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 Esmeralda and Shanti
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Belle's Adventure.

Hi, I'm going to tell toi about my story of how fantaisie comes true.

"Wendy toi need to go to bed."
"Ok.. but read to me a story!"
"Hahah ok." "Let's see.." "It was a boy, a boy who he will never grow.."

"She finally get sleep.., well I'm going to continue reading."

"Shh!" I heard. I gave me back.

"AAAAAH!" I acreamed.
"No, no! don't scream."
"Who-Who're you?"
"Peter, Peter Pan."
"Peter pan..? you're from my book!"

"You tell storys?"
"eh, yes."
"Yay! come with me to neverland and tell to the Lost boys stories!"
"Really? that's amazing.."
"Sure! but you're too old."...
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Alright this is an article that I'm putting with my new crossover entitled Disney Religion. What gave me the idea of this is from going to church and than spending most of my time here making crossovers. I thought to myself if I really care about Jésus why don't I spend plus time thinking about him instead of spending time with crossovers? Is what I'm doing here really important? Shouldn't Jésus my savior be plus important than Disney crossovers?
At first the image I made was a way to bring religion to the place where I spend my time. But it turned out plus of a message for everyone who wants...
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