"I don't know about this."
It only took the professor a few days to find a crew he trusted for the journey. However, after speaking with the captain and going over details of the trip, it was determined the trip could take at least six months- especially since they had to stop at TAU 14 to get Cale and, according to the captain, TAU 14 was out of the way and would add a few extra days to the journey. The professor couldn't leave his work that long. In the end, the professor made the decision to stay on Montressor and, instead, made it clear that Jim would take the lead of the mission. Jane also opted to stay on Montressor to help Sarah take care of things and get back on her feet.

As Jim and Meg made their way through the l’espace port in chercher of their ship, the Legacy, Jim felt the excitement and anxiety of the trip bubble up inside him. On the one hand, Jim could not believe that in just six months time he would have found Treasure Planet and would be in possession of Flint's Trove. Something he's been dreaming about his whole life.

On the other hand, Jim didn't know anything about spear heading a mission through space. In his life he's only traveled through l’espace twice; once from Earth to a drifter colony and once from the colony to the planet Montressor. The first trip had only taken a couple days and the seconde a few weeks; and he was a passenger in both flights, not the guy in charge. This was completely new territory for him. And, honestly, he didn't know if he could do it.

"This is it!" Meg announced as they approached a large ship.

The ship didn't look like much. It was newer and larger than most of the other ships at the port, but looked like an old pirate ship in the steampunk novels Meg reads. Most ships now were standard frigate-type ships, completely enclosed like the airplanes back on Earth. But the Legacy's deck was wide open, meaning it had now to provide oxygen ou protection of the crew from the elements of space.

"I don't know about this." Meg a dit as they walked up the gangplank. "How are we supposed to breathe on this ship once we leave Montressor's atmosphere?"

"Force field," a man informed them as he approached them from behind.

Jim and Meg turned around. The man was young, in his early twenties, with dark hair that fell over his rugged face. He eyed the two of them, with his gaze lingering on Meg a little too long. He reached up to brush a stray hair off his face, flexing his bicep in the process, no doubt trying to impress Meg.

"I'm Sinbad," he finally said. He held his hand out to Meg.

She stared at it like it was a snake and made no attempt to take his hand. "I'm Meg. And this is Jim Hawkins."

Sinbad looked back at Jim. "Ah. We've been expecting you, Hawkins. The captain would like to meet toi and go over some things with toi before we take off." He motioned for them to follow him.

"Can toi tell us plus about that, uh, force field?" Meg asked, trying to get a glimpse of everything on the ship as they walked by.

Sinbad nodded as they made their way up the narrow flight of stairs that led to the upper deck. "We have an invisible force field…" he paused. "I guess it's actually plus of an invisible dome that encompasses and airlocks the ship so we can still breathe while in space, but not have to stay cooped up in a glorified metal tank ou wear l’espace Suits – Avocats sur Mesure and helmets."

"That's awesome," Meg said.

Sinbad smiled at her over his shoulder. "Yeah, it is. The captain's dad designed and built this ship about ten years ago. It's the only one of its kind."

They stopped outside of a door and Sinbad knocked on it. A moment later the door opened. A man around the same age as Sinbad stood on the other side. The first thing Jim noticed about him was the black eye patch over his right eye. A scar ran down his right away from the haut, retour au début of his eyebrow down to just below his cheek bone, though most of the scar was hidden underneath the eye patch. The seconde thing Jim noticed was how blue his other eye was; like it had been enhanced in some way.

"Captain, this is the Hawkins boy," Sinbad told him.

The captain nodded and motioned for the three of them to come in. Once they were all inside the captain's quarters, he closed and locked the door.

"I'm Captain John Smith," the captain told them.

"It's good to finally meet you," Meg told him. "Professor Porter talked a great deal about toi after he hired you. He a dit there wasn't a better captain in the galaxy."

Captain Smith's face remained flat. "The professor exaggerated. I'm not even the best captain docked at this port. But, I appreciate his- and your- confidence in me." He turned to face Jim. "Hawkins, as I told the professor, this stop toi want to make at TAU 14 is completely out of the way. I'd like to advise against the stop and set our heading straight for Treasure Planet."

"That's not an option," Jim told him.

"I think we should listen to the captain," Meg said.

Jim glared at her. From the start, she was against bringing Cale along on the mission. She was still amer towards him for leaving them two years ago. "We're not doing this without Cale."

Captain Smith glanced back and forth between them. Finally he said, "Very well. We should reach TAU-14 in about a week ou so. Sinbad, montrer them to their quarters while I prepare the rest of the crew for takeoff."


There were only enough quarters on the ship for half the crew, so there were two to a room. Jim was bunking with Sinbad's brother, Flynn Rider, while Meg was bunking with the only other female on the ship, Jasmine.

The moment Meg met Jasmine, all of her self-confidence seeped right out of her. jasmin was hands down the most beautiful woman Meg had ever seen. She had a perfectly fit, yet curvy, body, tan flawless skin, raven black hair that fell down to her waist and seductive brown eyes that somehow made Meg's purple eyes seem dull.

jasmin was rifling through her suitcase when Meg walked into the room. She looked up and gave her a smile. "You must be Meg. I'm so excited to have another woman on this ship." She held her hand out to Meg.

Meg shook it and was surprised at how smooth Jasmine's skin felt- like she was literally made out of porcelain.

"The captain wants all hands on deck, Jasmine," Sinbad informed her.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm coming." jasmin gave Meg a small wave before following after Sinbad.

Meg sighed and sat down on her bed. Which she was disappointed to find out was little plus than a cot. She dropped her bag on the floor at her feet.

A few secondes later Jim appeared in the doorway. "Was that your bunkmate?" he asked her.

"You mean that Egyptian Goddess that just walked out of here? Yeah, that's her."

Jim sat down across from Meg on Jasmine's bed. "Wow."

"I know. Is it just me ou is everyone on this ship exceptionally gorgeous?" Meg asked.

Jim agreed. An awkward silence fell over them for a few moments before Jim said, "I can't believe we're doing this."

"Me either. A couple weeks il y a I was waiting tables at the Inn and now the Inn is gone and we're on a spaceship headed for Treasure Planet."

Jim shook his head in disbelief. "Is this even real?"

"I don't know." Meg looked around her small quarters. "I keep expecting to wake up in my room in the Inn."

Jim leaned back and rested his head against the wall. "I can't wait to find Cale and tell him about all of this."

Meg rolled her eyes. "I don't understand your loyalty to him. He left us. He doesn't care about us ou any of this." She motioned around them.

"You're wrong, Meg. He didn't leave us. He left because he was bored and he didn't want to wait tables at the Inn for the rest of his life. He wanted more, so he went out and got it."

"Like your dad?" Meg challenged.

Jim sat up with a pained and angry look on his face. "What have I done to toi to make toi hate me so much?"

"What?" That wasn't the response Meg had been expecting.

"Look, I was only three when we left Earth and I don't really remember anything about my time there. But I do know you've always hated me, even back then. What I don't understand is why."

The ship suddenly jerked, cutting off Meg's reply. Jim shook his head and got to his feet. "Forget it. I'm gonna go watch the launch."

Meg stared at her doorway long after Jim had left. She hated Jim as a kid because she was afraid he would steal her best friend from her. As they got older and were living together, that fear became reality when Cale and Jim became best Friends and Meg started to hate Jim even more. She thought maybe things would change between them after Cale was gone, but the truth was that Meg had been hating Jim for so long that she didn't know how not to hate him.
"It's the only one of its kind."
"I'm Captain John Smith."
"What have I done to toi to make toi hate me so much?"