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This Danny Phantom fan-art might contain anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

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Danny woke up to see that he was being cradled par his arch nemesis. No, his former arch nemesis. How could he call this man his enemy? Even after all of the hateful things he a dit and did to the older halfa, even after everything they put each other through, Vlad still was accepting him in open arms. It reminded him of the alternate timeline he visited. How Vlad was willing to get rid of Danny's ghost half and still raise him. 'He didn't want my power. He-he wanted a son' the young halfa thought as he looked up at Vlad. "You seriously are one crazed up fruitloop, Vlad."

Vlad sighed. "Dear boy,...
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It has been two weeks since the death of Danny's family. He was sitting on couch, staring at the tv. The only thing on was static. None of the lights were on, and the entire house was ice cold. It's been like this since he gotten accueil from the hospital. He was thin and frail. He hadn't eaten. Nor did he sleep. He was very pale as well. He looked like a living corpse. All of his senses were numb.

Someone knocked on the door. He didn't answer. The knocker opened the door. It turned out to be Vlad Masters. Danny didn't déplacer ou acknowledge him. He continued staring at the static on the tv. Vlad...
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Some of the actors are recognizable. And found this rather interesting.
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Okay so a few things to clear up here first Danny is a girl in this one toi will see way and Sam is a boy because Dani is a girl

"Dani, Dani get up " I heard my sister yell.

"What Jazz?!" I asked. I was not in the mood for anything today. Last night I fought the Box Ghost so many times a have Lost count and Scolker (I thank that's how toi spell his name sorry, Bros) 5 ou 6 times and Vlad he really got on my nerves a lot. To say I was mad was an understatement.

"My alarm didn't go off were going to be late if we don't hurry!" She yelled then started to shack me like a crazy person.

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In the NIGHT:

They came at Sam's and enjoy films and return their home.

NEXT NIGHT: At Sam's house:

A girl in the darkness, mask citations on face, light torch in hand, Two big bags near her feet, Keys in other hand tries to open the lock of accueil money locker, Oh It's hard to find the right key to her, Trying different keys and then "Here I go" she whisper and the door of locker crack open "Ssssshh!" She a dit to her self then begin thrusting money in the bag, when she done she close locker and her bags then jumped through the window and reached out side "I can't believe I a volé, étole the money from my...
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 Danny Evil Phantom
Danny Evil Phantom
Danny Phantom fanfiction ( April Fool)
by SAIHA12, 3 hours, 22 minutes ago
Journals / Personal
I was in my room staring my self in the mirror then i feel something pass through my window, I glance toward the window but see nothing then turn back look at in the mirror and gasp in horror. Danny stood behind me across my bed.
"Danny! do toi scare me like that" I yell at him but i saw just smirk on his face. Why he's smirking like that?
"Danny why_What are toi doing here at this time? Its..." I lean to look at my watch and it a dit "......12:05" I complete my sentence.
"I'm here for your...
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