Don't lie. toi are all terribly obsessed with Johnny and Alli just as much as I am. And there is not enough 'Jalli' fiction out there people.

Soo, here is the first chapter, I'm working on the suivant one as toi read this. Tell me what toi think. Thoughts, ideas, flames, I adore them all.


He watched her as she got up from her position on the lit and walked out of the room to the bathroom. Her long legs seemed to never end and her long dark tousled hair in a messy bun. She wore a pair of his plaid blue boxers, he swore they had never looked that good on him, and her tight t-shirt. The ever present fact that she wasn't wearing a bra showed, and he thought he could handle that fact, until he felt the stirring in his loins that told him otherwise.

He thought back to how it all began and how they ended up here, in the present. Where he was currently laying on his lit in only a pair of boxers and the bedsheets crumpled all around him. He could hear musique from the bathroom and the sound of the douche running, he sighed thinking about the hot water running all over her naked body. God, how he wished he was that water.

He ran a hand over his face, was he really jealous of...water?

Damn, he was pathetic. But he couldn't help it, she was just so ridiculously tempting, looking up at him from those thick lashes, the smirk on her plush lips. He knew that he'd never be able to tell her no. He figured that out a long time ago.

It had been almost two years since their night in the ravine, since they both Lost their virginity and almost their relationship. Johnny graduated, one of the first in his family, and Alli was a Junior at Degrassi. Their relationship wasn't public, but it wasn't a secret either. The only people who really seemed not to know was their parents. Her family would never let them be together, if it wasn't because of the age difference then it would be because of her heritage and religion. He had told his mother about her, she had met Alli a few time and took her quite instantly. She knew that if he was bringing someone to meet her, it would've had to been serious. He never really stuck around long enough for anyone to meet his mother, knowing this she over looked the age gap.

His mother, he loved her dearly. She was the only reason he did so well in school, the only reason he didn't end up like his father, the only reason he had this apartment in the first place. It wasn't the nicest of apartments ou the largest but she had found it for him, even going as far as paying the first months rent so he could "get on his feet", as she had put it. His father was another story altogether. Abusive, drunk, loud, lazy, were a few adjectives that could describe the sloth of a human he was forced to call father. If he was lucky, Alli would never have to meet him and be subjected to his cruel words and harsh tendencies. No, he would never put his Alli through that.

Speaking of which, this phone began to buzz loudly on the nightstand suivant to his bed, he rolled over and grabbed it. It was like this woman had a sixth sense ou something, she knew he was thinking about her. He answered the phone, "Hi, Mom."

"Hi, sweetheart. Good morning, ou should I say, Good afternoon?"

"Whats up Mom?"

"What, a Mother can't call her son on a Saturday just to say hello?"

He sighed, he was about to respond to his mother with a sarcastic remark about how mothers never just called to say 'hi', but he found his mouth went dry and his mind blank, all because a certain Alli Bhandari walked into the room wearing nothing but one of his threadbare towels.

Her long hair was sopping wet, dripping onto her already wet skin. The towel ending at the tops of her thighs, leaving most of her long legs bare. He felt his breathing go ragged at the sigh of her like that. They had kept true to their promise, they wouldn't have sex again until they were both ready. That had been almost two years ago, and for the most part he found he could handle it, then times like these rolled along and he wasn't so sure anymore.

Time had been well to Alliah Bhandari, she was no longer sweet sixteen with her birthday in only a few days. Her hair was a little longer, plus tousled, mostly on his behalf, but just as black. She wasnt exceptionally tall for a girl, but it seemed as though she was all legs, like they never ended. He watched as she stepped into her underwear, still wearing the towel.

His mother had continued chatting to him, his silence gone unnoticed. He wasn't the most talkative of people, he usually kept to himself, observing. She bent over to pick up a bra off the floor, before walking over to the dresser with her things in it and taking out different articles of clothing and placing them on the end of the bed. It was then she dropped the towel, with her back to him. His pale eyes searched over the expanse of her back, how her long hair tickled her waist, over the roundness of her cul, ass and down the back of her legs. He watched as she put her bra on before turning around and picking up her chemise off the bed. His eyes were drawn to her chest, yes, if there was any proof that she was not fourteen anymore it was those two perfect globes of flesh.

His eyes greedily looked over the swell of her full, perky breasts, down her curves, her flat stomach, the protruding of her hipbones, to the lacy snatch of material she wore over her center. Her excuse for undressing and dressing in front of him was simple, he had already seen her naked once, so it was nothing new. He should've felt happy she was so comfortable around him, but he knew that she reveled in the fact that she had power over him. She liked his attentions, his quiet stares from across the room. She looked good to him in just about anything she wore, he'd proved that countless times, but if she could he'd want to see her dressed in as little to no clothing all the time. It was his mother's voice that brought him out of his lust-filled subconscious.

"Johnny...Johnny, are toi still there?"

He coughed, "Yeah, Ma' I'm still here." his voice was gruff and low, it was then Alli looked up at him from putting her chemise on.

"So, it settled then?"

His brow furrowed in confusion. "Whats settled?"

He heard his Mother let out a sigh. "Can toi stop gazing at Alliah for one minute and listen to me."

He stiffened at his Mother's response. How the hell did she know everything?!

"I asked toi if toi would come over later and fix the sink, its broken again."

He rubbed a hand over his face and let out a sigh. "Yeah, I'll be par later to fix it."

"Wonderful!" his mother gushed. "Oh, and make sure toi bring Alli along, I haven't seen her in a while and we need to catch up."

He rolled his pale eyes, he hated when his Mother and Alli got all giddy and gossip-y. "I'll see what shes doing and if she wants to come."

"Alright John, call me before toi come over. l’amour you."

"Love toi too." He hung up his cell and threw it somewhere to the left of him.

Alli stopped getting dressed and looked at him. His arm slung over his eyes, his curly blond hair spread out on the pillow, his long pale torso, the slight outlined muscles of his stomach, the trail of fine blond hair that went from his belly button to below his boxers. She glanced him up and down greedily, he was hers, no one else's.

She was very much in l’amour with him, she knew it was only a matter of time before they had to tell her parents, but she tried to think of that as little as possible. She basically lived in his apartment, her clothes were strewn around everywhere, her makeup and soap were in the bathroom. She kept all of her school close at his place and would come before and after school to change. She had told her parents she had joined various clubs and after school activities that would keep her late, she "slept over" Clare's often, really staying at Johnny's.

She put down the jeans in her hands and climbed up his body on the bed. She settled with her legs straddling his narrow waist, her chest pressed to his, her head in the crook of his neck.

"What did your Mom say?" She placed feather light kisses along his jawline and down his neck.

He let out what seemed to be somewhere between a soft growl and a moan at her ministrations. "She needs me to come over and fix the sink again, and she wants toi to come so she can get her fill of drama and gossip." He wrapped his arm around her waist and removed his other arm from his eyes to her waist as well.

"Alright, I just have to call my parents and let them know Clare and I are going to study rigorously for our Chemistry test suivant week so I'll be staying over again." She kissed him languidly, nibbling on his bottom lip. "Then maybe after we go to your Mom's we can com back here and do some studying of our own..."

The playfulness of her voice mixed with the intensity from his stare was coming off in waves. His grip on her hips tightened as he rolled over so she was pinned beneath him. He took her hands in his and brought them up above her head, holding them there. He pressed his hips to hers and she let out a delighted gasp. "Are toi sure that's such a good idea Backwoods?"

She rolled her eyes at the nickname, hooking a leg around his waist and pushing her hips up to meet his. "Shut up DiMarco, and Kiss me." Not needed to be told twice his mouth descended on hers, it wasn't soft ou slow, it was intense and passionate. He parted her mouth with his tongue and started to Kiss her plus heatedly. She didn't complain, she obligated par sweeping her own tongue over the inside of his mouth. His hips ground into hers and there was no doubt in either of their minds what Johnny was feeling at the moment, with him in nothing but a pair of boxers and her in a t-shirt and underwear it would be so easy to just soumettre to one another.

Just because they weren't having sex, didn't mean they were pristine. They had done many things to please each other, mostly in the last few months, unknowingly preparing for what would be their suivant time. They were completely comfortable with one another, they loved each other, but most importantly they trusted each other, three things they had definitely been lacking their first time.

He ground his hips into hers plus fiercely than before, making her back arch up into him and a moan escape her mouth. He moved his mouth from hers over her jaw and down the column of her neck, sucking on her pulse joint. A deep moan came from her as she clenched her fists and arched her hips plus to meet Johnny's. In turn his hands tightened around her wrists and a growl escaped against her neck from the friction their hips were causing. She fit him so perfectly, it even amazed him. How a girl almost four years his junior had wormed her way into his heart, he'd never know, but now he couldn't imagine his life without her.


She dragged out the syllables of his name as his teeth scraped over the sensitive area of her neck. Hearing her breathlessly moan out his name was sending his mind into overdrive, he unintentionally thrust his hips harshly into hers. What he recieved was a sharp intake of breath and a loud moan. With his breathing erratic and a painful throbbing in his boxers he decided that this would be the time to pull away. He let go of her wrists and started to push himself up, when her hands grabbed his shoulders, bringing him back down.

"And, where exactly, do toi think your going?"

He sighed. "Alli, toi and I both know now would be the time to stop."

She pouted, grabbing a fist full of his curls, bringing his mouth down barely inches from her own. "I don't think so." She lightly placed a Kiss on his eager lips, he deepened it, running his hands down her body. He pushed her chemise up, not missing an inch of smooth skin, and ran his hands all around her.

He broke the Kiss agian, "Alli...Alli, stop."

She looked up at him through her long lashes, swiveling her hips against his. "Jesus Johnny, I can never get toi to talk this much. Now when I actually want toi to shut up toi wont. Tell me, how back words does that logic sound?"

He took a deep breath, "I'm just trying to be for real about this."

"Do toi want to stop. Honestly?"

His gaze bore deep into hers. "No." Her voice was fierce, "Then don't."

He closed his eyes for a moment, his jaw clenched, dragging out another deep breath. "You know, as much as I would l’amour to ravish toi right now, we don't have the time for it. We have to get to my Mother's at some point today, and the time it would take to worship every inch of toi would take plus time then we have."

This was the reason why she didn't force him to speak when he didn't want to. She always joked around about the fact that she did most of the talking for the both of them, and for the most part it was true. He was quiet in front of people he wasn't particularly comfortable with, but when he was with her, he could be himself. No bad boy image to uphold, even if he was indeed a real bad boy, he had a sweet side that he kept strictly for her and sometimes his Mother.

But it was when he a dit things like that to her, that she really knew she loved him. Most guys would pull off some line that sounded like that just so they could get into a girls pants. But with Johnny, it was genuine. He made her body hum with excitement, pleasure rippling through her, she didn't want to walk away from this, but the way he just declined her ever present offer just sounded to good. She pouted a little, but her toes curled at the thought of him 'ravishing' her. Soon, it would be soon.

"Well, when toi put it like that." She sighed. "Fine, but toi owe my body one good ravishing."

She unhooked her legs from around his waist, untangled her hand from his mess of blond curls, and slid out from beneath him. He got up after her and tortuously watched as she shimmed out of her panties. She threw them at him and picked up a new pair and pulled them on, then her jeans. He caught them effortlessly, once in his hand he realized, they were soaked. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath through his nose. "Here, toi can have those. Oh, and toi might want to take care of that." He opened his eyes to see her glancing down at the front of his increasingly tight boxers. He didn't have to look to see what she was staring at, he wasn't embarrassed. It was because of her he was like this. She should be proud, no one aroused him quite like she did.

"You wanna take care of it for me?"

Although his voice was playful, she knew he was somewhat serious. She bit her bottom lip cul, ass she walked over to him, her hands ran down his chest, tickling slightly. Her small hands reached the rim of his boxers, her fingers dipped under the rim, feeling the smooth skin that lie there. She traced her fingers over the indents in his hips that made a 'V' shape, dragging the piece of material down slowly. His jaw was clenched tightly, his breathing ragged, and his eyes trained solely on hers. She ran a finger up his length, slowly, teasing him. He shuddered. She grasped him fully in her hand, tugging gently as she ran her hand up him. He was hard, yet soft and quite a handful. She was about to bring her hand back down over him when his cell phone rang somewhere to the left of them.

He let out a growl of frustration and bowed his head on her shoulder, his grip on her hips tightening considerably. Her hand still clenched him, running up and down his length. "Are toi going to get that?"

He nipped at her collarbone. "Not if toi keep doing that Bhandari." She smirked up at him and with a final tug she removed her hands from his boxers and bent over to find that buzzing phone. He watched as she bent over, her perfect behind unknowingly testing him. He walked out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom, where the door closed with a slam and the douche was forcefully turned on, kind of like him at the moment.

Alli found the phone and answered it, sitting on th bed. "Hello?"


She let out a breath. "Hi, Mrs. DiMarco. Whats up?" The woman on the other line scoffed. "Please dear, how many times have I told toi to call me Jean."

Alli smiled and let out a small laugh. "Okay, Jean. What can I do for you?" She could hear the smile in the older woman's voice. "On your way here, could toi ask Johnny if he could stop and get me a gallon of lait and a thing of eggs? I'm fresh out and I can't make dîner with out it, and toi are staying for dinner, aren't you."

It wasnt so much a question, but plus of a demand. Alli smiled, "Ofcourse Mrs...Jean, I'll stay for dinner."

"Good. I'll see toi too soon. Bye now."

"Bye, Jean."

Alli hung up the phone and flopped back on the bed. She could hear Johnny in the shower, she had an itch to go in there and hop in with him, but she erased that thought from her mind. It had been two years since they first had sex. Two freakin' years. Sure she hadn't really been ready until a couple of months ago, but still two years was a long time to wait. She had thought about it recently, and all that came to her mind was 'poor Johnny'. He was a overly hormonal teenage boy, he had needs. Yet, thinking back on it, he was the one that pulled away every time. What did that mean? Was he not interested in having sex with her? Or, was he simply just a gentleman underneath his outer bad boy front.

She ran a hand through her long hair, thinking about Johnny and the past two years. Johnny had changed, if only slightly. His hair was the same length it had been, a little blonder and a little curlier. He was taller, with a little plus muscle. His shoulders were broad without being bulky, his waist still narrow, his legs long. He was still just as quiet as he had always been, usually only speaking when spoken to. He was plus playful with her now, but still the voice of reason. She sometimes felt so young around him, her four years showing. He drank and smoked, partied with his friends. She didn't mind, as long as he told her; she even partied with him and Bruce the Moose a few times. His Friends had accepted the fact he was dating a girl so much younger than them, mostly because he threatened them and she had glared at them fiercely, making sarcastic remarks at them. She just didn't like to feel that way around him, like he could find someone his age that he had plus in common with.

It scared her.

She had found out quite a few things about him that she was sure no one knew but her and things she had just never known. Like the fact that he had an excellent chant voice, when she could get him to actually sing for her anyway. He adored pool, and was pretty decent at it too, the times she had went with him to the pool hall and watched him play. He could fix virtually anything if he had the proper tools, which was why he worked in an auto body shop. He loved to read, English was his best subject, which had surprised her at first. A bad guy, who worked as a mechanic, fought people, 'A's' in English? Like, what? Sure his family lived in the worst part of town, he got into fights and did bad stuff, but he was in no way stupid. He was one of the most intelligent people she knew.

He was still angsty, he probably always would be, it was just his nature. She liked when he stared her with those stormy eyes. His pale blue-green eyes always clouded over when he was thinking of something innapropiate, ou looking at her. She always knew she looked good when she saw that look in his eyes. When he was angry, they turned a gray colour, when he was happy they were blue, when he was sad they were green. She had memorized his every detail, not wanting to ever forget a thing about her first love.

He walked in the room, a towel hazardously place low on his thin hips. His wet curls weighed down par water, his face clean shaved. She stood up and walked over to him, where he was taking clean clothes out of the dresser. She stopped behind him, running her hands down his back before wrapping them around his waist, resting her head on his back.

He placed his hand ontop of her folded ones, wound around his stomach. "Yes?"

", don't care that I'm seventeen, right."

He turned around to face her, "Almost seventeen, and obviously not Bhandari. Why?"

She looked down at their hands still entwined, finding them interesting at the moment. "No reason. I, I was just thinking..."

He silenced her with a gentle kiss, forcing her eyes to look at him when he pulled away. "Alli, I think its pretty obvious how I feel about you. It didn't stop me from dating a niner, so it isn't going to stop me now."

She smiled up at him, "Okay." she kissed him again. "Oh, and your Mom needs up to pick up lait and eggs for her on the way."

Johnny rolled his eyes, turning back around to pick up his clothes off the dresser. "Hurry up Johnny, we don't have all day." Her tone was teasing and he couldn't help but smile at her.

Sure, it wouldve been easier to rendez-vous amoureux, date a girl his age, his "type". Poor, agnsty, rocker, who had bad habits and a even worse accueil life. But he never was one to take the easy route, so he chose to stick with this younger girl, who made his cœur, coeur flutter and his body react.

He was in l’amour with her.

And that scared the shit out of him. But he was never one to back down from a challenge, so until she told him otherwise, he was in it for the long haul.