Clare- As a niner she was very geeky. She wore a uniform everyday then she meet Ali and K.C. both of them have turnned Clare around. After CLare's and K.C.'s breakup Clare has become her own person. Shr no longer cares what people think. Credit has to be donné Eli Goldsworthy for helping out as well. This an Clare has gotten her hair cut and got laser eye surgey. All eyes are on Clare now. Shen has changed for the best and she could have anyone she wants. Which we all know is Eli.

Eli- We don't know much about him. But we already l’amour him. He's dark and mysetrious while being caring and sweet. We all think he has his cœur, coeur set for Clare but is it true? Even though this might be long and boring i'm going to take each scene where Clare and Eli are together and try to trasnlate what happend. It might get us find out how they feel ou it might be a pointless article I don't know yet. So let's find out!

cALre and ALi were fighting over Clare's glasses. All of the sudden they go flying out of thier hands when Eli runs them over. Eli stops his car and picks them up and says "I think they're dead. The clare goes to explain she got laser eye surgery and she doesn't need them anymore. Eli neraly kills me when he says "You have pretty eyes". Clare then blushes and agree to see each other later.
Translation: Eli thinks Clare has pretty eyes. Clare's crush on Eli begins.

Clare getss a C on her English letter. While she is saying how confused she is Eli kinda has this annoyed look on his face As if he can't belive she is jouer la comédie like that. then he kinda smirks when he bumps into her.
Translation: Eli doesn't like it when Clare gets all smart-allic-y.

Clare and Eli are lire each other papers an thier conversation goes something like this.
"So what do toi think?"
"Its uhhh."
" It cleverley..."(blah blah blah)
"The titles centered"
"Doss is right i have writers block"
"So don't turn it in"
"And say what? The dog at my homework?"
"Or toi could take off"
"You mean skip?"
"If toi want to get offical."
"It would give plus time to write away better assignment"
The cloche, bell rings.
"Desion making time. Stay ou go?"
Clare pack up heer stuff and heads to leave the classroom. Elilooks surprised.
"Well? toi coming?" Eli and Clare leave the classroom together.
Translation: Eli wants to see Clare to do something something different.Skip. While Clare just wants to workon her English assignment. But wouldn't mind Eli's company.

Eli and Clare convo while ditiching school.
"Wow. This a first skipping school to do work"
"I don't get how toi got an A and I got a C"
"Simple. I'm dating Ms.Doss."
He laughs.
"Your a good writer but anyone could have written this paper. There's no point of view."
"I wrote about gun control I say its good"
"Wow. Conversational"
"ok. Fine. What am I supposed to write about"
"Something that pisses toi off"
"Besides my English partner?"
"If toi could change one thing in the world what would it be?"
"My mom and dad. They're not exactly getting along."
"So write about that."
"I can't its personal"
"You care to much about what ppeople think"
That is not true"
"Thren prove it. Scream. At the haut, retour au début of your lungs."
Eli scoffs. "Thats the best toi could do?"
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Meanwhile Eli seems shocked that Clare can scream that loud.
"Ok. Your turn"
"Nah. Not really my style."
Then they start fighting about it. Until hes backed against the pole. and they are gazing into each others eyes. then they let go of eacxh other and eli has this look on his face thats says "I've got her hooked"
Translation: They l’amour making fun of each other while helping each other out. Eli and clare like each other.

Clare and Eli's convo while IMing.
Eli: plus public embarassment tonight?
Clare: Is that invation?
Eli: Do toi want it to be?
Clare: l’amour to hang-but I can't
Tanslation: They l’amour to be together.

Eli's and Clare convo in the hallway
"Missed ya last night was Twilight on?"
"She thinks she protecting from me from lying But shes making it worse!"
Eli grabs Clare's arm. "Stop. now rewind and... Play"
" According to my mom everything is fine betwwen her and my dad. Anyone can see it's not"
"Do toi think they're getting a divorce?"
"Divorced? My parents would never get a divorced My moms just sad that my Dad's always in a bad mood"
"Well have toi told them how toi fell"
"I've tried but they don't want to talk"
"Well toi can tell them how toi feel in that English paper. Kill 2 birds with one stone"
Translation: Eli really wanted to see Clare the night before. ELi tries to help with Clare. Clare takes Eli's advice.

Eli and Clare's conversation. .... Again.
"Wow. How did it feel to write this?"
"Good.Really good.It's everything I wanted to say."
Then the teacher goes on about how they skippped blah blah blah...
And Clare read her paper. thgen Eli says how it should be at the showcase the teacher agrees.
Their coonversation continues.
"My mom's going to be aat the showcase!"
"Then she'll be forced to listen to you. Isn't this what toi wanted."
Trnaslation: Eli is trying to help Clare out. Clare is unsure of taking Eli's advice.

8. montrer CASE
"Ok toi wanted to talk to your mom. This is your chance"
"Maybe I am a worry wart maybe nothings wrong at home"
"Look at toi your scared"
"Finding out about whats really wrong with your parents"
"Thats not true"
"Then prove it"
"Doss assinged us as English partners because she thought toi needed sûr, sans danger risks"
"Withn my écriture not my life. This isn't me shouting at a park in front of a bunch of strangers.This is my family its personal"
Clare then walks away.Eli looks upset that Eli is gone.
Translation: Eli has gotten to afr into Clare's life and her descions. She can't take up the challenge. ELi seems upset for hurting Clare.

Clare walks out the front door and see's Eli.
"What are toi doing here"
"Hi Eli how are you? Fine Clare thanks for asking"
"If toi don't want to tell your mom how toi feel then I respect that"
"Too late"
"You read her the letter?"
"And she wants to know whats wrong as much as I do.She and my dad are in there talking"
"So what your saying is my plan worked"
"Could toi be plus smug?"
"Absoutley!" The both laugh.
"Here toi might want to borrow these there noise cancelation. Just in case things get worse with your parents of toi want to ignore an /english partner."
" And I'm sorry for interferring. I promise not to do it again."
Eli then goes to his car. Clare puts he rhand on haut, retour au début of his and then says
"Um. toi can interfere every once in a while.But I'm still going to do whatever I want."
"I wouldn't expect anything less"
Translation: Eli wanted to let Clare know he wasn't trying to hurt her. And lent her his headphones. Clare put her hand onhis an dthey stayed like that for awhile. Whi9ch is romantic.

After this long translation of everything. I think Clare is completley into Eli. While Eli is just now understanding Clare. But he doesn't like it when Clare gets upset over little things.

So ya hope that helped....