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Opinion by 14K posted il y a plus d’un an
fan of it?
Deadpool; my all time favori Marvel character, I waited years for this to happen and finally director Tim Miller made it happen. I just watched it a few days back and I wanna share my thoughts on the film.
For those who haven't watched the film; I will be stating everything that is from the film, so I hope my "SPOILERS" wouldn't ruin your mood on the film; ou toi could just leave this page now. Lol.

I absolutely loved it; seeing my number 1 Marvel character come to life was one of the best things I could have wished for, I've been lire Deadpool's comics since I was 5 and none of the other Marvel characters hit me as hard as Deadpool did.

I would refer this film as a Comedy plus than Action, the film was really hilarious and I laughed hard at the cinemas.
I would give it; Four-stars
As the action in the film was really exciting as well, but the jokes are hilarious as f*ck!
The only downside of the film is that it was a really short film with a simple Girlfriend-rescue, but at least Deadpool's humor made the whole thing fun to watch.