The jour of the Dance at school Sav was talking to Danny and a dit "so I rented our own limo, and we have it for a late time, if toi get where I'm getting at" Danny got it and a dit "good thinking" and then Sav a dit "maybe now I can use those condoms that I bought for the retreat" and Danny a dit "you don't want to get fresh ones?" and Sav a dit "these ones are fine" Danny shook it off and no big deal (fade out) Sav was getting ready, he slipped the condoms in his coat, grabbed Anya's fleur bracelet and walked out. He went to Anya's house and she walked down the stairs in a beautiful, sexy , red dress that came down to ground and had a small drape and had a tare in the dress (on purpose)and her hair with a little half bun pinned in with curls. Sav was amazed, she walked down and a dit "ready?" still speechless he a dit nothing and just stared at her and she a dit "Sav back to planet earth" and Sav a dit "oh sorry, toi look.... amazing" and she a dit "why thank you, now can we go" and he a dit "ya sure" they walked out. In the limo Sav was so tempted just to spring on her. She was so, hot, in his retrospect. Anya scooted over to him and held his knee and a dit in a sly tone "this is so romantic just you, just me, alone, in a big long limo" as if she knew what she what he was thinking. She kissed him slowly and long. she moved her hand from his knee to his thigh. He reacted with passion. They made that limo into an action room. He undid her half bun so now her was all down in a pretty yet a bit messy way. She got on his lap and sat on it, he brought his hands to her lower hip (her butt). He began to unzip her dress and then she a dit in a tone that a dit was uncomfortable "Sav, wait, just wait" she paused and a dit in a sly tone "just wait to later tonight" They continued they're make out until they arrived at the dance. Sav tipped the driver so that he could leave the limo here with out him in it and come back when he called him back. During the Dance Sav and Anya were dancing her head was on the tip of his chest. They both knew what was to happen that night. They both knew they were ready for it. Sav then a dit to Anya quietly that only she could hear it "I l’amour you" and she a dit looking in his eyes "I l’amour toi too" The DJ then a dit that there was only one last song of the night. Sav gave Anya a look that a dit "do toi want to get out of here" and she grabbed his hand a slowly pulled him out side. They were now in the parking lot, alone, Anya's back was to the door and she had her hands around Sav's neck and his hands were around her waist. It was quiet then Sav a dit "you know I really do l’amour you, I'm not just saying that" and she a dit " I know, because I l’amour toi too. I l’amour toi so much" the she pulled him closer and kissed him they got hot and heavy. Sav opened the limo door and Anya fell back on the longest of all the set of seats. Sav was able to close the door. She started to take off his veste and the condoms fell out and she stopped and picked them up and a dit "you knew?" and he a dit "well toi a dit very soon so I just wanted to be prepared" and she a dit "well thank goodness toi are cause your gonna need them." She started to unbutton his chemise and he unzipped her dress. now she only had her bra (really push up) and a thin pair of underwear on and he only had his boxers she pulled him plus closer to her especially at the hips. He grabbed her boobs and the unclipped her bra. she brought down his boxers and he did the same with her underwear. he put the old condom on and they went all the way. In every way possible.

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