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posted by canal
"Go die" they say when they pass me in the halls. Yes, i may have blonde hair contacts that make my eyes look red snakebites tatoos and black clothing but does that mean toi have to hurts me. "Kill me now please" i beg god everyday. "Pathetic girl" mother a dit slapping me leaving a red mark. "Shut the f*** up" my sister says kicking me down. Father? do toi hear me? please come back to me.
Since when has my depression gone to suicide? i have no idea. "I'm so sorry" he'd say wrapping his arms around me my only friend. Chaner? Do toi hear me? i may be a horrible friend but i still l’amour you.
Do i...
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posted by cutiepie0310
Black is the color
that the sad wear in mourning
feeling of wanting them back.

Black is the color
that befriends toi when no one else is there
that holds toi in a prison with no escape
keeping toi from happiness
hiding in a dark corner of a room.

Black is hot coffee in the morning,
a bat flying through caves,
scratching of fingernails against a chalkboard,
a cat's silky fur.

Black is the night sky revealing stars,
Ghosts lurking in the shadows,
a monster's ferocious scream,
evil that lies within your soul.
posted by SaturdaySurpris
Managing Stress Levels

This is an important longer-term strategy for resisting depression.

Stress, anger and anxiety

How we habitually deal with stress plays an important role in our vulnerability to depression. Certain depressed thinking habits make us particularly vulnerable also to anxiety ou anger spirals, which in turn contribute to the depression habit spiral.

Control - the holy grail

Anxiety and anger spirals arise mainly from the kinds of depressed thinking which focus on imposing unrealistic control over life: rule-bound thinking, control freakery, catastrophising, hyper-vigilance and avoidance....
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posted by blossomyumyum
I walk on a cold, mysterious path. It isn't safe- toi cannot trust anyone anymore, can you, my dear? I'm sorry, darling, I messed up and made toi lose me. I am a mess in a dress who can't be fixed. But, oh! I told toi it all. Things I swore to never tell a soul. I'm sorry for being a wreck, I'm sorry for fights, I'm sorry for everything. Please, oh, please, take me in. I'm cold and slowly resting for the night. I'm so sorry I'm dramatic, I'm so sorry I make toi hate upon me. I'm sorry, my baby, may toi forgive me?
posted by anilesenight
The arc en ciel full of color and light
broken dreams and tears in flight
bedtime stories to fall asleep
nightmares awaken to disturb me

shadows glide across the room
shifting shapes and violent jerks
getting closer, setting fire
scary faces and disturbing smirks

these faces in my dreams are nothing as they seem
freeing demons to come control me
setting feu to the rain as i sleep
you're nothing as i thought toi be

sparkles fall from the sky and burn my eyes
a haunting scene of melting light
montrer me something to set me free
to escape this place of foresaken reality

crackling embers burn my skin
sounds of bells ring in my ears
peoples misery drawing in fears
touch me and watch me fall to the ground

fancy charms, rude awakenings
multicolored hearts fill the pages of my mind
dark memorys erase once was
my soul forever Lost never was kind

i know life isnt always
worth while but I know
Ill find someone who
will treat me like I should

Only In My Dreams
posted by NightFrog

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK)

National Adolescent Suicide Helpline - 1-800-621-4000

NDMDA Depression Hotline – Support Group - 1-800-826-3632

Crisis Help Line – For Any Kind of Crisis - 1-800-233-4357

Survivors of Bereavement par Suicide: (UK only) - 0844-561-6855

24/7 Crisis Line:(Canada only) - 905-522-1477

Youth America Hotline - 1-877-YOUTHLINE (1-877-968-8454)

Teen Helpline - 1-800-400-0900

Runaway Support (All Calls are Confidential) - 800-231-694






posted by xxNeverBrokenxx
1. I cry myself to sleep
2. Cut mostly everday
3. I starve to be skinny
4. I hate myself
5. No one can break me down
6. Im forgetting the good side of life
7. Ive attempted suicide 4 times this year
8. I want a family but that might not happen
9. Bullied
10. I sit in my room thinking of my death and my funeral... no one but my loved one comes
11. When everyone thought I did succeed in suicide the people who drve meto itfake cried.
12. Ive been abused
13. I want to eat everything but the voice in my head chastises me
14. I dream of killing the people who torture me
15. I paint a smile on daily
posted by cutiepie0310
I want someone to love.Someone who I can make my own and is easy to talk to.I'll be their first choice and never their second.They'll play with my hair and twist it between their fingers just like my mom used to when I was little.My wanted someone will hug me tight and cuddle a lot. He will make me laugh when I'm down and be serious if necessary. We will act like little kids just for fun. He'll be romantic for sure. My someone will be at least somewhat cute so even his smile will make me smile. I want someone who appreciates me for me and will still l’amour me if I do something wrong. It would be nice if he was smart so he could help me out with stuff I can't do ou don't understand. I know I sound selfish,but I know for sure I'd be super happy.

Of course since it is a lot to ask for,there is not likely to be a person like that and it is unrealistic and impossible.

(btw i already know the grammar and wording of sentences are bad so please don't complain about them)
posted by FreeAwesomeness
(This is actually something that has happened to me at school. For those of toi who have been through bullying ou are going through it right now, I understand how toi feel.)
“Just déplacer to the back of the line, where toi belong.”
The words toi told me slowly began to rip me apart. I hung my head down in shame, knowing toi were right. I DID belong at the back and the bottom of everything. I turned around, and went to where toi had ordered me to go. I know I wasn’t supposed to let the opinions of others define me, but I think it’s a bit too late for that. Every opinion...
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posted by rockstarjb12
Open your eyes to what is going on with me deep down and really understand why i sometimes frown i want toi to see how i really am inside im tired of trying to cover it up and hide toi think toi know me but toi really dont toi should but toi probably wont Open your eyes and see the real me
not the person that toi want me to be understand that toi cant make me who im not even though toi probably want to a lot i dont care what the heck toi think okay? im gonna find myself and be who i really want to be everyday
Open your eyes and see why im this way its because of everything thats happened to me,that i think about everyday whats done is done but the effects are still here living everyday of my life with some sort of fear why do i not really like people and have issues? because i have been hurt par them so many times theyve made me cry and go get tissues
posted by Rock_n_Roll671
Broken Mirrors
I was walking a long path, the most horrible path toi can take, the one with thorns on the ground, blood on the trees, and dark clouds. The path of life. I was sad, alone, depressed. Because I was looking back at all the things I left behind, just so i can finish the path. I didn't know why, i just had to finish it. While I was walking it hit me, I have been walking this path forever, I want to reflect on everything, I don't want to take this path anymore. I sobbed and cried, and I didnt know where I was going. I crashed into something, and hard, cold, glass shattered on me....
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posted by cutiepie0310
I don't know who I want to be. I just can't decide whether I want to be quiet and mysterious ou sociable and cheerful. toi may think it's an obvious choice, but it's not for me.

I feel like being both, but I feel like it's wrong to be both. everything with me is either one ou the other.

On one hand,I feel like pushing people aside.Mostly because they annoy me,but also because I feel better when I'm alone. One the other hand,I feel like talking to everyone with joyfulness.

I feel like the whole world is frowning upon me.

But yet I feel like smiling and that I can do anything without being ashamed. Every time I do this though,it turns to be something to be ashamed about and just wanting to keep my happiness inside and to never montrer it again.

Feeling like crawling inside a hole.

Feeling sorrow,guilt,embarrassment,happiness,unstoppable,trapped,and furious all at the same time. It's driving me crazy!
posted by cutiepie0310
These regrets are plus like nightmares. And these nightmares never end. Somebody please stop them before I go insane.

Feeling like no one can save me from the depths of my disgrace.

All of my couleurs have turned gray since the first jour I felt this way.

I know there's people who l’amour me and couldn't live without me,but that doesn't change the fact that I want to disappear. Because all I ever do is make mistakes.

Making the wrong déplacer at the wrong time is what I do. For there isn't room for people like me.

I don't want to feel any emotion. Not even l’amour for I fear there is still a gaping hole inside of me that I can't seem to fill.

Feeling detached from everything is the only way I can put how I really feel. Everything just seems so far out of reach. I want to be one of those people who feel complete but it seems impossible.

I am so weak because the only thing keeping me alive is my fear of pain.
posted by silverlocket
You are plus than the choices that toi make. toi are plus than the many hearts you’ll break. toi are plus than your dreams that don’t come true. toi are plus than whatever people think of you.
You are plus than the things that toi say. toi are plus than the places that toi stay. toi are plus than the things that toi do. toi are plus than I could ever think of you.
You are so much plus than what toi think. Your life right now is only beginning These tests and trials that come to you, are meant to make toi someone new. toi are more. toi are worth it. toi are so much greater than toi think...
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If I was gone, who would I leave behind?
If I was gone, would anyone care?
Would I be better off away from my lonely life?
Would I make it better, if I was gone.
No one seems to care. Do they l’amour me?
Do they even know?
The fact that I am empty inside?
Sometimes I want to say "Forget it all."
Does anyone need me?
Do I have a reason to be here?
All I what?
None of it matters anymore,
I am tired of the mess that is my life.
Am I meant to be?
I don't know.
But will it change?
Do I have a strength?
Is there a lighter side?
A door that can be opened?
I can't open it now.
Is it too early?
...or too late?
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posted by AndrewX
We are born,happy,cheerful and not knowing what happens in the end. But I know the true meaning of life,Death. Living life just keeps us waiting till "Death do us part". Theres no way to spend the remaining time in your life besides beind alone. Being alone can satisfy and occupy yourself. Fill your mind with everything wonderful that hasn't been ruined yet. Exclude everyone,they are a distraction. They can't help toi with your fate, Its only in your control. Take in the silence,it'll only calm toi down rather than bring toi down. If silence won't help toi cope with the pain,then just cry...
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posted by canal
Not many people can say, when they smile, they mean it. I've finally Lost it all, my parents dead, sister commit suicide to get away from me, noone talks to me. I sit alone in a dark house listening to one song every jour seven days a week fife our four weeks a month, twelve months a year. Every night i cry my self to sleep. I..have officialy Lost all of my sanity. so today, with no sanity, i've decided to commit suicide so goodbye every one, i hope your better off without me.. link
posted by canal
Have toi ever felt like the third, maybe fourth wheel? Have toi ever felt that one moment in your life toi needed someone.. no one was there? Have toi ever thought of suicide? Every day.. i'll wake up afraid i'll say one small little thing and every thing falls apart. Is me being bipolar the cause of my problems? no, i choose the be the way i act.. but i snap easily. with no control.. i've felt like a third ou fourth wheel i've needed some one and they weren't hear for me.. and i.. have thought of suicide and many times did i attempt it.. many of those times i failed. I have many Friends and...
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we may b different,we may b quiet,we may look different,we may act different,but put those differences aside. we r each a human,we r each a person,and we each have our pride. So what makes us different???i'll tell u why...

Emo,Goth,Misunderstood,or even depressed, each contain a feeling of frustration and distress. Those feelings come inside of us and stay in our souls,they eat our flesh in other words our happiness.

When happiness fades away,the negative feelings are the only ones that stay.

Some people wonder,they wonder what-who we are who we are.
We are who we are because our past ou present...
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I was once in the pit of all darkness...
Where all my fears and anything and everything didn't matter.... where nothing helped.
No love.
No help.
No one cared.
At least... thats how it felt...
No one noticed because of the mask, the mask everyone see's...

I felt like everyone would either be better off if I just DIED ou might even throw a party!
Ha! I used to think thats what they all wanted they just acted nice.
I felt I didn't deserve there kindess.
Thats what I 'thought'.
Every night crying my self asleep,
every night thinking of how to kill my self,
every night praying...

praying God would kill...
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