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Okay, so I am starting part two to my first part on the other article, I just wanted to tell everyone that it’s me Lionkinglove, and my account got suspended... probably even permanently, forever. I will now talk about my article and how Kara’s storyline is my favorite, I think why her storyline is one of my favoris again is the how they made it, and how it is really interesting. I really liked how they made the characters too. I kind of wish that Kara had even plus chapters, and that I was kind of disappointed she had less chapters. I also think Ed that she could of had a bigger role in the game, because in that short film, KARA, it sounds like they were hinting, that she could of had a bigger role too the revolution in the game. So what were your thoughts about her storyline? Post in the commentaires below!
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Okay, just before I get started with this Article, I wanna thank all of toi who are lire this and here right now, and also this Article.. book.. will not be as good as other people’s because this is one of my first articles in fan pop. Now I will take about why Kara’s story line might be my most favori one, is because i felt that it is can connect plus to other people, like me, and that in some of the scenes in her story makes me have the feels. I also like her character in general, it can be inspiring in a way too. I also like the storyline too, and how it goes well with her. Also with the background characters, that they are kind of, really remembable too. I also like her all of her character designs, and her outfits too!! Also I really wish, that she had plus chapters and a bit of slightly more, in her story, and she’s one of my favorites! Thanks for lire this, I really, really appreciate when people look at this tysm. - Lionkinglove :3