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posted by ninjacupcake88
"That which makes toi different is what makes toi strong. Whether you're gay, straight, purple, orange, dinosaur; I don't care."

Interviewer: "If toi could see the world in only shade of one color, what color would toi choose?"
Darren: "Pink. Cause it would be really funny. Cause really mean people wouldn't seem so mean anymore."

(At Deathly Hallows Premiere) Interviewer: "Here is Darren Criss! toi may have seen him recently."
Darren: "You have? *Looks around at posters* Oh my god! There's plus of me!?"

(At Deathly Hallows Premiere) "There's been a terrible mistake. Someone really screwed up and...
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Brief clip of the camera panning to Darren Criss at the American musique Awards after Train's performance of "Soul Sister".
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