Let "The Brady Bunch" tell it, the middle kid gets no love. But on the six-season series "Run's House," Diggy Simmons was easy to zoom in on. Deeming himself a triple threat (singer, actor, dancer), the son of hip-hop legend Joseph Lloyd "Reverend Run" Simmons made his talents known early.

Ironically it wasn't until after the reality montrer went off that girls stopped swooning over his looks and everyone started listening to his lyrics. In a world surrounded par new hip-hop artists whose rhymes are about as challenging to memorize as a Dr. Seuss book, Diggy Simmons chose to utilize catchy hooks with lyric-heavy rhymes. Super producer Pharrell has been his mentor, and Diggy proudly looks up to geai, jay Z and Kanye West.

One of the most lyrically talented artists in the hip-hop game, Nas, was impressed to hear Diggy remake his song "Made toi Look (Flow Stoopid)."

"[Rev.] Run is the king of rap, and for him to have a son who’s that nice?," Nas a dit in a Vibe interview. "I don’t think we’ve seen that in hip-hop yet—he’s nice and his father’s the king? That’s historic, bro."

From a marketing standpoint, he's managed to ride the line between being a lady's man and gaining supporters from your favori rapper's rapper. Taking full advantage of social media, he's used the hashtag #DiggysGirl to promote his latest single "My Girl" and engage with his female audience. Selfies and canard lips dominate the photo gallery, and this clever promotion spreads the word about his "Who Else But Us" tour without spending a dime.

Opting out of choosing his father's reputation to earn his hip-hop stripes, so far he's done a good job of doing both with limited controversy. The biggest gossip scoop on Diggy is for defending his sister, which is no surprise for the noticeably close family. And even with the catty kiss-and-tell lyrics from J. Cole, Diggy quickly went back to business as usual.