<this takes place as the filler of season 9 so far <as the episode "beat it part 2" and maybe some newer episodes may later become incorporated that is an unknown factor enjoy>

jour the story begins at: Monday December 14, 2009

Since Sav found out about Anya's little fantaisie world they had gotten much closer. Because of this Sav had some plans for the upcoming Winter Wonderland Dance that was this weeks, Friday. His plans were similar to his plans when they went on the wild life retreat. So shall we now come on in the Degrassi hallways in the morning. Sav was at Anya's locker waiting for her to arrive. As she stepped into the halls she saw Sav waiting for her. Once she was at her locker she a dit somewhat smerky and happy "what are doing here?" and he responded in also a smerky and happy tone saying "what, a guy can't stand outside his girlfriends locker without being questioned?" and she a dit in the same tone "well, with no reason toi will. (pauses for less than 5 seconds) so whats up?" and he a dit pulling out the tickets "well, I am here to officially ask toi to the winter wonderland dance" she a dit in a fun smirk "oh well this is out of nowhere..." he stopped her and grabbed her par the hips and pulled her closer to him and she wrapped her hands around his neck and he a dit "just say yes your just procrastinating" and she a dit "well when toi put it that way...yes i will go with you" they had a passionate Kiss that was quickly interrupted par the cloche, bell (fade out). (fade in) In first period Declan and Fiona were in Mr.Simpson's Computer Ed class and yet again as Bruce struck with her as Declan saved her Declan says to Fiona "this is the last time i'm doing this" and she says "oh really then I guess your little secret of yours is not in sûr, sans danger keeping" and he says "you only know the basics my dear sister" she says confused "what? basics? how many levels do toi have?" and he réponses "wouldn't toi want know (sits down in his siège quietly) too bad you'll never know" She then sat down thinking what it could be that he is hiding (fade out). (fade in) After school at the Bendari house hold Sav walks n and his father says "Sav, come in here" He walks in to see his mother sitting down and his father lire the paper then a dit to Sav "Sav since this Friday your school is having a dance your mother and I thought it was a great chance for toi and Asha (his arranged wife) to go together" Sav was shocked and thought immediately about Anya and a dit "What? NO! I already made plans fro the dance" his mother a dit "well your with Asha she is coming for dîner tonight so get dressed in some nice clothes for once" they walk out and Sav stands there worried, confused, devastated and scared. (fade out). (fade in)Fiona is at accueil in Declan's room snoppy around and says "crap where is... ANYTHING" then she stumbles across a notebook that a dit "all of it" she wondered what it meant the all of a sudden she then heard Declan coming up the stairs and starts to panic and grabbed the notebook and jumped out the seconde story window and landed on her feat. As Declan walk into his room Fiona walked back in the door and ran into her room and started to open to a aléatoire page and read. She was shocked (fade out)