up Ariel
"Morning sweetie!" A loud voice rang out through Ariel's open window. "Scuttle?" She a dit and lightly tip-toed to the window. Scuttle flew in and knocked Ariel to the ground. "Would toi shut toi beak?" Sebastian moaned. "Scuttle! Please stop yelling! toi will wake the whole castle!"

Jasmine woke up to the sound of an annoying seagull ca-cawing it's head off. She stretched and gently nudged her beloved tiger and lion. Her tiger, Rajah, strechted his enormous paws and yawned. Kovu, her lion, immediately stood up and coated Jasmine's face in licks. She got dressed and padded into the Dining Hall,...
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Kida le sonrisa al legendario libro. Ella y Proteus sabía que si pasaba algo, sería su responsabilidad. Kida no quería correr el riesgo escaso. De repente, Proteus y Kida escuchar un gruñido fuerte desde fuera de la habitación. Se les acaba y ver que uno de los hombres de la tripulación habían sido atacados! Resulta que había otros hombres invaden la nave de Siracusa! "¿Qué vamos a hacer Proteus?!" Kida pregunta. Proteus rápidamente coge la espada en la espalda y ejerce como corre hacia los invasores. Que estaba listo para pelear. La cara de Kida fue diciendo: ¿Lo que me acerca?...
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