salut everyone!!!well i'm pretty sure most of ya'll have seen these par now,but if toi havn't,here it is!
(I don't own nun of the following,yes it is from a reliable sourse,its from MuchMuisic's website)

"MuchMusic's schedule now has episode titles and descriptions:

1001 - Waiting for a Girl, Part 1 (7/19)
houx J is back for her senior an at Degrassi with a mission. President of the student body equals entrance to Yale and Declan’s life. But when Sav decides to run against her, HJ will do anything to get votes, no matter how ruthless?

1002 - Waiting for a Girl, Part 2 (7/20)
Fiona is doing great after her "break" in the Hamptons... new outlook, new boyfriend,... But when shining knight Bobby turns out to have a few anger issues, will anyone believe that Fiona isn’t just being dramatic... again!?

1003 - Breakaway, Part 1 (7/21)
Fiona cannot handle the scrutiny in New York and runs to the only friend she can trust. houx J and Sav go at it in a débats and houx J panics.

1004 - Breakaway, Part 2 (7/22)
Sav has a final chance to stand up to his class president supporters about Anya’s pregnancy secret...and to his parents about his relationship with Anya. houx J has to decide if she’s willing to risk friendships to get into Yale.

1005 - 99 Problems, Part 1 (7/26)
Riley will do anything to win the QB position on the football team. But when his rival, Drew, threatens to "out" him, Riley is forced to take matters into his own hands. Alli tries out for the Power Squad.

1006 - 99 Problems, Part 2 (7/27)
Riley takes his feud with Drew too far, putting his position on the football team and relationship with Zane in jeopardy. Alli starts a Dance Troupe to rival the Power Squad.

1007 - Better off Alone, Part 1 (7/28)
KC’s mom shows up to win back custody but is KC ready to give her a seconde chance? Clare’s new English partner helps her confront her parents’ marital problems.

1008 - Better off Alone, Part 2 (7/29)
KC hangs with a tougher crowd to cope with his mom’s return. But the mischief he gets into with his new buds may change his life forever. Eli convinces Clare to express her family frustrations through her writing."

THERE IT IS!!!!!!yay!!!i'm uberly superly excited now!!the episodes all seem freakin beast!!!!i really hope Anya's pregnancy is real!i also can't wait for the Clare,KC,& Fiona episodes!!!!