Almost Kiss
Hi guys, I would like to share my favourite Disney Crossovers photos here and I posté any of your artworks in this article, please forgive me.

Almost Kiss

I l’amour how this photo is represented, especially on how Cendrillon is going to Kiss Prince Adam. She has the compassion to do so and I truly appreciate the artwork, for peculiar reasons, I wish Belle was like this in the final film though!

Hans and Anna as Beauty and the Beast

If I were James Baxter, Mark Henn ou Glean Keane, I would definitely design both Belle and the Beast/ Prince Adam to be like this. She also looks perfect for Belle, especially her looks.

Hans and Anna as Philip and Aurora

For strange reasons, if I were in Aurora's position, I would also feel the same reason too. Especially with Philip's appearance.

Aurora and Cinderella

This was the first crossover that I fell in l’amour with, and I wish there was a movie about them together.

More! More! More!

I wish there were more, but sadly only 4 make it through the cut. Enjoy yourselves with the photos!
Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty style
Sleeping Beauty crossover.
Aurora and Cendrillon