It's now been about a week and a half since the dance and since Sav and Anya gave them selfs to each other. Although lately Anya had been really nauseous in the morning and starving par mid day, she started to get worried. In gym that morning she felt so queasy she asked the teacher to go to the nurse. In the nurses office she just sat on the beam and holding her stomach in fear. The nurse saw that look on her face and knew what it was. she pulled out a boxed pregnancy test and gave it to her and a dit "I can see this is why toi may not be felling well, but don't worry it could always be a negative" and Anya a dit "I doubt it I have all of the signs, vomiting in the morning, starvation in the afternoon and I'm late" then the nurse a dit handing the nurse office visit slip form "just take it toi need to be sure of it" Anya put the test in her bag and walked over to her locker holding her bag in the locker knowing the answer was there. The cloche, bell rang and Sav came held her hips from behind, kissed her cheekish neck area and a dit "hey babe" and she moved his hand s off her stomach area and a dit in a tired and sad tone "nothing you?" and Sav immediately knew something was wrong so he a dit "whats wrong" and Anya a dit in the same tone "nothing, nothings wrong" and Sav a dit "Anya I can tell that something is wrong, what is it" and she just stood there and a dit "nothing ok i have to get to class" (fade out)(fade in) Chantae is on the anti-grapevine blog typing how some people saw Sav and Anya finally swiping the V-card at the dance. It Said:

V-Card Swiped

At the winter wonderland dance sources say they caught Sav and Anya right there in the mist of finally cutting the V-card, it's about time.

(fade out) (fade in) It is the break before the in school pep-rally and Anya decided to ditch it in these terms. She sat out side the main point of the Degrassi sign in the front. She was depressed at this moment.